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Medical Council of India inspection of Medical Colleges: SC asks UIDAI Chairman to Suggest Artificial Intelligence Based Solutions

Medical Council of India inspection of Medical Colleges: SC asks UIDAI Chairman to Suggest Artificial Intelligence Based Solutions

“There are incessant disputes which reach this Court about what actually transpired at inspections of various private medical colleges by the Medical Council of India (MCI). The parties contest virtually every fact that is recorded in an inspection”- SC

New Delhi:  The Supreme Court has requested former UIDAI chairman and technocrat Nandan Nilekani to explore the possibility of having a computer network based technological solution for inspection of private medical colleges by the Medical Council of India (MCI).

The apex court said this while noting that “incessant disputes” have reached the court about what actually transpired at the MCI inspections of various private medical colleges, with the concerned parties virtually contesting every fact recorded.

A bench of Justices S A Bobde and L N Rao considered the suggestion of senior advocate Kapil Sibal, assisting the court as an amicus curiae, that a computer network based technological solution, which may include artificial intelligence, would be required to solve the problem.

Sibal told the bench, which was hearing a matter related to a dispute over the inspection of a private medical college by the MCI, that an expert like Nilekani, who is also a co-founder of IT major Infosys, could be appointed to look into this aspect.

The counsel appearing for the MCI also supported Sibal’s suggestions.

“We accordingly request Nandan Nilekani to go into this problem and give concrete suggestions to this court at the earliest,” the bench said. It also suggested that Nilekani could take technical help from IT firms.

The apex court asked the MCI to convene a meeting with Nilekani, Sibal and other lawyers, who might be interested in the matter.

The bench said Sibal and MCI’s counsel could prepare a written note highlighting the issues that are needed to be taken up by Nilekani to provide solutions to the problems.

“Nilekani is at liberty to take technical assistance from various IT companies viz. Wipro, Infosys, Accenture etc for making suggestions to this court,” the bench said and posted the matter for further hearing after six weeks.

Source: PTI
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  1. user
    Dr Kailash Gindodia September 23, 2018, 2:41 pm

    I personally think that the faculty should be about 50percent full-time & 50 percent honarariez. That will bring down the cost for management and fees for the students

  2. user
    Sanjeev Kumar Tudu September 28, 2018, 8:54 pm

    Private colleges are charging students for expenses on patient care, which is \”cheating on their very submission of promise and commitment to serve the catchment population\” before the state Government, which gives permission only because of their such submission: The expense incurred by Private College Hospitals for establishing infrastructure or on the consumables and non-consumables besides the time of faculty in hours (8 hour day: not 24 hour) spent on patient attendence and care including surgery or prescription etc. Must be borne by the \”state\” for which the college trust promised before the state government to take care of !

    So, these honorary doctors will be \”suckers\” , just THE suckers !

  3. user
    Dr.anil Kumar Patra September 23, 2018, 11:48 am

    STEP1-All qualified docs, pharmacist,nurses, Health care employee should be distributed RFID duely authorised by DM integrated with aadhar,EC,PAN card nos.

    The supreme court suggested the Artificial Intelligence to solve the problems of Medical colleges in India
    The true crisis in Medical education in India are artificial, created by greed, corruption and Manipulations, can be Artificial Intelligence solve the problems artificially created?
    Majority of the Medical colleges started in India since last 20 decades to make faster money however some have made good great progress and made the Institution to modern thinking
    With implementation NEET the basic propositions have collapsed and to run a Medical college with legal fees is very difficult? Working costs and faculty salaries have enormously increased
    It is just not the Managements many teachers are exploiting the situation and made their own rules to be happy and get huge salaries without any contribution for academic growth or progress if truly there are sudden inspections many seniors or professors have already left the campus by 2 or 3 PM not available to the needs of the patients or the emergences, today many patients do not go to Medical colleges as they will be treated by House surgeons or Residents, so the shortage of patients and have to create artificial patients , artificially created case records and laboratory statistics
    Many seniors professors and Retired ( Not ALL )from public service spend the time saving the their chair and live destroying the system it free for many only inefficient people try boost up results as the managements want to market the results
    The people who have suggested to tackle the problem with artificial intelligence and pleading for Private Medical colleges should visit these Medical colleges or weekends find less 30 % of faculty in the campus
    The MCI have spent several crores of Rupees developing the Biometry tracking the teachers, certainly we do not know what really happened as there are few colleges the Principals themselves come two or three day and rest is the game of inefficient Doctors, who act as power brokers to get undue advances from private managements
    Many Professors and faculty are running their own Hospitals and private laboratories being signed the documents as full-time employees DESTROYING THE PURPOSE THEY ARE APPOINTED
    It is the time before accepting the responsibility UIDAI Chairman to Suggest Artificial Intelligence should know what happened with Biometry and teacher tracking system, it will be simple statement brings so many facts to life
    The Medical Council of India should amend many unpracticable rules to bring transparency and better function of the system.
    Dr T.V.Rao

  5. Very nice!

  6. The intelligent human being are not able to do but a machine will do a better job of auditing and SC agrees with the finding. The senior advocates tell such nonsense and it is surprising how SC is agreeing.