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Minister tells doctors to join Naxals, so govt can kill them

Minister tells doctors to join Naxals, so govt can kill them

MUMBAI: Miffed over senior doctors remaining absent from a function that he was attending at a government hospital in Maharashtra, Hansraj Ahir MoS Home Affairs today said “these people should join the Naxals if they don’t believe in democracy, and the government will then shoot them down.”

The Minister of State for Home Affairs was speaking at the inauguration of a 24×7 store for generic medicines at a government-run hospital in eastern Maharashtra’s Chandrapur, which he represents in the Lok Sabha.

“The mayor came, the deputy mayor came but what stopped the doctors from coming for the event?” angry Ahir asked, noting the absence of senior doctors at the event.

“What do the Naxals want? They don’t want democracy… So these people (the absent doctors) don’t want democracy, then they should join the Naxals. Why are you here? Then (once you join the Naxals) we will pump you with bullets, why you are dispensing pills here?” Ahir said, punning on the Marathi word ‘goli’ — which means both a pill and a bullet.

“I am a minister chosen by democracy,” ANI quoted Ahir as saying. “Despite knowing about my arrival, what is the use of going on leave?”

He added: “If there is no faith in democracy, then join the Naxalite movement, we will shoot you. There is no need to distribute tablets here. Naxalism does not like democracy.”

Ahir wondered if it was appropriate for doctors to go on leave when a “democratically-elected” minister was on a visit.

Chandrapur is one of the four districts in Maharashtra which have been identified by the central government as affected by Left-Wing Extremism.

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  1. What prevented him to be doctor himself ??

  2. Third rate violent minded fellow…let us deal with such fellows…this same fellow went with folded hands begging for votes….now his attitude!!!!He will come back again begging!!!!!!

  3. user
    Dr.Gunvant Patel December 28, 2017, 5:55 am

    Democratically elected minister talks Fascist language.

  4. He expects Doctors to be present when he visits? Who the hell does he think he is? If he is democratically elected he must remember that the citizens of this country also have democratic rights which is the freedom of doing what is right. In this case, doctors did the right thing by not honoring an undeserving person like him.

  5. Who gave the right to the minister to shoot a naxal. If the doctor has a reason to go on leave, he is entitled to it.