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MS, HOD Gynae at Hindu Rao Hospital suspended, Doctors threaten Strike

MS, HOD Gynae at Hindu Rao Hospital suspended, Doctors threaten Strike

New Delhi: Two Senior Doctors associated with the Hindu Rao Hospital have been placed under suspension after the hospital reported the death of three newborns on Diwali night. The families allege that they lost their children who were born normal, to medical negligence on the part of the doctors.

Two of the three newborn are believed to have lost their lives due to intra-uterine complications, while the third death occurred as a result of the slowing of the heartbeat. One of the families who admitted to having faced two miscarriages earlier, said the mother had conceived after a long wait, reports DNA.

The Medical Superintendent Dr AK Goyal and the Head of Gynecology Department of the hospital, Dr Mala Shukla have been placed under suspension by the North Municipal Corporation Department, after listening to the allegations made by families of the newborn, who met with their deaths.A committee has been constituted to look into whether there was any negligence.

“Further action will be taken based on the committee report,” a senior municipal health official told Hindustan times.

“The mother of the third baby had already had two and had conceived using intra-uterine insemination. It was a precious baby. Usually, in such cases, the doctors perform a caesarean section in order to avoid any adverse happening. In this case, however, a c-section was not performed and the junior doctors had to handle the case at night, when there was no one for supervision,” an official told HT.

Meanwhile, doctors associated with the hospital have shown their objection to the suspension of senior doctors. DNA reports that the doctors at the hospital called a General Body Meeting (GBM) and threaten to go on strike

“There were two intra-uterine deaths in which a doctor really cannot do much and the other was a stillborn, which is again something not in a doctor’s hand. It is sad to know that the MS and HOD had to face the brunt,” Dr RR Gautam, President of the MCD consulting doctors’ union told DNA.

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  1. Suspending the doctors before proper enquiry clearly indicates the intention of senior authorities and Government to avoid serious review and action on all important issues and looking for a quick fix and easy scape goat to distract attention from their responsibility.

  2. One of d most common allegations on medical fraternity these days is unnecessary C-section just to earn money.
    Hope this case turns an eyeopener for common public. (I don\’t mean the death is due to vaginal trial but the fact that it\’s all about judgement based on particular patient response and scenario.)

  3. Nobody wants to know that in government hospitals , doctor s are working in pathetic conditions.everyone throws his complicated cases to sarkari hospital where doctors are working in scarce resources.staff is not sufficient.fascilities are not there.2-3 labouiing patients share one has even no space to move in between beds.there is so much chaos and notice that you can not properly examine a patient.why don\’t you see that thing first.caesarean is also not the answer of everything.doctos can not practice unethical by pressure of relatives

  4. Now a days it has become a common trend to hold a doctor as most irresponsible , negligent and responsible for all mishaps and casualties. Lodgoing an fir as early as possible and putting the so called irresponsible,negligent and sin committer behind the bars has become the first and foremost ideal duty of the police. People have developed a habit of blocking roads for roadside accidents and even in suicide cases by putting the dead body of deceased across the roads. Where we are heading to? Will the leadership shall ever peep into where they actually are taking the society?

  5. Why no senior doctor was available.
    Fir should be made against the hod and ms

  6. Mr vipin do you know the case do you decided that there was need for senior everything under our control.there are senior doctors available round the clock.juniors can call them as and when required.even a senior doctor can not do much in certain is not god.aisa hota to doctor ke ghar me koi death nahi hoti.

  7. user
    Dr Vikram Pratap October 23, 2017, 11:45 pm

    Rather, the health minister should be sacked. The chief minister and then the prime minister should be sacked. Have you seen a CEO, let\’s say Mukesh Ambani working at the reliance call centre at ningt?

  8. What is your proffesion ??
    Do you have any doctor in your family .??

    Ultimately PM is responsible for whole country . People like you can demand FIR against health minister/ home minister / prime minister.

    Tomorrow you will say army chief / defence minister should fight on front …