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Jailtime for attacking medical staff: HP Assembly introduces Amendment Bill

Jailtime for attacking medical staff: HP Assembly introduces Amendment Bill

A bill which aims to imprison and impose a fine on anyone who indulges in violence against medical service persons or damage property of medical institutes was introduced in Himachal Pradesh Assembly.

Health Minister Kaul Singh introduced the Himachal Pradesh Medicare Service Persons and Medicare Service Institutions (Prevention of Violence and Damage to Property) Amendment Bill 2017.

Under the amended provisions, any act of violence against a medical service person or damage to property of medical care institution would be punishable with imprisonment upto one year and fine of Rs 5,000 if the person is found guilty by Court.

In view of the increased incidences of violence against medical officers on duty, the amendments provide for making the offences under the Act, cognizable and non-bailable.

In case of damage to property, the culprit would also be liable to pay compensation as determined by the court in the judgement.

On March 22, nearly 40,000 doctors in Maharashtra had gone on strike in support of their colleagues agitating over frequent attacks and the lack of security in the government hospitals.

The strike was triggered after attack on a resident doctor at Dhule in that state on March 14.

The doctors had later resumed work after five days following assurance from government that adequate steps will be taken to ensure their safety while on duty.

Source: PTI
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  1. I dont feel this makes much of a difference . The law needs to be enforced to be a deterrent . The lumpen elements have political connections , therefore the police investigation , booking the case ,the legal process will all be in slow motion .
    It should be a crime equivalent to that of impeding a public servant from doing his duty, after all , we are all servants of the public , more that beaurocrats , and the tendency of Indians to treat servants like slaves is the reason for the abuse we suffer . Lets not pretend we are holier than others, but lets not be naive and take unneccessary punishment . The legal one is tough enough.

  2. user
    Ponnathpur lakshmi April 1, 2017, 4:05 pm

    Happy! Finally doctors get justice!

  3. user
    K. S.Raja Kumari April 1, 2017, 3:48 pm

    When compared with developed countries medical services are easily available in India completely free in government and in affordable rates in normal private setup.
    Public is not recognizing its value.
    Iike US all health services should come only under insurance and each zone should come under certain group of doctors. Patients should come only with prior appoinment.
    Emergency treatment without prior check up 4times more expensive.
    Restrict no of patients to be examined daily.