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Bhopal Gangrape: 2 Doctors Suspended, Senior Doctor, Medical Superintendent get Notice

Bhopal Gangrape: 2 Doctors Suspended, Senior Doctor, Medical Superintendent get Notice

Bhopal: An red-faced Madhya Pradesh administration has served suspended to two women doctors and sent a show-cause notice to a senior doctor over the medical examination report of the Bhopal gangrape victim which said the sexual act was committed “with her consent and will”,

News18 reports that the dean of Gandhi Medical College has suspended Senior Residents Dr Khusbhu Gajbhiye and her colleague Dr Sanyogita while senior doctor Purnima was served the show-cause notice.

At one place, the report prepared by the doctors of the Sultania Lady Hospital also termed the 19-year-old woman as an “accused” instead of “victim”.

Notwithstanding the doctors’ claim of the errors having been committed “inadvertently”, the Bhopal divisional commissioner served notices to them.According to police, the report, though containing the errors, confirmed that the woman was raped and injuries were found in her private parts.

The woman was allegedly raped by four men for almost three hours near the railway tracks in Bhopal when she was returning home after attending a coaching class on October 31 night.

“The doctors had written in the examination report that physical relation was established ‘with her consent and will’. The report also mentioned the ‘victim’ as an ‘accused’ at one place,” Superintendent of Police, Bhopal Railway Division, Ruchi Vardhan Mishra told PTI.

“When we sought clarification, the doctors concerned gave a (written) clarification that the word ‘with’ was inadvertently used instead of ‘without’. Actually, the doctors wanted to say that the intercourse was done ‘without her consent and will’. The other error terming the victim as an accused at one place was also rectified by the doctors in the clarification,” she said.

Dr Khushbu, a PG Student,  who has done only four medico-legal cases also blamed her inexperience for the error. “No one forced me to do the report, but I did not know how to write the report correctly, and my English is also weak,” she explained to Hindustan times on why she had written ‘accused’ when she meant ‘victim’.

Mishra said the errors in the report were “insignificant” as these were made in the column for recording the details of the incident. “In the doctors’ examination report, the part relating to medical observation is significant,” she added.

Divisional commissioner of Bhopal Ajatshatru, meanwhile, said that due to their mistake, the report could have been misconstrued.

“It was a sensitive issue and doctors should have avoided such inadvertent mistakes. So, the entire meaning of the report was misconstrued. We have served show cause notices to two doctors – Dr Khushbhu Gajbhiye and Dr Sanyogita asking them to furnish their replies within three days,” Ajatshatru had earlier told PTI.

Meanwhile, News 18 reports Dr Karan Pipre, superintendent of the hospital, is already in trouble after he was seen laughing while briefing the media about the “botched-up” report. The daily reports Madhya Pradesh State Women’s Commission has summoned Pipre seeking an explanation.

Last week, the state police had suspended five policemen for their alleged negligence which led to delay in registering the offence. Two senior police officers– the Inspector General of Police, Bhopal range, and SP concerned of the Government Railway Police, were transferreed.

The action came after media reports claimed it took the victim woman nearly 24 hours to get her complaint registered as officials of three police stations feuded over jurisdiction.

A case was finally registered on November 1, almost 24 hours after the crime, at the Government Railway Police (GRP) station at the Habibganj railway station.

 Police have arrested all the four accused.


Source: PTI
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  2. Just go on opening the medical college in the name of shortage off doctors & give 100% reservation then these things bound to happen
    Now starts taking entrance exam in Urdu & regional languages What a great idea

  3. user
    Dr.J.James Rajesh November 15, 2017, 12:06 pm

    This is not a solution………So you are saying only children\’s of good wealthy learned family should only become doctors……..It\’s not the concerned doctor to be blamed

  4. user
    Dr Jagdeep Basur November 13, 2017, 3:49 pm

    All need exemplary punishments

  5. mp ajab hai sabse gazab hai . arakshan or kya

  6. First of all the medi al superintendent should lose his licence for laughing in front of media in such a sensitive issue if India as a country knws its value. Secondly dr is saying due to my poor english error was made. This shows w students pass medical entrances. Just take their licences. Also make it compulsary to furnish the reports in hindi also as it we r hindustanis. Let the Britishers knw that Indians also v brains. Jai Hind

  7. Your hinglish is also too good for a doctor. Are u one?