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Doctors should provide healthcare to masses at affordable,reasonable cost: Vice President of India

Doctors should provide healthcare to masses at affordable,reasonable cost: Vice President of India

New Delhi: The Vice President of India, Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu has said that the medical fraternity to treat their profession as a mission to provide healthcare to the masses at an affordable and reasonable cost. He was addressing the gathering after releasing two books titled Minimally Invasive GI Cancer Surgery authored by renowned laparoscopic surgeon, Dr. C. Palanivelu and Bariatric Surgical Practice Guide, edited by Dr. P. Praveen Raj.

The Vice President said that medical profession was a noble profession and keep that in mind and treat this as a mission. He further said that people consider a doctor to be next to God. He exhorted the medical fraternity to adopt a humanitarian approach while providing medical care to people.

The Vice President said that the doctors should educate and sensitize the people about the dangers of leading a sedentary lifestyle and eating junk food. He further said that health experts opine that the prevalence of non-communicable diseases, including cancers and cardiovascular diseases will increase while those of the communicable diseases will decrease in the coming years. Modern lifestyle, diet and genetic predisposition are believed to be among the major contributing factors for this trend, he added.

The Vice President said that among cancers, the GI cancers involving digestive organs such as esophagus, stomach, liver, pancreas, lungs, large intestine and rectum, constitute 60 percent. He further said that the incidence of GI cancers is increasing alarmingly due to fast foods, smoking, alcohol and life style changes. He expressed concern that obesity was reaching alarming proportions and that youngsters were getting affected by GI cancers.

He Vice President said that India was once known as Vishwaguru and showed the path to the rest of the world. He further said that today again it was becoming a medical tourism hub with people from different countries coming here for treatment.

The Vice President congratulated Dr. Palanivelu for applying laparoscopic surgery for all types of surgeries, including cancer surgery and expressed the hope that the book written by him would go a long way in promoting minimally invasive surgery for GI cancers.

Source: press release
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  1. Who Has appreciated The Doctor Charging Resonably

  2. Dear Mr Vice President,
    Its very easy to make sweeping statements and impress the masses for your vote banks. You say this when most of the doctors in the country have paid hefty fees to study medicine in private collages due to very few number of government seats ( of which most go to the reserved categories). Then again, a doctor spends an average of 10years studying, and while everyone thinks its ok to tell the doctor to cut down his fees, no one cosiders making any concessions for them anywhere. A doctor is asked very easily to wave off his fees, but would any school wave off a doctor\’s child\’s education fees.. or does anyone sell food or fuel to a doctor at concessional rates.. this apart, even if a doctor goes for medical treatment, he is expected to pay in full.. there are no concessions made for doctors anywhere, there is no protection given to doctors.. who are beaten up, brutally injured and killed.. and yet.. you feel doctors should wave of their fees…

  3. It is a good idea. But it is essential to get our priorities right. The treatments and procedures should be adopted to Indian conditions and use of ancient alternative medical knowledge in combination with
    western medicine will go long way to cut the costs and improve outcomes.
    Our knowledge regarding western medicine is all borrowed and haded down from US and UK mainly. But the changes take long time to reach us and some times a particular treatment or procedure is discontinued in the West due to ineffectiveness or complications and still practised in India until that information is filtered down.
    This can save lot of money. It should be a collective effort between medical establishment and government.

  4. user
    Dr Debendra Sahoo October 13, 2017, 3:09 pm

    A bold step was taken by than PM Mrs Indira Gandhi by nationizing all bank,similar bold step was taken by our present PM Sri Narendra Modi by Demonitazation.To reach health care to all needy people of all socioeconomic group governments first duty to take over all the corporate hospital make them full government. Doctors should not be allowed private services. All hospitals should be well equipped acording to their levels (primery care, secondary care & tertiary care)than only honourable President vision will be coloured.

  5. Dear Mr President,
    Excellent! Who runs the govt colleges and hospitals? Your collegues have set up shops in terms of private colleges. Government is not getting rid of reservations. What have you and your party done for health care?