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IPC 420 against DGO for portraying herself as MS Gynaecology

IPC 420 against DGO for portraying herself as MS Gynaecology

Jaipur: A DGO gynecologist in Jaipur has been booked under various sections of the Indian Penal Code including IPC 420 for portraying herself  as an MS (Gynecology).

The case in this regard was filed by the husband of a pregnant patient who had come to Randhawa Hospital, Jaipur under the care of Dr. Kanwardeep Randhawa. The petitioner alleged that the said doctor gave prescriptions on her printed letterhead stating her qualifications MBBS, DGO, and MS (Gynaecology). The petitioner further that the doctor also proclaimed herself to an MS and a specialist in Gynaecology.

When the pregnant woman had pain in her abdomen on the night 20/05/2001, she was rushed to the said hospital where she was admitted under the care of Dr Randhawa who further assured them that she was an MS and a qualified surgeon. All her documents, including prescription, Signboards and hoardings stated she was an MS. The patient was then booked for delivery at the hospital.

The doctor instead of adopting delivery by lower (uterine) segment cesarean section (LSCS), delivered the baby with forceps causing severe brain damage to the baby as well as  “instrumental trauma” that further caused heavy bleeding to the mother and ultimately her uterus had to be removed.

The patient filed a medical negligence as well as a cheating case against the doctor.

Medical Dialogues team had earlier reported that the MCI Ethics Committee, taking action against the doctor had found her guilty of both negligences as well as violations of the MCI regulations and had announced the suspension of the said doctor for a period of six months.

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Rajasthan Medical council confirmed the said doctor held a two-year diploma in Gynaecology ( DGO) and did not have the MS degree as proclaimed by him. The Magistrate quoted that this is a violation of the MCI regulations which clearly that the two degrees are not equivalent, and such a proclamation amounts to a violation of Section 6A(1). Similar clauses are mentioned in the Rajasthan Medical Council Act.

Doctor in her defense stated that the MS degree in the prescription slip was a misprint adding that DGO is enough and apt to provide the treatment that was given to the patient. Moreover, the doctor added that DGO can call himself/herself a specialist in Gynaecology as per the PG Medical Regulations, 2002

After going through all the submissions, the court set aside the argument of a misprint after the petitioner submitted several prescriptions that contained her degree as MS.  Refraining to comment on the comparison of DGO and MS qualifications, the court noted that the presentation by the doctor proclaiming herself as MS without having the said qualification amounts to cheating.

After going through the submissions, the court accepted the plea of the petitioner asked the police to book the doctor under IPC Section 420 ( Cheating),  406. (Punishment for criminal breach of trust), 468(  Forgery for purpose of cheating), 471 (  Using as genuine a forged document or electronic record)


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  1. user
    Dr Ramesh Vardhan June 17, 2018, 2:06 pm

    The place where I am working , I can see so many 420 , tiled on their letter heads as cardiologists, Diabetalogist ….not having a valid degrees . But have support of CASTE COMMUNITY REGION RELIGION AND LANGUAGE to promote all sorts of stuff.

  2. Kindly report such people to authority.

  3. Whether DGO and MS are clinically same is another subject matter but in this case the doctor did forgery by writing a degree which she didn\’t have. If both are same why write MS ?

  4. user
    Dr sunny MBBS MD (MAMC) June 3, 2018, 8:41 am

    The display of the degreehas to be accurate
    The Gyn is at fault for that
    But the outcome of the case could have been the same from the hands of the DGO OR MS doctor
    I fully empathize with the patient for the bad outcome but then There are no guarantees in medicine, we only hope for the best
    The Russian degree doctors should be made to add (R) next to their MD
    because it is MBBS of India equivalent
    They just call it MD by nomenclature
    It should not be deceptive to people because they see it as an MD specialist

  5. Degrèe nothing.clinical eye,brain,hands r everything for doctors..lot of degrèe holder r equal as India n other 3rd world countries degrèe is everything..doctors r busy attrack patient with degrè helps make them money.1st world don\’t bother degrè one allowed outside show business. ☺☺.govt full or partially control all.

  6. As DGO she was authorized to handle all obstretic patients, what was need to comit Fraud & give bad name to Medical fraternity. But why Patients & Government is blind for digree less quacks working through out India

  7. Need was because no literate patient will go to a DGO instead of MS.

  8. Because they r in typical 3rd country..degrèe treat them.not doctors.psychological treatment.

  9. user
    Victim_of_forgery June 1, 2018, 3:06 pm

    Dr neha..can you please brief the major differences between dgo and ms? I need to know for this case.thanks in advance

  10. Victim of forgery … There is hell lot of difference between the curriculum and syllabus of both… DGO is a 2 year diploma in gynecology and obstetrics …. MD/MS gynecology is a 3 year full fledged degree…. Are you the victim of this doctor? How is your new born baby doing ?

  11. user
    Dr Sangeeta Raychaudhuri June 3, 2018, 7:29 am

    There is basically no diff bet DGOand MS except for the thesis provided you have studied from a good college recognized by MCI. Ist yr MS students just waste their time.

  12. yes I am her victim. my baby got brain hemorrhage by forceps and developed HIE and cerebral palsy quadriplegia and eventually died after long battle with severe CP caused by grossly negligent dgo after adding fake ms with intention to cheat.

  13. @ victim of forgery. Very sorry to know about the demise of your baby. I hope you have other kids too or was this your first one? Deeply hurt by what has happened to you.

  14. He was my only son…it was second delivery during this my wife\’s uterus also she damaged by forceps. First baby is girl she is fine…

  15. #victim of forgery.. I wish the best for you in this case. This case is of year 2001.. I wonder what took you so long to take an action ? Or this case is dragging in court for years ?

  16. Judicial process is very slow in India…there is no speedy remedy for victims. Negligent doctors easily get away from punishments due to sluggish system, linient judiciary, unawareness of public, non-support from medical bodies and patient\’s lack of knowledge and resources to establish complex cases in court

  17. @victim… Justice delayed is justice denied. Hope you get justice now. Medical negligence can happen with most qualified doctors. But this case is concealing facts. Every patient has right to know the qualification of his physician and make informed decision.

  18. Thanks dr neha… you said right.

  19. Need was to attract more n more patients to his/her clinic and to earn more n more unethical money…medicos like this one must be prosecuted in extremely hard ways by courts and medical councils must put ban their practices immediately in public interest.