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Maharahstra: Doctors fume as Ayurveda doctor appointed Registrar of MMC

Maharahstra: Doctors fume as Ayurveda doctor appointed Registrar of MMC

Mumbai : Medical Practitioners are in a state of fury after Dr Dilip Wange, an Ayurveda practitioner has been appointed as the registrar of Maharashtra Medical Council.

Dr Dilip Wange, who has been an associate professor at RA Podar Ayurveda College, and registrar of the Maharashtra state’s Ayurveda Council took charge on his position on Tuesday.  The move was immediately met with strong defiance from the medical fraternity who are now going to file a petition in the high court challenging the appointment.

Dr Jayesh Lele, president of the Maharashtra wing of the Indian Medical Association, told Mumbai Mirror, “It is shocking that the government has appointed a registrar who is from the Ayurveda field, when the MMC has been fighting against crosspathy (Ayurveda and Homeopathy practitioners prescribing allopathy medicines). This is a clear ploy by the state government to get its own people in the medical body that has been functioning without government interference.”

Lele further said that “institutes such as FTII and NIFT have been rendered ineffective” by similar government actions. “Now, they are doing the same with medical bodies,” he said, adding that the Indian Medical Council has also demanded that the state government notify elections at the MMC.

Leading practitioners have called this a long planned design of the government to take over MMC. Besides trying to gain control of the cash-rich MMC, presence of a “government man” can help in other issues that the MMC has been opposing, like crosspathy, doctors told Mumbai Mirror.

Allopathic Practitioners in the state, who have been for long opposing, even fighting legal battles on ayurvedic practitioners practicing allopathy, have indeed been  in a shock since the appointment took place.  “Wange cannot be a respondent as well as the defendant when MMC fights its case against crosspathy,” Dr Lele said.

Dr Wange, when contacted by Mirror, maintained his stand. “I am a government-appointment registrar and doing what is being asked from me,” he said, refusing to elaborate on what was being asked from him, and by whom.

Source: With Inputs from Mumbai Mirror
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  1. Its is like appointing Home guard for NSG commando duty!

    seems no one is caring for lives of people,,if such people start leading such institutitutions.

    What is to be noted is .
    1.maharashtra is the only state where CPS is still allowed to function .
    2.previous mmc head was also highly inefficient /biased person.
    3.complexities of NEET are allready there.
    4.Attacks on doctors are rampant,unnecessary negligence cases are common.
    5.Reservations/ NORI.etc

    The whole pandoras box is OPEN

    OVERALL GOD save maharashtras people!! & whole indian medical systems mess!!

  2. user
    PEETHAMBARAN KUNNATHOOR June 26, 2016, 12:12 am

    It is a very good initiative from Maharashtra government. Medical Council is not a family property of the Allopathy doctors. BAM is also a degree in medical science. It is Indian Medical science. Priority should be given to ISM

  3. When he cannot be registered by MMC
    How is eligible to become Registrar of MMC.


  5. What do Maratha doctors expect….the govt of RSS may even derecognize Allopathic degrees….Jai Shri Hanuman…..let us get the mountain to Lakshman…..