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National Medical Commission to replace MCI, NITI Aayogm panel asks for comments

National Medical Commission to replace MCI, NITI Aayogm panel asks for comments

The Preliminary Report and the draft NATIONAL MEDICAL COMMISSION BILL, 2016 is placed for seeking public opinion. Please send comments/suggestions/feedback on the draft bill latest by 31 st August, 2016 through e-mail only at

New Delhi: As a major first step to introduce reforms to the Medical education in the country, NITI Ayog has now come out a draft NATIONAL MEDICAL COMMISSION BILL, 2016, which aims at the reforms of the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956. The committee has now placed the bill under the public domain asking for public comments. Following this, the draft bill will be finalized and would be tabled in Parliament earliest in the winter session.

With the news of rampant corruption at the Medical Council of India,  the apex medical regulator, doing rounds on a daily basis , the central government appointed a special panel to overhaul the reforms of the medical sector of the. The Committee on the Reform of the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 comprising
i. Shri Arvind Panagariya, Vice Chairman, NITI Aayog,
ii. Shri P.K. Mishra, Additional Principal Secretary to Prime Minister
iii. Shri Amitabh Kant, Chief Executive Officer, NITI Aayog
iv. Sh. B.P Sharma, Former Health Secretary and Sh. C.K Mishra, Secretary, H&FW
have now  prepared the NATIONAL MEDICAL COMMISSION BILL, 2016 after examining all options for reforms in the Medical Council of India, further placing it in the public domain for approval.

The Committee found itself in broad agreement with the recommendations of the 92nd Report of the Parliamentary Standing Committee and the Roy Choudhury Committee report on the need for a total overhaul of the regulatory framework and governance of medical education in India. In the spirit of the Roy Chaudhury Committee recommendations, the committee has therefore proposed that a National Medical Commission replace the current MCI with the new body having a markedly different structure and governance system.

The committee has clearly stated that  IMC Act 1956 should be repealed and replaced by a new Act providing for the National Medical Commission.

As the name suggests the bill calls for scrapping of  MCI  and creation of a NATIONAL MEDICAL COMMISSION to be the apex policy making body for regulating medical education in the country, which through the functioning of its four constituents boards will regulate the medical sector.  Besides this, a new Institutional Architecture for Regulation has been suggested in the bill with a Medical Advisory Council (MAC) having representation from the States and Union Territories (UTs) to articulate the national agenda for medical education.

The statement said that since it has been felt that the input based regulatory philosophy underlying the current MCI has turned into a high entry barrier, the NMC regulation is to be overwhelmingly based on outcomes rather than inputs.

The committee has proposed periodic publication of ratings of medical institutions.

It has also proposed that NMC be empowered to fix norms for regulating fees for a proportion of seats in private medical colleges while allowing the promoters to fix the fees for the remainder of seats transparently. No fees other than clearly announced on the website of the college should be permitted.

The committee proposed to provide a statutory basis for common entrance examination for admissions to undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Medical institutions and a Common Licentiate Examination for practice by medical professionals after completion of the undergraduate medical degree.

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    Respected prime minister ,

    With lots of hopes for the problems to be solved i am writing this letter to you.
    Statistics show that india needs one million doctors immediately to match up the standards of western world in the field of health. But what is happening in the medical field ? Many of the administrative peopie and leaders do not know what big racket is going on in the medical field.

    Fate of the poor doctor medicos (medical students)
    India has about only one lakh seats in the mbbs couse. Many of the poor students and middle class students who want to become doctors go to the foreign countries like russia, china, phillipines and many other countries in the world to get medical education.
    Reasons are two. One is not able to pay the capitation fees which is upto one crore a seat for mbbs or they do not get merit seat because they are below 95 percent mark scorers. But really they want to serve india in the field of health .

    He mostly borrows money from bank or from some one else.. He spends about 5 lakhs to 6 lakhs per annum for about 6 to 7 yrs for the couse food and stay. Total amount he spends is about 30 lakhs in 6 to 7 yrs.
    But pl remember he has not expected our govt to spend even a single rupee for him.
    Like this, about one lakh doctors are in india now . they spent 30 lakhs but not able to clear the fmge exam and are not practising but simply keeping quite without any work
    Totally one lakh doctors x 30 lakh money =30,000 crores of money spent for these skilled people are keeping idle in our country. Dont u think that this amount of skilled labour getting wasted is our faulty system.
    Each doctor can earn about 3 lakh of money in a year at least
    That means 3000 crores of money earning per year the country loses every yr. From india”s citizens.

    What happens to india
    Every yr about one lakh indian people are leaving india for medical education abroad.
    That means one lakhx 5 lakh Rs =5000 crores of foreign exchange lost to india or that money goes out of india , Every year
    Still IWe are in lack of doctors to serve in india.

    What scandal is going on
    India has about 1000 medical colleges . each medical college bribes about 5 to 10 crores of money per yr to retain the license . so about 10000 crores of corfruption is going on in the governing bodies per year thro these medical colleges.
    They do nort want to lose their supremacy and the business. About one lakh medical sats are there. About 50000 seats are sold for amounts from 50 lakhs to 1 crore. The medical college business is about 50 lakh crores in india. These medical college money spinners also do not want to lose their business.they also fund the corruption to the governing bodies to retain their business. Each medical college donates about 10 seats to the governing body per year. Each governing body member sells that seat in the open market thro agents and the money is rotated.

    These governing body for the medical education and the medical colleges do not want to encourage foreign medical education.
    They conduct some exam like fmge and purposely fail the students and complicate the foreign medical education. They hardly give 2 pecent pass in the exam.then only they can create demand for local mbbs seats and thrive on .
    If the governing bodies are really intersted in maintaining the standards of medical education let them Make the indian medicos also write the screening exam. Let them maintain the standard strictly.
    Indian medicos who pay 1 crore to 60 lakhs as capitation fees most of the people do not study because for every yr pass they pay about 5 to 10 lakhs and pass every exam in the medical colleges in india. I am
    Not blaming evrey student medico in india. But this happens with 30 percent of medicos in india.

    What remedy can be done
    The whole governing body for medical education should be re altered and devoided. Govt should directly enrol the students for registration
    Better avoid exams like fmge if at all u want exam let it be for everybody both for india studied medicos and foreign studied medicos. This will avoid corruption of about 1 lakh crores in india in various steps

    In tamil nadu there were 2000 engineering seats only , about 10 yrs back but now increased the engineering . Seats to 175000 now every body and every poor student can study engineering without capitation fees.
    By this the quality is not compromised. Always the best 30 percent studens get good jobs and next 70 percent get average jobs. But every citizen is made a skilled person
    Why in medicine this is not done ? just to maintain the suprmacy and corruption this stictness is maintained for almost 70 yrs after indepenedce . The governing bodies purposely complicate the issue of opening a medical college with so many issues for corruption.For these any private body can be allowed to open a medical college with minimum norms. At the end of 5 yrs govt itself can conduct the exam both for indian and foreign medicos. I mean only the govt should conduct because both mci and diplomate in national board are highly corruptive and make the medical education system complicate to flourish the corruptive turn over of one lakh crores in india. That is why from the former mci chairman, gold alone to the tune of 18000 crores were seized. But the pity of indian judiciary is we are not able to prove his crime till today and now again he is brought to the forum
    Encourage foreign universities to bring affordable medical education in india. Please allow only foreign universities which can bring quality education at the affordable rate. India is a nation with lots of good doctors and we can even open 1000 medical colleges with them. Therby foreign money can flow in lakhs of crores. Imagine 1000 medical colleges will give direct and indirect employment to lakhs of peope and and doctors. India can become a hub for doctors internationally . pl remember even to the number one developed nation usa we are the leading suppliers of doctors and computer software people.
    If india becomes an international hub we can earn miimum of one lakh crores of money we can earn by attracting international students to india.


  2. NITI Aayog invites public comments on national medical commission bill

  3. This is a good move and applicable to all departments like for judges, law makers, engineers, politicians etc because record of only doctors are not bad but complete all systems in India because a court convict a same person for life imprisonment/hanging but on same evidence got free then what kind/quality of education they have? A politician don\’t need any qualification and even high school fail is Dy CM of a state and angutha chhap was CM of a state? An engineer without holding a degree became Chief engineer in UP? Quake practising all over India and treating cancer also without even basic degree? In my opinion doctors are soft target but it should be for all professional courses like one entry and one exit test all over India and preferrably online and results also should be declared on same evening so no chance of corruption and four twenty mechanism adopted by these people

  4. I think National Exit Exam is a Big Blunder… because the MCI is corrupt and Mushrooming of Medical colleges, Quality of Medical Eduction is getting affected -The solution is to strengthen Medical education and improve quality of teaching than Burden the Budding Doctors with another Exit Test.As it is it is tough to get seat at Undergraduate and Post Graduate levels ,Please don\’t make it miserable for medical students.Strnghthen Medical Curriculum with Latest trends and stricter evaluation than adding another test..People and students will loose faith in the system.You have an entrance test to get in You have lots of exams to write and over it you want to have an exit exam…to register and practice…show me this method being practised anywhere in the world and also for any other stream like Engineering ,Lawyers etc ,do they have to write any tests to practice or do jobs..even when the Quality of Engineers,MBA,Law Students is no better….

  5. congrats modiji, you have taken a very good decision. what has been done by mci all these 70 years. the doctors headed the mci were highly corruptible and useless. now ug seat sold at 60 lakhs to one crore and to become a doctor he has to spend one crore and to become pg another two crores rupees. only rich people can become doctors. after paying this how can u expect him to serve the poor.
    even the poorest of the community should get medical seat by merit. only if poor people become doctors they can really serve india
    to reduce capitation fees and excess fees and the medical education should be affordable
    for this all these bureaucratic doctors and high level doctors committee should be abolished .
    they are all highly money minded and they want to earn using the post
    only non medical people should become committee members and military discipline should come
    if somebody goes and gets foreign medical degree welcome him. because he is not burdening the govt to spend for his education. they should be immediately allowed to practice
    if at all u want to control them let foreign be allowed inside to give medical education. if russia is giving for one lakh fees let them come and set up here.
    thereby millions of jobs will be created. medical education will become competitively priced low. our foreign exchange we will not lose and india will become a world wide hub for medical education.
    thereby we can earn more exchange.
    if at all u want to include doctors for advice please include only rural based doctors who had been serving the poor and foreign based studied doctors only
    becaus all doctors here have a crown in their head and feel only indian doctors are qualified and all foreign studied doctors are fools. first of all this disparity should go
    foreign trained doctors are much better than one crore paid indian doctors who studied in ruthless medical colleges without patients and pass every year the exam with payment of one lakh per paper for pass in the exam every year