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Max Hospital Shalimar Bagh Licence Cancelled from Immediate Effect

Max Hospital Shalimar Bagh Licence Cancelled from Immediate Effect

New Delhi: Delhi Government has cancelled the licence of Max Hospital Shalimar Bagh, from immediate effect on the issue of negligence in declaring an newborn baby dead.

Addressing the media persons here, the Delhi Health Minister, Satyendra Jain informed  that the state government took the decision after a three-member panel found that the hospital did not follow the prescribed standard of medical treatment. “The panel in its report found the hospital guilty of not having followed prescribed medical norms in dealing with newborn infants.”According to the report, no ECG tracings were done to check if the child was alive. The body was handed over without written instructions.

“We won’t tolerate criminal negligence. What has happened is not acceptable. Even before, we have issued a number of notices to Max Shalimar Bagh on various issues including non reservation of free beds and found them guilty. Hence we have decided to cancel the license of this hospital.” he said

” We have ordered the hospital to either offer the patients to shift elsewhere, or continue the treatment. However, the hospital cannot accept any fresh admissions. The hospital will not function from now on.” he added

Responding to the question whether it was doctor’s negligence or the hospital’s negligence, he replied,”The hospital has been found guilty on the issue. Regarding the doctors’ negligence, the Delhi Medical Council and the Medical Council of India will look into the matter. As far as we are concerned, we have taken action against the hospital, after finding it guilty on number of grounds.”

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  1. user
    Dr. R. Hariharan. M. S December 9, 2017, 1:49 pm

    In 1967 I was a medical officer. I was asked to enquire into circumstances under which a baby was declared dead.A woman miscarried and a foetus was expelled and the medical officer on duty declared the foetus dead after observing for 2hours. The foetus weighed 500 grams.when the foetus was about to be buried by the father it was supposed to have made a whining noise and was brought back to the hospital. It was declared dead after rudimentary attempts at resuscitation available at that primary care hospital. The medical officer was accused of negligence. I ruled in favour of the M.O as a foetus was most unlikely to have been born\”alive\” and also with the facilities of the times there was no chance for that foetus.

  2. user
    Dr. (Professor) Anil Kumar Prasad December 9, 2017, 10:36 am

    A deterrent action is essential but also true, negligence of one or two does not volunteer punishment to the total. To err is human and for the larger interest the decision needs re-consideration.
    I am totally against the high charges these days a private hospital is charging which makes the health care only for the super rich. Government should decide the charge a hospital is entitled to levy on treating a patient. Either the money has lost the value or the hospital authorities have become inhuman. Hospitals should not be made a money spinner.

  3. Pts go to these hosp not by choice but due to insurance cover Now whether closing the hospital is à solution to such eratic happenings Dr is suspended for his act but if hospital is wrong it is the administrator 2b punished but u can\’t close the healthcare institutions which invested crs of public & pvt funds which will go waste & what have we achieved? Nothing except wasting resources & loosing the jobs of all workers Is the govt right in days of job crunch all over country
    Think over what is right

  4. user
    Dr. Prabhakar, MD., December 9, 2017, 10:22 am

    If that is the case, what about government run hospitals, which showed gross negligence on many occasions in different parts. Will government take same action on these???

    Plz read the above news.
    Same year, similar city, similar incident…….same government. No guts to take action against government hospital.

  6. will the govt. shut down govt hospitals for lack of facilities?