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International Yoga Day: Will it deliver?

International Yoga Day: Will it deliver?

International Yoga Day celebrations, likely to be framed as a world record

Amidst the entire fan following of yoga in the international community, and a personal commitment from Shri Narendra Modiji, the world is set to celebrate the International Yoga Day on June 21, this year. Modiji was quick to capitalize on the yoga symbolism- as a carrier of peace and harmony to improve international relations. Regarding this, the External Affairs Minister and her professional task force, has been laid down with running the virtual discussion; projected as the think-tank of India on Yoga. For most of us here, the close knitted yoga community members perceive it to be a spiritual and meditation practice-with an Indian grace. Not to forget, the growing numbers of healthy lifestyle seekers, who consider it appropriate to maintain a work-life balance, and do away with most diseases.

However, this initiative on the part of the central government is not completely good news, drawing it share of controversy over the perceived Hindu angle of Yoga practice. In an extreme case of such misjudgment, this initiative is being considered as propaganda by the present government, to propagate hinduvita. Going by the certain allegation of the minority communities-it is most alarming to hear that the word ‘OM’ and the posture of sun worshiping is all being discussed, but limited to the realms of religion. It is indeed stated as a fact, in most cases in the media that use of these terms or in-action of a sun worship is prohibited in Islam. As a result, the government is immediately on a repository drive to mention that this program is a voluntary choice; deliberated to calm down the soaring voice of temper.

June 21 is going to be celebrated with much fanfare amongst the Indian community yoga members, with bureaucrats and government officials coming together to stage a yoga dharana. This is also in consideration of Modiji’s intent to portray India on the forefront of peace and harmony with yoga, as much as seeking an entry into the Guineese Book of Work Records. It will help us highlight our cultural heritage, to be closely associated with an ancient spiritual practice-a unique point for ‘owning’ the yoga practice in India. In rest of the countries, the attachment to yoga is perceived to be restricted to a healthy form of meditation, while seeking a good fitness regime. In India, the attachment is deeper, with India holding the proprietary to yoga being embedded in the spiritual roots, and then an offshoot of a wellbeing personal guidance.

As for the humor, it will be interesting to watch the live television show, with many gathered together on the big yoga day. To mark clear the intent of Modiji as the foremost nation for lean, healthy aspects of yoga, government officials will all congregate together, and be a delight to watch as the big tummy’s shed it out. The personal invitation for the celebrations by Modiji-is the tipping point for many government officials who are used to a much slow environment in the office, and the daily wear and tear of life. Hope this initiative will infuse more energy in the whole healthcare system of India; doing all good, no matter who’s who.

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