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JJ Hospital: 2 Resident Doctors including Female Medico Assaulted, Police Arrests four

JJ Hospital: 2 Resident Doctors including Female Medico Assaulted, Police Arrests four

Mumbai: In yet another incident of assault, 2 resident doctors associated with the JJ hospital and Grant Medical college were brutally assaulted by the attendants of a patient, who also destroyed the hospital property at the ward. Among those assaulted include one female resident doctor.

The incident took place on Saturday Morning. The entire incident was captured on the CCTV footage, which soon went viral on social media. It is reported that 4 male relatives entered female surgery ward and brutally assaulted one male 2nd-year Surgery Resident and one female 1st-year Resident doctor, who were both beaten up horribly. The govt hospital property was also vandalised by patient’s relatives on the declaration of the death of a serious patient

Responding to the incident, Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors ( MARD), Grant Medical College and JJ hospital unit immediately called for a mass bunk, accusing the authorities of not paying attention to the issue of doctors’ security

” This is in reference to the despicable attack on 2 of our resident doctors, who were assaulted badly for doing their duty in a rightful manner just because there was an inadequate security of arrangement….The resident doctors are in a state of panic and afraid to work under such condition. We cannot resume our duty unless appropriate security measures have been implemented which are due since last 1 year. We will although work in emergency departments like casualty, CCU and ICU,” the letter from the MARD to the Dean, Grant Medical College stated.

JJ Marg police have registered a case under section 4 of the Maharashtra Medical Act and section 353 (Assault or criminal force to deter public servant from discharge of his duty) and 506 (Punishment for criminal intimidation) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

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  1. Anger of patients clearly shows that docs surely were negligent…it was needed to give instant lesson rather than long litigation for 20 years or more…

  2. Mind your language

  3. Problem is no unity among Dr\’s.. Corrupt police n judiciary.

  4. In this country illiterate idiots and gundas occupy positions of power, so it\’s natural that people are also like that. If you think the doctors are even slightly responsible, put yourself in their shoes and see how overworked they are. The common public can\’t even imagine sleeping only 1-2 hours every day or not sleeping at all, let alone being responsible for the life and death of so many patients who lack even the basic common sense required to take care of themselves and their wards. The fact is under these conditions no one is ready to work in government hospitals. Unless the government realizes this, our country is in for a truly dark future.

  5. I am sure the govt would not do anything because those people are goondas and they may be connectd to politics and so the courage to bash, only solution is to appoint guards with goonda attitude to bash these type of goons , so goons vs goons. matter solved.

  6. We need to keep guns with us.. shoot at sight or fight