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Karnataka: MD Doctors unwilling to work in taluk hospitals implies minister

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Karnataka: MD Doctors unwilling to work in taluk hospitals implies minister

Belagavi: Specialist Doctors are unwilling to work at taluk level hospitals even after being offered salaries upto Rs 1. 25 lakhs, the state health minister informed the Legislative Council. The shortage has made the government re-think about alternatives in terms of training in-house MBBS doctors by offering diploma courses to them, the minister added.

KR Ramesh Kumar, Health Minister, candidly admitted to the reality of the situation on Monday.

“ We offered Rs 1 lakh per month to doctors, and an additional Rs 25,000 for specialists who can work in the Hyderabad-Karnatak region. But, what can a minister do if there are no takers? he said in a reply to a question posed by a BJP Legislative Council Member.

He further revealed government plans to train MBBS students by having them specialize in diploma courses and post them in Taluk Hospitals. “We are starting specialized diploma courses and will also keep track of the hundreds of doctors who pass out of the 53 medical colleges in the state,” Kumar said.

Another important revelation made by the minister was the government’s decision to have 2 dialysis units in the 146 taluk hospitals of the state by January1,2017. Presently the government has dialysis provision in only 34 taluk hospitals of the state. 19 of these happen to be un operational. The information was given to V. Somanna and Ganesh Karnik.

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Government statistics reveal that not less than 2 lac people  suffer from kidney problems. 20,000 fresh cases are being added to this number annually.According to information available only 1,078 people are being able to avail the dialysis facility.

“We will try to reach out to every poor and needy person who requires dialysis. While private hospitals charge Rs 1,300 or Rs 1,400 per cycle, we will charge only Rs 150. There will be no distinction among castes or income groups, everyone will be get the same treatment at the same price,” he said.

The Health Minister dismissed any possibility of having a tie-up with private hospitals to service people in need of dialysis.

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  1. user
    Dr Ramesh Vardhan December 6, 2016, 12:11 pm

    Wrong policies, mismanagement, poor communication, worse working conditions, unnecessary interference. Over all bad Governing by the unconcerned civil servants. A below rank / Cadre Employee in the Government is provided by Car , Driver and Fatalities. Where as Doctors with Master Degree with 10 years of Hard work gets dirty room with Dust covered devices. That too for a less than half of the earning. IAS / IPS are they willing work in Taluk place with existing FATALITIES, with the salary that of Thasildar/ SI. Look at luxury of these guys , massive mansions, big cars, nice garden, huge play grounds. Government vehicles to drop children to the school and so on Forth. Where as in Defense Doctors are treated Dignity with best of FATALITIES . They can for pride and Honour with Honesty even in the remote parts of our country. That\’s why the defense personal call the civil servants as bloody civilian. For being corrupt and dishonest and high headness. That\’s good number of Doctors and engineers opt to be the civil servants, instead of working in their own Field.

  2. user
    Dr.Satish.kabade December 5, 2016, 9:07 pm

    Govt should make good policy that should attract doctors to join the service. So far whatever policies made are useless and failed to serve d purpose. Good policy can be framed by discussing with doctors and going through their opinion .
    Govt has ill treated the doctors already working in the department.some of doctors had worked on contractual basis for more than 8 years before they were absorbed into service and their service has not been counted for pension and for other benefits.This has great effect on the service provided by aggrieved doctor. This has indirect effect on the image of dept.govt should consider past service rendered on contractual basis.
    As and when govt doctor treats OPD case, he should be paid with commission of 10 rs per case and for IPD cases 200rs per day commission should be paid.This will encourage a doctor to give better service to patient. This will also reduce corruption.
    Govt should provide some provisions in service matters to send govt doctor along with family to abroad for educational cum recreational purposes once in his service period.
    Exemption from income tax.
    Medical service is considered as noble\’s entire service is spent in serving the needy patients. So govt doctor should be exempted from income tax.

  3. The doctors who take seats in the hyderabad karnataka region quota should be made to work in those regions.8% seats is earmarked for them and 80% of seats in those districts too.Shouldn`t there be an obligation on their part to serve those areas?otherwise how will the health status improve if none of the doctors from there want to give back?

  4. user
    Dr Ramakrishna MS November 25, 2016, 9:52 pm

    Improve the working conditions at taluka level hospitals and safety of doctors in case rude behaviour of relatives
    Charge the affordable pts
    Share the income with the consultants
    Income sharing
    Improve the quality of service even at govt hospitals and charge them according to the income status of pt
    Nowadays everybody comes with BPL
    Kindly survey randomly whether they r really poor and taken benefit
    If they have misutilised
    Warn them at 1 st instance
    Fine them 2 nd instance
    Punish them 3 rd instance
    Regarding caste benefit schemes
    Here also if they r economically sustainable withdraw the caste benefits so that poor masses in the community get the fruits of schemes

  5. user
    Dr Ramesh Vardhan November 25, 2016, 11:29 am

    The Minister should take Decision after discussion with the Doctors, instead the illqualified Burocrates, who are unaware of the Ground realities. Their IQ ASWEL as EQ is much lower than the basic Doctors working in PHCs. The Minister should have consulted the senior Doctors from his Department or the Medical colleges. Most of programs of the Government remains useless. Due lack of professional approach. Country requires Burocrates, NATION NEEDS THE PROFESSIONAL/ TECHNOCRATS.

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