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MBBS may be soon allowed to operate, give anaesthesia

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MBBS may be soon allowed to operate, give anaesthesia

New Delhi: Suffering from the acute shortage of doctors, especially specialist medical practitioners in the country, a desperate health ministry is now coming up with new ideas to ensure the availability of speciality medical services in rural areas

It is reported that the health ministry is now mulling relaxation of eligibility norms for doctors and healthcare workers who can handle life threatening critical medical situations. On the same lines, the health ministry is also considering easing the norms to becoming specialists in the country

Currently, a mere MBBS doctor without a PG degree is legally not allowed to perform surgeries, anaesthetic procedures or C-section. Moreover, only specialists can treat noncommunicable diseases. The route to becoming a specialist is only to undertake PG courses from MCI recognised institutes. However, this route is not sufficient, as around 1 lakh MBBS practitioners land up competing for 25000 PG medical seats in the country. The shortage of seats also adds to a shortage of specialist medical practitioners in the country.

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 However, TOI reports that the ministry plans to soon recognise diplomas from certain reputed institutes to convert MBBS doctors into specialists, allowing them to legally perform surgeries and critical procedures. These also include the diplomas from Maharashtra’s College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPS) across the country to convert MBBS doctors into specialists.  “MCI has also agreed to the proposal,” a senior health ministry official told TOI in this regard.
In addition, the government is also considering allowing Nurses as well as Ayush practitioners to perform deliveries as well as non-invasive abortions

It is also bringing in provisions to rope in mid-level healthcare workers and Ayush practitioners to do deliveries, noninvasive abortions.

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Medical Dialogues team had earlier reported that probe report into the BRD Hospital tragedy was also submitted by authorities recently. The said report also highlighted to the shortage of specialist doctors at government hospitals and the primary management of patients being undertaken by junior residents only.


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  1. user
    Chandrashekhar Acharya September 3, 2017, 11:28 am

    As predicted this act of Govt .is in colour to help MBBS Doctors ,they are actually want to help AYUSH Doctors and nurses to allow to perform deliveries .This will give authority to open delivery hospitals by AYUSH Doctors .Govt. is actually have decided to open all fields for AYUSH Doctors in color of helping people.A time will come when they will be allowed to operate.Just wait and watch .

  2. it is good to have more hands but seems to be a desperate effort compromising the quality of care
    better to spend more on establishing good govt medical colleges with more pg seats as only few of the mbbs can now get into a pg seat.
    hope mci and govt will cover the risk also or will it be a medical negligence filed against the mbbs doctor when a complication happens

  3. Not a good idea. Instead after m b b s these doctors should be allowed to do speciliasation of their choice without much hindrance . Surgical field should not be touched . Those who r deciding these seems to be ignorant . How a nures or the so called ayush fellows what is Normal or abnormal pregnancy . It is crazy .

  4. This is crazy, particularly when there is hardly any accountability, we are going to see some disastrous complications unless they are peer supervised.

  5. It takes 10-15 years after post graduation to become a surgeon ,when he/she has worked in medical college hospital.Please leave surgical fields away from experiments in name of improvement.It will do more harm than good

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