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Lucknow: Pathologist wife sues Radiologist Husband for Sex Determination

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Lucknow: Pathologist wife sues Radiologist Husband for Sex Determination

Lucknow: In a unique story of violation of the PC-PNDT Act, Asian Age has recently reported the case of a known pathologist in the city of Lucknow, who has now filed a case against her husband, a radiologist, for sex determination. It has been alleged that the husband after determining the sex of the foetus , asked the wife to undergo an abortion when it became clear the it was a girl child. The wife went ahead with the pregnancy and decided to file a complaint against the husband after recently getting a divorce notice from him.

The pathologist wife, Dr Prakriti Shukla,  had married Dr Tushar Ojha, a radiologist by profession in December 2014. She became pregnant in the month of July 2015 and in due course had an ultrasound performed at her father-in-law’s diagnostic center.

“After the test, the behavior of my in-laws and my husband changed. My husband asked me to abort the child and tried to convince me we were not in a position to have the baby. I found the behaviour strange. Next day, after the ultrasonography, my mother-in-law told me in clear terms that since it was a girl that I was carrying, I must abort it as they did not wish to have a girl in the family,”, Dr Shukla said in her complaint.

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She has stated that since she feared for the life of her child, she went to her parents’ house, where she delivered a baby girl in March 2016. A month later, she received a notice for legal separation from her husband.

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Dr Shukla is reported to have filed a complaint with the State Medical Council and the District magistrate accusing her in-laws of the violations of the PC-PNDT Act. The registrar of the State Medical council in-turn has formed a committee to investigate the matter.

When contacted, Dr Shukla’s father-in-law, Dr S.V. Ojha, however, rubbished all charges and told Asian Age , “I have been in the field of radiology for the past 34 years and there is no spot on my reputation. I do not wish to comment on this matter because I am an accused and the case is being investigated by competent authorities. But I strongly deny the charges.”

Dr Jain, registrar, state medical council, informed , “A committee of experts has been formed to investigate the matter. The committee is competent and will give its order only after examining all aspects.”


Source: with inputs from Asian Age
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  1. What good faith Dr…..they have given divorce notice after knowing the sex of the fetus…and later produced form f with forged signatures made by husband Dr Tushar…… this is criminal….these people must be put behind the bars

  2. user
    Dr. Subhash Goel October 13, 2016, 8:28 pm

    A Great Lesson to be taken by every Doctor
    Please do complete all documentations properly before and during treatment of your closest Relations also.
    If your close relative even your son or daughter in law happened to have any dispute any time —–you can be sued for your actions taken lightly under emotions or under good faith.
    No Radiologist can perform ultrasound scan properly without consent and cooperation of Patient.

  3. Radiologist’s licence suspended for ‘forging’ patient’s signature
    Hindustan Times (Lucknow)3 Sep 2016
    The state medical council on Friday suspended a city doctor’s license to practice for a year after he was found guilty of forging the signature of a patient (his daughter-inlaw) on form F – mandatory for getting an ultrasound test conducted on a pregnant woman.
    A complaint was filed against Dr SV Ojha (radiologist) by his daughter-in-law Dr Prakriti Shukla (pathologist) on June 9. Dr Shukla said that her ultrasound was conducted without her consent. She also alleged that the behaviour of her inlaws changed after the test as they came to know the sex of the unborn child.
    Her complaint was examined by the UP Medical Council’s governing body (ethical committee) that heard both the complainant and the respondent.
    On July 4, Dr Shukla had requested that her signature on form F be verified. She claimed that she had never signed that particular form.
    Responding to her request, her signature was examined by SP Gupta, a hand writing expert, who confirmed that the signature was not made by Dr Shukla. “Based on the evidence and the failure of Dr Ojha to justify his action, the governing council has decided to suspend his registration for a period of one year,” said Rajesh Jain, registrar, UP medical council.
    Several attempts made to contact Dr Ojha proved futile.
    A similar penalty was imposed on Dr Shalini, who was found to have written two prescriptions for Dr Shukla, one after the ultrasound. Her license was suspended for six months.
    Dr Shukla’s father Anoop Shukla said that he welcomed the decision of the medical council. He added that if the decision was challenged, he would pursue the matter further.
    The decision of the medical council’s governing body can be challenged in a court of law.

  4. user
    Dr Ravindra Saini July 29, 2016, 10:57 pm

    Dr SV Ojha is the worst radiologist of the city. He was thrown out of charak pathology for doing sex determination.

  5. I know Dr. S. V. Ojha since last 18 years. He is undoubtedly a wonderful human being. I know the incident when a trainee doctor was thrown out of his clinic when he asked for sex determination technique. It was the last day of training even then full money was returned. I don\’t believe on this story. It is certainly an attempt to spoiled his reputation.

  6. aapko jab puri satyata nahi malum to udahran deke kripya kisi apraadhi ke bare me na bole …..ladki ho jane ke baad ek mahina bhi nahi laga un logo ko talaak ke kaagaz bhijwane me….is ise bada dushkarm ho hi nahi sakta….jab apne par beet ti hai tab is baat ka gyan hota hai….maatr is tarah ke udaharan de kar jhute aur ashisht logo ka saath na de….main bhi ojha sahab ko jaanti hun aur pehle bhi wo aisa karm kar chuke hain

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