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MP Central JDA letter to the Chief Minister

MP Central JDA letter to the Chief Minister


The Honorable Chief Minister,

Government of Madhya Pradesh,

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Bhopal, MP

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Subject: Regarding problems faced by junior residents in state govt. medical colleges and demands for alleviation of same.

Respected Sir,

With all due respect , this letter is being forwarded on behalf of all junior resident doctors are working tirelessly day and night  in various state-ruled government medical college to address inadvertent policies , mismanagement and  abysmal working conditions being prevalent and faced by them. Being the backbone of this health system, following are the various problems being faced by them on a regular basis in their professional and living environment:

1) There is constant deficiency of basic requirements in government medical colleges. Even things like life- saving drugs, IV fluids, antibiotics, dressing materials are not available in wards and OPDs which should be made available as a primary concern for the welfare of the patients. Majority of the instruments in ICU and operation theatres like ventilators, OT lights, OT tables etc are malfunctioning. Leaving all this, conditions are so much worse that basic medications for fever and pain are not available for poor patients. Being faced by such problems, these poor patients are helpless, because of which there are constant situations of quarrel between them and junior doctors, resulting in frequent incidents of vandalism.

2) Local authorities are being constantly intimated about the security lapses in the college and hospital campus but they do not seem to give justified concern to the situation. Basic reason for this is excessive no. of attendants with patients, lameness of security guards, inaction against the culprits of cases of hospital violence and false allegations being filed against junior doctors. Due to these concerns, even female juniors doctors do not feel safe in their working environment. Apart from this, there is no provision for life and accidental insurance for resident doctors in the campus.

3) Paucity of Clean drinking water and clean toilets are posing a dire threat to health and hygiene of Resident Doctors. Duty Rooms are in ruins hampering the comfort of on duty Residents. Working environment of female doctors is affected adversely by lack of privacy. No provision of 24 hour cafeteria through college authorities even on repeated intimations regarding need for same during 24 hour working environment.

4) Insufficient and inadequate hostel accommodations for residents in all state Medical Colleges are forcing them to stay in UG hostels or outside the campus. Dismal situation of cleanliness and hygiene of Hostels are evidenced by lack of clean lavatories and sanitation. Even common rooms are not present in hostels meant for recreation. No provision of Married/Couple Hostels for Married Residents.

5) Despite being the backbone of the state-run medical services, Junior Doctors (Residents as well Interns), have to work in oblivious conditions as evidenced by 80-90 clock hours of working per week whose efforts are ridiculed by a meager monthly stipend of 30-32 k and 6 k respectively which is way below what is being given elsewhere. There has been no increment in stipend since past three financial years. Also there has been no provision for Stipend during Maternity and medical leave which is unethical.

6) There are numerous faults and falls in the provision of Compulsory 1 year bond for State Medical Services after completion of MBBS or PG courses. This service period is not included in the tenure period required for In-Service quota that is 3 years. Meritorious students securing PG or Superspeciality Seats immediately after completion of MBBS or PG degree are required to present Bank Surety in the form of required bond amount (5 lakh and 10 lakh respectively) which is very difficult for students who belong to lower economic strata.


Taking into consideration the above mentioned problems Madhya Pradesh Central Junior Doctors’ Association suggests the following demands-

1) Provision of all basic medical amenities, drugs and apparatus in the wards, OPDs, and ICUs to provide better working environment for doctors and satisfaction to the patients.

2) Provision of well-equipped Smart Class Rooms, well stocked library, with internet connectivity, air-conditioned reading rooms, Wi-Fi connectivity across campus and institutional e-mail id to all students with access to reputed journals.

3) Medical and accidental insurance cover to all residents at the time of admission.

4) Strict adherence to ‘one patient-one attendant’ policy in Hospitals, formation of committees to review security situation with representation of JDA members in them and provision for immediate cancellation of security tender in case of any incident of security lapse.

5) Instruction for Police Department regarding prompt registration of FIR against antisocial elements in case of incidence of hospital violence under Doctors’ Protection Act and establishment of 24hrs police picket in all hospital campuses.

6) Increase in stipend with immediate effect to following figures-

SR/ Super-Speciality residents-56000

PG 3rd year – 54000

PG 2nd year-53000

PG 1st year- 52000

JR -48000



7) Provision of stipend during medical and maternity leave to all residents

8) Establishment of ‘couple/married hostels’ for all married residents and massive renovation of all existing hostels with appointment of PG students as assistant wardens

9) Provision of toilets and clean drinking water for all doctors in OPDs and Wards and sanctioning of exclusive budget for renovation of all doctor duty rooms

10) Establishment of 24 hrs canteen with reasonable pricing for residents and attendants of patients

11) Modifications in the rules to consider the 1 year bonded mandatory service period within the time period necessary to be eligible for ‘In-Service’ quota and immediate scrapping of the rule which mandates deposition of bond-money as bank guarantee for UGs/PGs selected for PG/SS Courses during bond period

12) Dismissal of all authorities who have been occupying the major administrative posts in all colleges/hospitals for more than 3 years for revamping of administrative machinery.

In anticipation of a prompt, justified and apt response within 7 days of the issuance of this letter violation of which will force the Madhya Pradesh Central Junior Doctors’ Association to call State-Wide Strike of Junior Doctors.


Thanking You.



Disclaimer: The views expressed in the above article are solely those of the author/agency in his/her private capacity and do not represent the views of Medical Dialogues.

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