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Karnataka: 50,000 private doctors stay away from work, IMA to continue hunger strike

Karnataka: 50,000 private doctors stay away from work, IMA to continue hunger strike

Karnataka: Protesting against the Clinical Establishment Bill amendment, more than 50,000 private doctors came together to show their anguish and disapproval of the government’s new bill that is designed to regulate the functioning of the private healthcare sector in the state. A While majority of doctors stayed away from OPDs, doctors were also seen gathering in large number at Belagavi to participate in the hunger strike.

Under the Belagavi Chalo movement,  around 25000 doctors organized a hunger Strike at epecially erected pandal near the Suvarna Vidhana Soundha, where the winter session of the State Legislature. In response, The Belagavi district administration clamped prohibitory orders under Section 144 of Criminal Procedure Code and banned demonstrations within a radius of one kilometre from the Suvarna Vidhana Soudha.

“We are staging the demo to draw the attention of the government and the MLAs against the amendment bill which has anti-doctor and anti-patient provisions that will endanger private healthcare,” Veeranna.

As the day unfolded, The Chief Minister Siddaramaiah finally met a delegation of striking doctors asking them that the bill has not yet been finalised and that doctors should call off the protest. The minister also promised another round of consultation will take place before the bill is presented in the assembly reports the quint.

The doctors while thanking the minister implied that verbal assurances were not enough and they are not going to stop till the  state government came forward with concrete steps to address the demands,

“While the government has given a positive response for most of our demands, there was a disagreement over the grievance redressal committee, because of which we will continue to protest,” Dr HS Ravindra president IMA Karnataka told the Quint.

The striking doctors are adamant demanding the government to drop the stringent provisions in the Karnataka Private Medical Establishment Bill, 2017 including capping prices for services, jail term and hefty penalty for erring doctors . According to an amendment, the bill empowers the government to fix rates for procedures in private hospitals, set up grievance redressal cells, prohibit any additional charges and any advance payment in case of an emergency. Moreover, if the private medical establishments collect more charges than that fixed by the state government, the government can impose a penalty of not less than Rs 25,000 which may extend to Rs 5 lakh and imprisonment not less than six months which may be extended to three years.


Source: with agency inputs
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  1. Doctors should in politics in large numbers

  2. In Rajasthan govt doctors got their demands all of them met and succeeded. You also can win. Doctors are running medical services not Ramesh kumar or siddaramaih. But it is true there are medical malpractice in some centers and some doctors, these are responsible for bad reputation in medical practice . Self regulation is the best otherwise others wil regulate you. Keep the fight till the end don\’t budge infornt of politicians and beurocrates , it very common among doctors .

  3. Horrific decision especially with the jail term and fine…. I hope things will soon be better. Its time doctors and layman both show solidarity with doctors in Karnataka

  4. Let them pass the Bill …Doctors can work as Chaprasis and it will be more lucrative …
    Let the MLAs and MPs be treated by \” the existing Safayiwallas\”..Why one should study 16-19 years and more in cases of senior consultants and work for a meagre salary ..better to live the profession and do some other job and enjoy life … and future generation will also drop out of high school and do some odd job ..let the future generation go to quacks ..Go to hell with the Profession !!! Goons are leading Good life and why should doctors suffer treating these Goons in the Assembly !!!???

  5. user
    Narayan Rao Damera November 14, 2017, 11:37 am

    Let the Government do the same thing for any other profession, like advocates or any other industry like car manufacturing.
    Idiots at the helm.