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MCI cancels more than 770 admissions in Puducherry Medical Colleges

MCI cancels more than 770 admissions in Puducherry Medical Colleges

New Delhi: Citing that the Supreme Court directions were not followed in medical admissions for the academic year 2016-17, the Medical Council has now directed the Puducherry administration to discharge all MBBS students who were not admitted through the Centralised Admission Committee (Centac) in the seven deemed universities and self-financing private medical colleges.

HT was the first to report about the apex medical regulator’s September 7, 2017 letter, cancelling the admissions on the grounds that all the seven private medical colleges in the Union territory “haven’t demonstrated any evidence of fairness and transparency in the admission process…”

The order comes in response to the complaint filed by parents many qualified candidates as well as LG Puducherry Kiran Bedi, who alleged that these institutions admitted students who did not qualify the test, with many admissions being made after the last date.

Pointing out the inadequacies, it was noted that the admissions to private medical colleges are to be made through CENTAC. But the colleges only allotted limited number of seats for CENTAC students and filled up the rest (management quota) on the basis of “NEET”. Out of 1,050 seats in the seven private medical colleges, only 280 were filled through CENTAC. The colleges also have not demonstrated any evidence of transparency and fairness in the admission process as no combined merit list of NEET qualified students were made. The direction of the SC to maintain transparency and fairness in the admission process has been totally and blatantly disregarded.

Prima facie this indicates that the direction of the Supreme Court to maintain transparency and fairness in the admission process had been totally and blatantly disregarded,

Responding to the deficiencies, MCI has directed the Secretary Health and DGHS  to ensure the discharge of all students who were not admitted through Centac and also those admitted after last date of admissions, that is September 30, 2016. The institutions have been directed to comply with the order within two weeks reports the Hindu, failing which necessary action would be taken.

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  1. great …… deserving candidates shud b alloted on basis of merit . money shudnt overshadow them . its matter of ppls lives which wil b handled .

  2. Neither MCI nor Supreme Court should reinstate these students.Think about those students who missed out because of these people.Some may have got and for many dreams shattered and would have joined other courses.They have also lost vital 1 year.So law should take it\’s own course and this example should be deterrent for private colleges who think they can buy any officer,MCI inspector and even judges through their black money.Full marks to our Governor Mrs Bedi for exemplary action and persuation of the case

  3. It is failure on the part of the government/s to see that combined counselling is done through NEET merit list. If such a system is not in place, what parents , Students will do? Govt. should Kindly consider future of these hapless students, who have cleared NEET and have already completed a year or more in this course. First place a perfect system. Whose responsibility is this?

  4. Pretty obvious what was happening. Given the caste situation in TN pressure in Puducherry could be worse. Both need to be tackled together.

  5. A great step many colleges are running as their business, and not caring law of the land, NEET regulation to be put in order or the society will lose the confidence in Law of the land