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Inspiration to ALL: Ragpicker’s son gets MBBS admission in AIIMS

Inspiration to ALL: Ragpicker’s son gets MBBS admission in AIIMS

Dewas: A ragpicker’s son, Asharam Choudhary, has got admission for MBBS at the All India Institute for Medical Sciences in Jodhpur.

His father Ranjit Choudhary, worked as a ragpicker collecting thrown away liquor bottles and plastic bags. With such financial hardship, Asaram found the support of  a local businessman and a doctor who came forward to support to his support in his desire to study further.

Asharam was meritorious since childhood. He was selected for the young scientist award and was chosen by the Silver Zone Foundation Olympiad when he was in class X. For his higher education, he found the support of Dakshina foundation, a coaching centre that supports bright yet impoverished students for preparing for IIT and medical entrances.

It is reported that the boy secured the 121st rank among OBC candidates and an all India rank of 707. He finally secured his admission to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences Campus in Jodhpur, and will begin college from Monday next week

Reflecting on the same, he said, “I want to thank my parents and Navodaya Vidyalaya, and also Dakshina foundation for providing me financial help. A doctor in my village inspired me to choose this profession, when I was in fifth standard.”

Father of Asharam said, “My son completed 12th standard and then got admission in AIIMS, Jodhpur.We do not have sufficient money, and are expecting help from others. We have been helped by a few people in the past, including the Additional District Magistrate.”

Asharam’s neighbor hailed his dedication and said, “Despite no light, he used to study, Asharam did a lot of hard work, and we are very proud of him. We are proud that he belongs to our village and despite his father’s poor financial condition, he worked very hard.”

Asharam is an inspiration to many and he has proved that if there is a will, there will always be a way.

Source: PTI
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  1. Sorry if I had hurt feelings of so called genius docs here..but mind my words ashram..what I told you is the reality of present day life of a doc. I\’ll give u a small example..the place I work is a medical college..the salary of a mbbs is 35k-40k(with all the experience they have) and salary of a newly joined general surgeon is 60k.. what the hell is happening??? I newly graduated iit person will get a minimum package of 12lac per annum..and we serving people..with 36hrs-48hrs duties at a stretch is not at all honoured..the lips which praise you when u help them,will curse u..or even beat u to death if something happens to their loved ones,even if they are destined to die.. people tend to forget that we are not god. And with the brand of aiims around u,the amount of salary might increase..but it won\’t change the mind of people. So my sincere advice..change your dream..or start a new preparing for Usmle from day1 of ur joining..please don\’t believe blindly what people say. I just want to help u,so u don\’t become miserable like me..try to prepare completely for Usmle by the time u go to internship..or look for another licensing exam in abroad..but please leave India as soon as u complete ur mbbs..or u won\’t be completing ur studies until 30 at the least. Considering it background for how many yrs u want ur parents to suffer?? Even my parents are suffering now…my mom was few days back..I don\’t know that mbbs would be this miserable..if I had known,then I have never allowed u to take this..this is such a mental trauma to whole family. So plz don\’t waste ur talent by choosing this..and if u determined still to continue like this,I salute u..and respect u. Bt don\’t forget to leave the country and give a gd life to ur parents as soon as u complete ur mbbs. All the best for whatever decision u make. And I never regret abt saying all this..coz this is the sad reality.

  2. What you said is a fact. Even if you are mbbs from aiims, Delhi, it is good for nothing. In this era of specialization and super specialization, nobody gives a damn shit to plain mbbs. If u stay in India, get superspecialization or become ias or else go aboard.

  3. user
    Dr Shobha Srivastava MBE July 22, 2018, 11:15 pm

    Pride for whole nation. He should be supported in everyway

  4. user
    Stephen Kuttappan July 22, 2018, 6:56 pm

    Highly inspirational.
    God bless you & make all your dreams come true.
    This is the best gift any child can give to their parents!

  5. user
    Dr.Yogita Kushwaha July 22, 2018, 6:54 pm

    Very inspiring….gud luck.

  6. Wow, \’you are a genius guy. Pl continue with the same spirit to become a good doc.
    May God bless you.