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IT raid at Prominent Gastroenterologist’s Hospital, Rs 18 crore Cash seized

IT raid at Prominent Gastroenterologist’s Hospital, Rs 18 crore Cash seized

Moradabad: Shocking Discoveries were made, when the officials from the income tax department raided a hospital run by a prominent doctor in the area. As per recent Media reports, with the recent income tax aid at Anushka Hospital in Moradabad, the officials found the Rs 18 crore in cash, 8 kg gold and 30 kg silver.

TOI reports that a IT raid was started on Thursday at Anushka Hospital, which run by a reputed doctor Dr Rajeev Gupta, a prominent  gastroenterologist and his wife Dr Sadhana Gupta, gynaecologist which continued for more than 36 hours

Informing about the raid, MK Pandey, deputy director of Moradabad I-T department, told TOI while the doctor couple had surrendered Rs 14 crore in cash to the sleuths, the team seized another Rs 3.5 crore cash, 8 kg gold worth Rs 2.5 crore, 30 kg silver worth Rs 12 lakh and documents related to undisclosed properties worth Rs 8 crore. Two bank lockers registered in the couple’s name have also been seized, the details of which are not yet known. The IT sleuths have also seized the laptops, mobile phones, etc of the couple and are now going to analyse them for further investigations. The hospital staff is also being investigated by the officials

The daily adds the IT raids are happening in the area of businessmen and professionals including doctors, CAs etc as many have not deposited their advance taxes.

“The department had warned them that they could avoid raids by depositing their advance taxes,” an I-T official said.

22 doctors are on the raider of the department, sources told TOI

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  1. user
    Maadala Prabhakar December 23, 2017, 4:29 pm

    It is better to raid politicians, lawyers as well. That yields better results..

  2. user
    Dr sharwan kumar gupta December 23, 2017, 2:29 pm

    If that is true, it clealy shows that the doctors are so poor in managing there finances. before to make it a hell like situation he should have paid all taxes max slab 20-30 percebt and should have enjoyed what ever left

  3. in the last 50 years post independence ,if there is one profession which has multiplied its wealth to infinity,its the medical profession . Go around any city in India and u will find some of the wealthiest citizens to be doctors .
    Nothing wrong with it .
    Only when u analyze the average tax paid by them will be in for a SHOCK .
    Hence whats happening was anticipated .


  5. Unbelievable

  6. Unbelievable . So much wealth . Doctors be responsible and be good citizens already image of doctors is very low.

  7. Who cares about the image anyways. You seem to be amongst the ungrateful fellows, please go to a government institute to realise how they are sacrificing their lives.