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Mahabandh: 450 Hospitals, 2000 Nursing Homes remain shut in protest

Mahabandh: 450 Hospitals, 2000 Nursing Homes remain shut in protest

JAIPUR:  Services in around 450 private hospitals and 2,000 nursing homes in Jaipur were affected as they observed a strike to protest the alleged attack on a doctor at a private hospital in Barkat nagar in the city.

An association of Jaipur’s private hospitals and nursing homes has demanded immediate arrest of those involved in the attack.

Dr Ajay Bansal was allegedly attacked by the relatives of a patient who had died during treatment at his hospital last week.

“Demanding arrest of all the accused involved in the incident that occurred in Bansal hospital few days back, all the private hospitals and nursing homes observed a strike today,” said Dr Vijay Kapoor, secretary of private hospitals and nursing homes society, Jaipur.

“We are against the apathy of the police who have arrested only two of the 13 accused people,” he claimed.

Not just private hospitals, government hospitals including Sawai Man Singh (SMS) hospital, Kanwatia hospital was also affected due to boycott of work by SMS hospital’s medical teachers under Rajasthan Medical College Teachers Association (RMCTA) and also by resident doctors under Jaipur Association of Resident Doctors.

A report in TOI adds Health minister Kalicharan Saraf called the attendants of a patient, who alleged that their patient died due to medical negligence and the representatives of the agitating doctors to reach amicable solution but all the efforts failed.

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  1. user
    Ravi Chandran May 30, 2017, 2:16 pm

    dear Revolted ,

    The issue of taking law into their own hands.. has nothing to do with medicine or medical doctors.
    Deciding negligence is a very difficult issue , especially when decisions are taken on the run all decisions may go wrong. .its the intention which affects the culpability .
    …your tone suggests you are an aggrieved patient . Do discuss and calm down .

  2. U r right while saying about intention…thanks for your enlightening reply…also you have to agree to the fact that most of medicos cover or support their colleagues rather than exposing..

  3. Docs are being assaulted by public, such Incidents are rising because public is getting aware about negligent acts and unethical practices docs are doing for ages… so rather than keeping patience in getting justice by courts till 20 years, they feel better by slapping docs instantly … alarming sign for negligent docs as they have tested passions of people long enough…..and their colleague fellows go on strike rather than condemning medical negligence on their colleagues part…shame!

  4. It\’s your perverted self styled sick philosophy that you evolved yourself without understanding the natural history of disease process and Role of medical intervention to hault it. Shame is on you …
    And you are a coward enough not to disclose your name.


  6. u agreed the point that medicos will appoint bouncers at their cilinic rather than doing ethical practice without having bouncers…

  7. doctors should stop all charitable work & free camps

  8. user
    DR PUNAMIYA PARAS May 29, 2017, 10:57 am

    Sad commentary on patient-doctor relationship

  9. Police doesn\’t take action when there\’s violence against doctors. There is no option but to strike work. Greater unity to paralyse healthcare is need of the hour.