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MBBS with IGNOU PGDCC performing Echo: Hospital fined Rs 20 lakh

MBBS with IGNOU PGDCC performing Echo: Hospital fined Rs 20 lakh

West Bengal:  BM Birla Heart Research Centre (BMBHRC)  has been directed by the West Bengal Clinical Establishment Regulatory Commission to pay Rs 20 lakh compensation to the family of a patient who died during treatment after concluding that two employees including one doctor at BM Birla Heart Research Centre in Alipore were not qualified to conduct and report echocardiography.

The case pertains to a female patient, known hypertensive who had come to the hospital with complaints of chest pain and shortness of breath. After 4 days of treatment she was shifted to Calcutta Medical Research Institute, where she died. Following her death, her family filed a complaint of negligence against the hospital with the commission.

After going through all the submissions made by the complainant and the hospitals as well as the case files of the patient, the commission observed a number of discrepancies in the submissions made by the hospital to the commission and the case file and discharge summary of the patient.

Besides this, the complainant had alleged that no echo screening report was given to them, whereas the hospital submitted an echo report dated 3rd May, 2017, whereby an echo was done by one Dr Giri who noted his findings and recorded his opinion and impression thereon. His authentication stated him as the ” Head of Non-invasive department.  Another echo screening report, dated 7th May 2017, was given, where the commission found that the screening was done on a portable machine and the findings were recorded and interpreted with impression by one Ms Chaitali, who was the Echocardiography Technician at the hospital.

On going through their degrees, the commission found that Dr Giri had done his MD from Russia, which is equivalent to MBBS in India. He had received his registration from MCI after clearing the FMGE exam. Post this he was awarded a Post Graduate Degree in Clinical Cardiology ( PGDCC) from IGNOU, New Delhi. The commission sought clarification from the Medical Council of India as well as the West Bengal Medical council, where the MCI response stated

” It is to inform you that Postgraduate Medcial qualifications ( Indian/foreign) which are included in the Schedules to the IMC Act, can only be considered deemed to be recognised medical qualification(s) for the purposes of registration of additional qualification and entitlement of its holder(s) to practice in the speciality concerned.

Further, as per clause 7(2) of the Indian Medical Council ( Professional conduct, Etiquette and Ethics) Regulations, 2002, a physician shall not claim to be specialist unless he/she has special qualifications in that branch.

As per the available records, the postgraduate diploma in Clinical Cardiology awarded by Indira Gandhi National Open University is not included in the Schedules to the IMC Act.

In view of above, you are requested to take further appropriate action in the matter at your end please.”

The response from the WB Medical council stated

” With reference to this mail, I am to inform you that the medical qualifications, which are included in the Schedule of the Medical Council of India are only the recognised qualifications for grant of registration by any state Medical Council. The qualification awarded by the Indira Gandhi National Open University do not appear in the Schedule of Medical Council of India. Hence, registration to such qualification holders cannot be granted for practicing modern scientific medicine (allopathic).”

The commission then opined that the

In view of the above communications, the employment of the doctor as consultant in charge, NI department and engaging him for conducting non-invasive procedure and echocardiogram and to give study report interpreting the data available from such a procedure and on the basis decide the course of the treatment is not only detrimental to patient care service but also completely unauthorised and illegal. The practice on the part of the Clinical establishment, BM Birla comes within the ambit of deficiency in patient care service and amounts to irrational and unethical trade practice.

Similar observations were made by the commission on the employment and engagement of the technician in Echocardiography, whose qualifications revealed that she pursued and ElectroCardiography Technique Course from Society for School of Medical technology, whereby neither the course nor the institute was recognised by the State Medical Faculty. The commission also observed that the echo screening dated 7th May, 2017, was done by the technician but not authenticated by any doctor.There were also a lot of differences in the LVEF reported at BM Birla and that reported at CMRI.

The commission stated

It goes without saying that a qualified and trained technician can always carry out and perform a Non-invasive procedure like Echocardiography, monitor the same and record the findings obtained from the system. But it is not permissible for such technician to interpret the findings and give an impression about the medical condition of the patient. It is for a qualified cardiologist to interpret those findings and to give the impression out of that. However, in the present case, the Clinical Establishment, BM Biral entrusted Dr Ashok Giri with the independent charge of Non-invasive Department inclusive of conducting vital procedure like Echo cardiogram, Colour Doppler Studies, etc as also an unqualified person as technician for conducting such procedure.

Holding deficiency on the part of the establishment ,the Commission slapped a Rs 20 lakh compensation on the hospital to be paid of the complainant.

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  1. Ideally consciousness should prevail over medical qualification degrees. IGNOU which has been formed by an Act of Parliament had sound reasons when it had introduced the PGDCC course. Echocardiography is operator dependent to a considerable extent. There is no harm if a MBBS doctor who is interested in the subject has performed echocardiography and should never be deprived in the era where monetary power has also been permitted to take PG seats especially in pvt medical colleges. However, the echo report should mention the name and qualification of the person who has performed the echo. The echo report is his trademark i.e. of the individual signing the report irrespective of qualification — to weigh, judge and level of acceptance of the report lies with the referring and treating physician, as to whether to take it with a pinch of salt or not. Our country is facing shortage of good doctors and there is pathetic state of affairs for varying reasons both in govt and pvt multinational hospitals.

  2. Why This commission is sleeping on quacks who practice allopathy without degrees

  3. What about Roadside quacks who are practising openly…. Why dont u ask them Who daily kill many innocent people…why dont u ask them who dont even have a basic degree in medicine…. Why dont u ask them who are openly displaying and flaunting degrees like BEMS (AM), DCH (AM), MBBS (AM)….Why do you exploit those doctors who have degrees…Who said MBBS doctors have no knowledge about ECHo, ECG,….diabetes, cardiology….infact they have knowledge…atleast non-interventional….. But you will exploit them…. In any area with 100 doctors, 60-70 are quacks and you have problem with doctors…and where are these patients when diseases are in their initial phases….I tell u where…they are trying and experimenting with quacks….and when death knocks the door of life ….they come to doctors, die and then blame…. I am a doctor ans have 10 years of experience with Indian public and Indian health systems….. People never prefer visiting qualified doctors….In punjab, they like to visit quacks for 30 rs. Pudiyas/packets…that contains cheap steroids…they get short term relief and long term diseases but never blame quacks….and atlast doctors are soft target for them…. Indian healthcare system is not FUDDU, it is also not FUDDUAR …but it is the FUDDUEST….doing nothing against quacks and disturbing qualified people….

  4. when existence of MCI is questioned by GoI, govt is all-out to wind up MCI, then how come court can take cognizance of recommendation of MCI.
    ignou should take steps for getting their courses recognized by respective professional bodies.

  5. Till it\’s wound up, the MCI has full authority. Please think before posting.

  6. The whole regulation of Medical profession has gone berserk, a trained MBBS with Ignou certified PGDCC doctor gets punished while the jholachhap in every nook and corner everywhere, sitting and raping the healthcare of the nation are not even touched!
    What a hypocrisy…
    BHMS and BAMS will metamorphose into MBBS after a lame Bridge course of one year, is not that playing joke with life of layman.
    Will our Netas and Officials get treatment from them. If they think such move help health services then let it be mandatory that their families be treated by them only.
    Believe me, each one of them knows they are lying. They will never go to those state sponsered jholachhaps.
    Jitne log Ramdev ke dushprachaar ki vajah se Diabetes or BP ki dawaiya beech me chodne se marr gaye utni tadad me to aajtak plague ki mahamaari se bhi nahi mare…

  7. user
    Awadhesh Shukla March 23, 2018, 6:34 am

    For your kind information these BAMS and BHMS are not jholaccchaps and they are not too layman,the basic difference is of pharmacology in their studies,and if they are jholaccchaps then why these allopath docs taking their help in there Nursing homes, why they are in contact to them for patients why they write down ayurveda products in their prescription and Sir don\’t say to anyone that these BAMS and BHMS and Baba Ramdev are taking life\’s and playing games with life of people, first of all see in yourself, if anything is wrong it is wrong and you can\’t judge it right by blaming on others, many allopath docs are doing wrong practices, they have PG degrees in pediatric but practicing gynaecology, PG degree in dermatology but practicing gynaecology,many small nursing homes have been developed and patients are being treated there without following any protocol, surgeons practicing medicines, many neuro surgeons practices as neuro physicians why they not tell to patients that I am a neuro surgeon and your case is of neuro physician so go to him, many physicians meant MD Medicine are practicing to treat kidney-neuro-urology, then why these superspecialist PG Degrees have been made and studied if the patients of above disease are not being transferred to them in right time, in day to day practice it is the common term of them to patients that go to them for your satisfaction but they will also do nothing in your disease so that confuse the patients,doing Max LSCS – why now a days LSCS have been increased – sir think about that, in one of the mean time when there was a scheme of RSBY-why hysterectomy has been increased, I agree that Ayush should be warned against such modern medicine practices but Sir first of all see the whole wrong practices – it is India and our people are innocent and if it is not there then about half of cases in the court should be against medical negligence.First of all see your system then blame others.

  8. no country except our great nation recognizes BAMS,BUMS etc