Medical Council suspends Registration of Ayurveda Practitioner for publishing Miracle Cure Advertisements

Thiruvananthapuram: The Travancore Cochin Medical Council (TCMC) has suspended the registration of an Ayurveda practitioner, who was under the scanner for publishing advertisements which claimed miracle and unscientific cures for various illnesses.

This suspension was done on orders of the State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) which had directed the TCMC and state drugs controller to take strict action against the practitioner.

The Medical Dialogues team had earlier reported that the Ayurveda practitioner had allegedly published advertisements for his ‘tullimarunnu chikilsa’ (oral drops treatment) where he claimed miracle treatment for diabetes, cancer, obesity, asthma, ulcer, thyroid and various other diseases.

With the advertisements coming to light, Kerala Sastra Sahitya Parishad had filed a complaint with the state medical council that regulates both modern medicine and ISM practitioners, in this regard, to take stern action against the medical professional and submit the report to the commission. The drugs controller was asked to submit the report on what kind of action could be taken against the accused.

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In connection with the alleged practice, the state medical council conducted a probe and found that the accused had violated the code of ethics of a registered medical practitioner. Consequently, the medical council suspended the Ayurveda practitioner’s registration for a month.

Later, the Travancore Cochin Medical Council issued an order stating that the advertisements issued by the doctor are against the ‘Drugs and Magic Remedies (objectionable advertisement) Act’, reports the TOI.

The Act was laid down to control the advertisements of drugs in certain cases, to prohibit the advertisement for certain purposes of remedies alleged to possess magic qualities and to provide for matters connected therewith.

The Ayurveda practitioner who had appeared before the council had offered an apology and urged the council not to suspend his registration, to which the TCMC observed that despite the notices issued by the state drugs control department against the doctor’s advertisements, he continued publishing them.

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  • success stories in medical profession without documental evidence to be discouraged - the action taken by the authorities seems to be right and warning to the other professionals not to make claims without scientific evidence.

  • What about homeopathy they claim many magical cures in media they give long advertisement with feedbacks that make readers fool and mint money ?

  • Each phrase, each word is scientific in ayurveda.. We r lack in knowledge... To understand whole the things explained by our acharys

  • It\'s good decision but these authorities should concentrate on doctors who giving mis leading statement against ayush systems

  • What about suspending licenses of doctors who give 100 medicines to cure a disease? Why is allopathy given undue prominence inspite of the fact that we all know they have definitive side effects?

    • Here issuse is about advertisment of magic remedies and not about side effects or school of medicine. Law prohibits all type of advt for allopathy.

  • Very very good step taken to ensure the sanctity of Ayurveda .

    It\'s a very very scientific systems of medicine . Acharya CHARAK and Sushrat , both have classified the diseases in to curable ( sadhya ) incurable ( asadhya) & krishsadhya means which could be cured with difficulty .

    Ayurveda doesn\'t claim on any miraculous cure .

    It insists upon a healthy & disciplined life style as per day & night & seasons .

    In fact GOVT must take notice of all quacks misleading public ... thus it will help to establish Ayurveda in it\'s true spirit .