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UK bans Syrian Surgeon for racial comments against Indian Doctors

UK bans Syrian Surgeon for racial comments against Indian Doctors

London: UK government has taken stern action against the Syrian Surgeon Dr Ragheb Nouman, who allegedly made racial comments against the Indian Doctors Practising there. The doctor in question, Dr Nouman has been banned from doing medical practise in the UK.

Reportedly, the doctor had been passing strong racial comments against the Indian Medical fraternity with comments including that they (Indian Doctors) should “clean toilets and not practice medicine.”

Allegedly the doctor went on to say Indian doctors would be the “downfall of the NHS” and called his  colleague an “Indian bastard” during an argument in front of patients at a hospital bus stop, but later blamed his racist remarks on stress due to the ongoing conflict in his home country.

The General Medical Council (GMC) launched an inquiry into his comments, but when Nouman was quizzed over the phone he told an investigator that “Indians should be gardeners” and claimed Indian doctors were only complaining about him “because they are rude”.

The panel chair, Dr Harvey Marcovitch said, “The nature and scope of your dishonesty, the absence of any demonstrable insight, and the absence of any evidence of remediation of your dishonest conduct concerned the Panel.

“You also repeatedly expressed racist views, namely derogatory and offensive words and phrases towards Indians. You have repeatedly and publicly accused those entrusted with assessing your performance of being dishonest.”

Dr Marcovitch further said, “The Panel is concerned that this is evidence of a deep-seated attitudinal problem. It has already noted in its determination on impairment that it considers the risk of you repeating similar behaviour is high. It finds that the apologies provided in your submissions at this late stage lack sincerity.

“Whilst the panel understands that you may have been ‘angry and nervous’ due to the situation in Syria at that time which affected members of your family, it is of the view that this in no way excuses your behaviour.

The Panel considered that your behaviour in this regard demonstrates a pattern which is unacceptable.”

The General Medical Council also set up an inquiry to the comments he allegedly made.

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