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MCI Ovesight Committe Vetoes AGE and Attempts Limit to NEET

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New Delhi: Bringing good news for the medical aspirants across the country, the Medical Council of India is most likely to withdraw its controversial order putting a cap on the age and number of attempts in relation to the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test.

This comes after the Supreme Court-appointed Lodha panel has vetoed the government move to cap the age of students and the number of attempts they are allowed to clear a top all-India exam for entry into undergraduate medical schools reports HT. The panel has specified that it is not in favour of any such caps in the view  “dearth of doctors in the country”

Recommendations to this effect was put forward by the said MCI oversight committee on February 28th to both the MCI as well as the ministry of health.

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The Supreme Court will now take up the panel’s suggestions on March 20. Should the court accept those, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), which conducts NEET, might have to rework the applications process that closed on March 1 adds HT.

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While the final decision is indeed pending with the Apex Court, the recommendations are already being looked into by the medical regulator. Times of India reports that a confirmation to this effect was made to the daily by the MCI   vice-president Dr CV Bhirmanandham-“The oversight committee felt such limitations will reduce the number of doctors in the country. The Union health ministry agreed and suggested recommendation to us. We have passed it,” he told TOI. “We give everyone the opportunity to clear the test. Students who don’t make it this year either because they haven’t prepared for the test or because they haven’t applied for the test on time can always try later. It gives even undergraduate students of BSc an opportunity,” he added

Medical Dialogues team had earlier reported, that in the month of January, 2017, UGC has come out with a controversial order limiting the number of attempts to NEET at Three as well as putting age bars on the candidates with maximum age to appear being 25 years in the general category as well as 30 for the reserved category

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  1. MCI failed in every aspect, it is because of their policies the country has a huge shortage of doctors. High time to pull the plug on MCI. India could have earned billions of dollars in medical sector by providing quality services had we have enough cheap manpower in medical sector and enough medical colleges to train them. I can\’t believe irrespective of having such a large young population, we can not find enough manpower to serve in rural areas to treat our own citizens. We have no shortage of manpower, only the shortage of educational institutions.

  2. For the admission into academic year 2017-18,removal of age limit is justified & understandable because of abrupt & insensitive introduction of this condition in detriment to the expecting candidates who have been preparing over previous years. Otherwise unlimited age of entry into medical education will definitely have a say on duration & quality of rendered medical service by them. Too much relaxation of entry age will reduce the number of doctors rendering effective professional service in their remaining age for society. Catching them younger will prolong the total effective service years of doctors in society. At least, within the age limit of, say 25 years, one may accept increase in attempts from 3 to even 5 for the sake of fulfilling the dreams of individual\’s aspirations.for some other considerations like social justice of economically backward community, one may judicially accept an increase in age limit.

  3. till now there had been no such regulation .and there has been no deterioration in the quality of medical education .The state of medical facilities in rural areas are paralysed because no mbbs wants to work in rural areas.

  4. user
    SANDEEP MOHINDRA March 18, 2017, 10:57 am

    Stupid judiciary. Even a KG student can tell, how age cap or attempts reduce the number of seats. If you want to increase number of doctors, increase seats at UG level. Age or attempt cap is immaterial.

  5. Mr Sandeep if age limit/ attempt limit implement it will decrease in no of doctor who want to do mbbs from private or abroad

  6. user
    Shyam Chand Parakh March 18, 2017, 9:47 am

    How will a cap on attempts reduce the number of doctors in the country. All the seats will be filled by the students who clear NEET in first three attempts.

  7. younger mbbs graduates tend to go for higher studies in United states and settle their.

  8. Kudos to the council that was compassionate towards those who work hard for passing their examinations. Speaks highly of their intelligence & genius.