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MP Medical Council opposes appointment of ISM practitioners to health posts

Bhopal: Sparking the age old debate of whether practitioners of Indian Systems of Medicine (ISM) can prescribe allopathic medicines, the Madhya Pradesh Medical Council has opposed the move of the state government to employ ISM practitioners in the health department.

Desperate to fill up the vacant health posts in rural areas of the state, the health department is reported  to have employed  some 724 ISM practitioners (700 Ayurveda and 24 Unani ) under its new policy as medical officers to prescribe allopathic medications. The move however, has not gone well with the apex body for allopathic practitioners in the state, which has questioned the validity of the appointments.

The Madhya Pradesh Medical Council (MPMC) has moreover, raised questions over the credibility of these doctors prescribing allopathic medicines to the patients. The state council has clearly stated that practitioners of the Indian system of medicine, under which the ayurvedic and unani doctors come, are not approved or registered by the MCI.

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“We have not registered the doctors and hence they cannot prescribe allopathic medication. A change in law is needed, but there is no state government notification for the same as of now,” an MPMC official told the TOI.

As a part of their preparation for the appointments at rural health posts, it is reported that these practitioners will first undertake a three month long training, which will include modules like prescription of antibiotics, procedures of modern medicine and treatment including delivery. On completion of the training, these doctors will then be employed to rural areas.

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  1. The politicians and appointing authorities of these practitioners who have allowed prescription of allopathic medications and conduct of procedures by these practitioners should be made liable to damages / compensation in case any claims arise. Also public getting treatment from such practitioners should be adequately informed that they are performing / prescribing without appropriate training.

  2. instead of improving career growth, working & living infra-structure for doctors in rural areas, these ministers with their smarter secretaries devise unique ways to endanger public health & gain political mileage. lets wait & watch for the results.

  3. Rather than promoting ism services to the community government is trying to mix pathy.

    The wwrk of donkey should be done by donkey only and the work of horse should be done by horse only.

  4. user
    Dr Ramesh Vardhan November 7, 2016, 10:45 am

    Probably It is the Hidden Agendas of the Government to SPOIL the Health status of the Society by promoting wrong means of treatment. So that people can suffer more , and to become slave to the system. Healthy , prosperous and educated population is more of a Liability to the Bad leaders. They prefer More and more Helpless CITIZENS than a Healthy population for their personal gain. These are tricks adopted by the Governments ALL acorss the world, and India is exception. If the Government thinks INDIANS system of is so good why can\’t they promote the same. Instead of Modern Medicines???. Don\’t mix and match ISM with that of Modern Medicines. It\’s is inducing Donkey\’s into Horse Racing.

  5. Donkeys? Doctor why donts you post yourself to rural areas and also tell your doctor friends to resign their jobs in the corporate hospitals and head to villages. A MBBS doctor who have targets to achieve and go abroad with family sponsored by the pharmaceutical companies is talking this language. Allopathic medicine has no cure for cancer and AIDS till date and for INFERTILITY they prescribe the ayurvedic drugs. We should think what we are talking. Everyone is right in their field. We should restraint from using such words.

  6. user
    Dr Ramesh Vardhan November 7, 2016, 2:19 pm

    Mr Kumar Swamy, I totally agree with you, the Doctors who have been graduated at cost of a TAX PAYER\’S MONEY from the Government Medical colleges & ASWEL from PVT colleges should be made to work for the benefit of the poor and needy patients. Due to stupid policies of the Government, these Doctors STEALTHILY run away from their responsibilities. The Government SPENDS close to core ( 10000000) Rupees in making a single MBBS DOCTOR. The Government should recover the money with interest for helping the CITIZENS of our state/ country.

  7. Unlimited shades of idiocy why don\’t allow every citizens to do medical practice as per wish .