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Maharashtra: Pharmacists demand to prescribe allopathic medicines

Maharashtra: Pharmacists demand to prescribe allopathic medicines

Pune: While its warzone for allopathic doctors as well as Ayush in the fight for practice of allopathy, seems like other stakeholders including pharmacists and chemists are joining the battle to prescribe allopathic medicines.

AIOCD, All India Organisation of Chemists and Druggists, has written to the Maharashtra state ministry as well as the drug controller to allow them to prescribe allopathic medicines. One similar lines, pharmacists have also written to the ministry, making similar demands, reports Pune Mirror.

Jagannath Shinde, national president of the AIOCD, told the daily, “We are going to escalate the issue in the Vidhan Sabha. Crosspathy is allowed and chemists and pharmacists know better about medicines than doctors. Therefore, there should not be any problem in allowing them to practice allopathy. The government has vested interests in the doctors of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy (AYUSH) and thus permits only them to prescribe allopathic medicines to patients.”

The drug control department confirmed the receipt of such a demand.”The chemists have argued that they know more about medicines. But, the permission cannot be granted. They have filed the plea in a sarcastic manner to mock the government’s decision favoring homeopathy and ayurveda doctors,” informed Atul Nasa, assistant drugs controller, national drugs control department.

Meanwhile, allopathic practitioners have shown strong disdain towards the said move. Dr Shivkumar Utture, Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC) executive director, informed Mirror, “Their plea is extremely ridiculous. Everybody is trying their hands on practising allopathy, which is unacceptable. They think that they can play the role of doctors, too, which can prove very risky.”

The move comes in light of the decision of Maharashtra Government allowing ayurvedic as well as homeopathic practitioners prescribing certain allopathic drugs in the state. It is reported that this decision has been challenged by the state IMA in the high court. A Similar battle is pending in the Supreme Court, which will come up for hearing on Monday.


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  1. user
    rajan narayan meshram June 1, 2017, 1:39 pm

    it should not be wise disicion to allow dip in pharmacy qualified to prescribe medicines because it is vast field to prescribe medicines a person must not only knows pharmacy knowledge but he must knows medicine practice, pathology ,surgery diferential dignosis and various speciality feilds like gyanecology pediatrics neurology skin disease so if he have all this knowledge he can prescribe medicines perfectly if govt want togive right to prescribe medicines to pharmacist a person with b pharm degree and extra one year course in practice of medicine is conducted and then only right to prescribe allopathic medicines is to be offered

  2. Are you joking are are you seriously suggesting this? ??!!!!

  3. In a strong deterrent to such people!& SHAMELESS DEMANDS.
    The councils & the administrative authorities should first Cancel their licenses to run the medical shops & later run the remaining show!
    Similarly all Airticket vendors be allowed to fly the fighter jets & other flights!
    i pity on the the moronic demands,& it just expresses the immediate requirement for the screening of IQ levels to whom such medical shop licenses are issued( with just two year Diploma in pharmacy- which is no where existent on the planet,it must be atleast 4 yrs & one year internship,with proper exit licensing exams for such Goofs!!)

  4. Some non educated person or non doctor works as compunder or ward boy in ot can do surgeries . Does it mean we allow them to surgeries . If allowed we should allow on persons who argue for things know they can do.

  5. Good demand.They can be allowed.Similarly doctors also can be allowed to run pharmacy.All under one roof.Now also all these things are happening unofficially now govt. should make it official

  6. First of all, they don\’t know about diseases, clinical pharmacokinetics & pharmacodynamics.
    Instead of doing quackery, better to excel in pharmacy and work for welfare of humanity by doing good research in better and economical drugs…

  7. A pharmacist is taught all of the above: pharmacology, kinetics and dynamics, probably in more detail than an average doctor, which is why they make and design medicines, not doctors. Indeed, pharmacists are permitted by law to prescribe medicines for many (minor) ailments in developed countries such as the UK.

    The fact that physicians (like you) think that they know more about drugs and how they work than pharmacists is both amusing and worrying: it displays an ignorance that is unfathomable.

    Note that I don\’t dispute the fact that physicians do know more about diseases, but that they over-estimate their knowledge in a sphere where they are, frankly, out-classed. I would also like to point out that pharmacists are modern derivatives of the apothecary, who were also licenced to prescribe medication and doctors have actually stolen their symbol, the caduceus.