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MCI releases Competency Based Undergraduate MBBS Curriculum, details

MCI releases Competency Based Undergraduate MBBS Curriculum, details

New Delhi: The Medical Council of India (MCI) has released the Competency Based Undergraduate Curriculum. The Board of Governors (BOG), which approved the changes in the revised ‘Competency-based UG Curriculum’ post which a document to the effect has been released by the council on its official Website. MCI has clarified that the Competency Based Undergraduate Curriculum will be implemented from August 2019, i.e. MBBS batch admitted in first year. Batches admitted and studying currently in MBBS shall continue with existing Curriculum.

One of the unique features of the syllabus its that it will include a new course called Attitude, Ethics and Communication (AETCOM) for students across years of their undergraduate medical education.It will also offer elective subjects allowing students to pick according to their respective interests.

According to the apex medical regulator, competency-based Medical Education provides an effective outcome-based strategy where various domains of teaching including teaching-learning methods and assessment form the framework of competencies. Keeping this objective as the core ingredient, the Medical Council of India with the help of a panel of experts drawn from across the country laid the basic framework for the revised undergraduate medical curriculum.

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” The Council visualized that the Indian Medical Graduate, at the end of the undergraduate training program, should be able to recognize “health for all” as a national goal and should be able to fulfill his/her societal obligations towards the realization of this goal. To fulfill the mandate of the undergraduate medical curriculum which is to produce a clinician, who understands and is able to provide preventive, promotive, curative, palliative and holistic care to his patients, the curriculum must enunciate clearly the competencies the student must be imparted and must have learnt, with clearly defined teaching-learning strategies and effective methods of assessment,” the Board of Governors state in their foreward

” The student should be trained to effectively communicate with patients and their relatives in a manner respectful of the patient’s preferences, values, beliefs, confidentiality and privacy and to this purpose, a book on Attitude, Ethics & Communication was prepared by the Medical Council of India; the teaching faculty of medical colleges have been receiving training on this module since 2015,” they add

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The document points out that over the past four years, a group of highly committed medical professionals working as Members of the MCI Reconciliation Board developed this information into a document incorporating appropriate teaching-learning strategies, tools and techniques of teaching, and modes of assessment which have culminated in the current competency based undergraduate curriculum.

” We understand that maximum efforts were made to encourage integrated teaching between traditional subject areas using a problem-based learning approach starting with clinical or community cases and exploring the relevance of various preclinical disciplines in both the understanding and resolution of the problem. All efforts have been made to de-emphasize compartmentalisation of disciplines so as to achieve both horizontal and vertical integration in different phases.” the BOG add

You can check out the document by clicking on the following  link

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  1. user
    Dr.pvb.rsmalaxmi. February 25, 2019, 9:10 pm

    Make a basic degree like biology,biotechnology compulsory before joining MBBS.they attain some maturity and the time can be shortened and from first yr.they can have integrated teaching and more basic clinical oriented training.students are literally vexed with the present intermediate grilling studies.


    Change the one exam every year model…

    Make it cumulative, with equal weightage.
    Focus on practical, rather theory

  3. include new topics such as epi – genetics, energy healing, holistic medicine etc, MBBS students know only whatever they read in texts, there are so many things happend in the world related to human health. Doctors do not know anything other than pharmacology and pathophysiology to treat patients there are many other aspects to treat a patient.

  4. Attitude, ethics, communication ,all non sence,which cannot be practiced unless the government provides free medical education.When people invested ,they expect returns.First the government should take over all private medical colleges provide free medical education and implement what ever it is.

  5. Government should also stop giving Diplomas and give Masters degrees in post graduation,Doctors who have been given Diplomas should be graded as masters after 5 yrs of practise.

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