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Mamata Banerjee announces Health Regulatory Commission to control over-charging at Hospitals

Mamata Banerjee announces Health Regulatory Commission to control over-charging at Hospitals

Kolkata:  West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee warned private hospitals against over-charging patients and negligence in treatment as she announced setting up of a regulatory commission to monitor their functioning.

“We have decided to set up a West Bengal Health Regulatory Commission which will monitor the billing and performance of the private hospitals and nursing homes,” she said at a meeting with representatives of top private hospitals and nursing homes here.

A bill in this regard would be brought in the Assembly on March 3 in the coming session, she said.

The Commission will be a 10-member body comprising a former chief justice, health experts, principal secretary of the Health Department, representatives of hospitals and patients, who are the consumers, Banerjee said.

The regulatory commission will submit its report to the chief minister every month.

“Hospitals must serve with smile. Try to treat patients with love, calculate money later. Your primary responsibility will be to serve them. You must have help desks. There must be a grievance cell in every hospitals to talk to families who have lost their patients there,” she said.

She said that West Bengal should be a model for other states in health care.

The meeting was called by Banerjee, who is also the Health Minister, after many complaints poured in at the health department from different sections, including top leaders and MLAs, alleging that private hospitals and nursing homes were charging patients excessively and negligence in treatment.

In the meeting, Banerjee pulled up representatives of top private medical facilities and held them responsible for charging patients exorbitantly, negligence in treatment, keeping patients in ICUs and on ventilators for long periods without justification and not releasing dead bodies if the bills were not settled.

The state was already planning to amend the West Bengal Clinical Act, the Chief Minister said, adding it should be made “strong” and the amendment would be brought up on March 3 in the Assembly.

“Hospitals here are charging exorbitantly. Why will that happen? Treatment of patients is not a business. It cannot even try to derive full profit from it. You have to look at it from a humanitarian ground,” she observed.

Source: PTI
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  1. user
    Dr Ramesh Vardhan March 13, 2017, 12:35 pm

    Thanks to Dedi for her constructive and bold decision to STOP the exploitation by the So called Hi-tech orORPORATE Hospitals . They don\’t even spare the dead . They collect / procure the vital Organs like liver, lungs, Heart and kidney in the name of humanity from the Innocent people and transplant to the Rich at an exorbitant prices.There is an electron media joined hands to promote the organ donation campaign. The law should be brought in for organ donation to be made free. The money minting Hospitals should have some kind of social Responsibility, instead of funny and Fancy surgeries like changing sex/ GENDER reallocation. Etc. A word about insurance companies ,they are bent upon destroying of smaller Hospitals managed by Dedicated DOCTORS by questioning or by putting unwanted questions and finally refusing to pay bills. I STRONGLY suspect the Nexus between the insurance companies and the corporate Hospitals. It requires even CBI investigations. I wish other state Governments also follow the foot steps of Foot steps of Didi in this regard. I also expect the central GOVERNMEN to regulate the corporate Hospitals by bringing in Great DOCTORS like Prof Dr B M Hedge, I equate this gentleman to The Dynamic Security Advisor of India Mr Ajit Dovel. Could be one more Fethar In to PM cap, or more jewel into Nation\’s Treasure. No one can provide Quality time and suggestions like Prof Dr B M Hedge sir. He is a Mobile Encyclopedia of Medicine. GOOD Health can be Achieved by the simple means, not by Fancy surgeries as bombarded by the funny claims. The Government of INDIA and as well as state Governments should encourage PREVENTIVE and Promotive Medicine rather than corrective or curative measures. I am open for the Discussion. Dr Ramesh Vardhan

  2. user
    Srikanth Charan Mudigonda February 28, 2017, 4:44 pm

    Didi! Great job! Long awaited ???. Please include representatives from insurance companies also!

  3. Now everybody\’s eyes are opened for the over charging at Hospitals. Is anybody bothered about the Govt Committees recommendation to fix the minimum salary of nurses to Rs. 20,000/-
    They are spending 4-5 lakhs to attain the degree. Unable to repay the Loan & meet personal expenses
    with the salary. Please look into the matter.

  4. Why cant the state government improve health care in public hospitàls? Then people would not have to go to private hospitals. The CM wants a committee to overseè treatment at private hospitals. How about a committee to oversee corruption in the running of health dept and public hospitals?

  5. user
    Dr Narpat solanki February 27, 2017, 12:16 am

    Treatment of patients is not a business,I agree but to get medical education is not charity but a big ticket business.Cheif Minister should correct it first. Give medical education free then assure private hospital will be given subsidies like in other segments and reservations for their children in education. If any hospital incur losses it has to wave off like farmers loans or any govt projects .Than govt can see the difference.