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Introducing DNB exam for foreign PG Medical Graduates: MCI Board of Governors mull proposal

Introducing DNB exam for foreign PG Medical Graduates: MCI Board of Governors mull proposal

New Delhi: In order to provide a level playing field to medical practitioners who complete their post-graduation and specialisations from various countries outside India, the Medical Council of India Board of Governors are now mulling over a proposal to consider introducing DNB examination for candidates qualifying PG degree from foreign nations other than five English speaking countries.

PG Medical Degrees from 5 English speaking countries including the  US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada are considered equivalent to MD/MS degrees in India. However, the same is not true for PG medical qualifications from other countries apart from these 5, with no benchmark on how these degrees are to be considered in India. In absence of regulations, these PG medical degrees from countries apart from those recognised by MCI have no value in India

The issue was recently taken up by the MCI Board of Governors in their December 2018 meeting, where the BOG mulled on the idea of equating these degrees to DNB

The BoG considered the issue relating to shortage of specialist in the Country and decided in-principle that Indian/OCI PG doctors planning to return/wish to render their services to the Country may be allowed to enter in the mainstream by facilitating registration of their PG qualification by equating it to DNB.

The matter was considered in the meeting and BOG has decide to consider introducing DNB examination for candidates qualifying PG degree from foreign nations other than five English speaking countries

In view of the foregoing the BoG decided to nominate Dr Randeep Guleria, Dr Nikhil Tandon and Dr S Venkatesh, BoG Members, who are also NBE members, to workout detailed modalities in consultation with NBE leadership for allowing the Indian OCI Doctors who possess foreign PG qualification to take DNB examination without undergoing three years DNB training at NBE accreditated hospital India.

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  1. When it will get implemented, any idea ?

  2. user
    Prerana Prashar May 15, 2019, 4:48 pm

    this is certainly a good and wise decision. It will increase the number of specialist doctors as well as will be give justice to those who had their postgraduate medical degree from foreign. The dnb exam will maintain the quality as only a talented one will clear the exam. Many undeserving candidates from various donation based colleges are practicing in India only bcoz their degree is from India on the other hand many talented are not able to practice as specialist in India only bcoz their degree is from a foreign. Foreign degree does not mean that it is got easily. There are many institutions were quality of education is very good. So I strongly support this decision

  3. Specialities which are in dire need such as superspecialities like medical oncology , hematology and specialities like radiotherapy should be given direct specialist registration.Cancer burden is increasing and country cannot afford to have so much premature dealths.UK recognizes EU degrees , so can we. Degrees from Russia, China , CIS countriesnodoubt need to be checked. Candidates who have passed prestigious examinations like for example ESMO exam (European Society of Medical Oncology exam) which is a prestigious exam conducted by ESMO or EHA exam(European Hematology Association exam ) also can be given a direct specialist registration in fields like Medical Oncology or Hematology.

    And if DNB exam is conducted , it should be same , given along with Indian DNB candidates to avoid bias. DNB is necessary no doubt for the Russian or Chinese slot, EU educated or Ireland educated or South Africa educated doctors can further be relieved from DNB as these countries have good reputation and their medical education standards are world class ,as has been done for 5 English speaking countries by issuing a notification.

  4. In a country with a dire need of specialists and especially super specialists , even without DNB they should be given a specialist registration if they have passed board speciality exams which are tough wherever they are conducted!!.

    At least superspeciality doctors should be given a direct specialist registration as the need for superspeciality doctors is urgent.

    We have to think in terms of making India a great nation where health of our nationals is supreme, leaving behind our petty interests or grieviences.

    Today’s MCI is a honest MCI , today MCI is observed by Supreme Court judges , hourable Justice Lodha has been an authority in delievering justice.

    Things are going in right direction.Well done MCI , and we expect from this or our future government to expeditely implement this decision.

  5. user
    General Indian Citizen April 3, 2019, 8:27 pm

    I am a normal citizen of India, I wait in long que to get a specialist consultation. Or I pay a hefty fees in a private hospital . I travel long distances to get a superspecialist consultation , for that I pay around 2000 Rupees for just a 15 minutes.

    If government increases number of specialists and superspecialist doctors that they would be available at every district hospital and in numbers as our population requires , my life as a general citizen would be better . I would not die due to lack of treatment or lack of specialised expertise.

    It does not matter for me whether somebody is qualified in India or abroad, as long as he has appropriate expertise.

    I think this is people friendly decision , government , MCI and DNB should implement this decision as soon as possible so that I can have access to superspecialist doctors even at my district hospital .