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Make Academic Record of doctors Public: Court tells Medical Council of India

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Make Academic Record of doctors Public: Court tells Medical Council of India

Chennai: The Madras High Court today suggested that patients should know about the academic background of doctors like a number of attempts made to clear their course so that they can take an informed decision when they come for treatment.

Justice S Vaidyanathan made the observation while hearing a plea by a third-year MBBS student, who had failed in two subjects, seeking to award improved internal assessment marks so that he could obtain a pass in the subjects.

The petitioner sought a direction to the Pondicherry University to issue a fresh mark list by awarding improved internal assessment marks secured by him in November 2017.

The judge noted that the petitioner failed in Community Medicine, ENT and Ophthalmology in three attempts held in May and November 2016 and May 2017. In November 2017, he passed Ophthalmology and failed in the other two subjects.

There was a categorical decision taken by the university that improved internal assessment marks would be considered only for the first time seekers.

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Even though the petitioner was entitled to write theory papers any number of times, there cannot be any improvement of internal assessment with regard to every attempt he may make, the Judge said and dismissed the petition.

In his order, Justice Vaidyanathan observed that Before parting with the case, it has to be observed that some of the doctors have become commercial brokers having nexus with pharmacists. This court has come across a number of attempts availed of by the students undergoing medical course.

“The Medical Council of India will have to take a decision and ensure that the number of attempts made by doctors will have to be displayed in its website and also in the concerned hospital/clinic, in order to enable the patients to know the performance of the doctor as a student in his career,” he said.

This would safeguard the interest of the patients, the judge added.

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Source: PTI
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  1. The same should apply to all judicial officers including all judges of high and supreme courts. It should also be in public domain that what near relationship ( sons, daughters, blood relations) judges have with practising advocates and judges nominated by collegiums of judges. How many times judges have failed in their academic carriers and the star ratings / reputation of colleges they graduated from along with their research contributions in academics. Ethical standards should apply to judges also and they should also be judged by other professionals unlike their own judicial system. This should also apply to lawyers, CAs. engineers, administrative officers and above all politicians.

  2. Sudn\’t ppl also know d background of judges too b4 making a crime and punishment? Funny, this country is going to dogs.

  3. user
    Dr. karnappa Bhangari April 15, 2018, 12:52 pm

    If that is the case , it should b applied all other professionals both private & govt ex: lawyers, engineers, CAs, etc.

  4. Including judges too.

  5. user
    Mr.GK Head Marketing Social Activists Medico-Legal April 15, 2018, 7:25 am

    Great judge. Public Appreciatiing the Hon\”be Judge of Madras High Court order on Doctors Quality of Skills and Publish for TRANSPARENCY and Ethics

  6. Even d so-called social activists be known from their linkds to foreign organisations which want to destabilise India and misuse such characters. Lol…

  7. Why not to display the academic records of judges, beurocrats and politicians publically so that people can have informed decision whether to go to particular court or officer or elect our leades?

  8. Including so-called social activists. Wonder if such activists exist even in foreign lands???

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