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MSc Graduates demand inclusion in Medical Council Of India Act

MSc Graduates demand inclusion in Medical Council Of India Act

New Delhi: With more and more states moving towards the implementation of the Clinical Establishments Act, a new issue has come to light with regards to its implementation. This time , the issue pertains to MSc graduates of science subjects including Biochemistry, and  Microbiology.  With the guidelines put forward by the Ministry of health and family welfare, under the ambit of clinical establishments act, these graduates would be removed from the ambit of  interpreting and signing diagnostic test reports in Microbiology and Biochemistry, something they claim should not be limited to doctors alone.

“We protest this unjust exclusion and demands that the National Council for Clinical Establishments modifies its guidelines to accommodate medical M.Sc degree (irrespective of Ph.D) as a qualification to interpret and sign diagnostic test reports in Microbiology and Biochemistry. We insist that laboratory practice is not the practice of medicine alone hence it should not be restricted to doctors alone,” said Sridhar Rao , president of National M.Sc. Medical Teachers’ Association (NMMTA) told Tribune .

Around 100 members of the NMMTA from across the country were seen protesting in the capital, demanding the inclusion of medical M.Sc. degree in the CEA and in the first schedule of the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 adds Tribune. The association has also written to the Health Minister JP Nadda to consider their demands.

DNA reports that NMMTA has asserted and claimed that MCI in 2005 had clarified that MSc (Medical Biochemistry) with or without PhD is entitled to independently sign a medical Biochemistry report in a clinical laboratory, and National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories has recognised MSc degree holders as signatories for laboratory reports. However, the rules under the Clinical Establishments act, demand the presence of a doctor registered/recognized with the state medical council and the Medical council of India

The union government enacted the Clinical Establishments (Registration and Regulation) Act, 2010, to register and regulate all clinical establishments. Subsequently, the National Council for Clinical Establishments was set up and the Clinical Establishments (Central Government) Rules were notified in 2012.

While ten states and six Union Territories, except Delhi, adopted the rules, they are being implemented in Rajasthan and Jharkhand as of now.

“The implementation of these rules in Rajasthan and Jharkhand recently is making post-graduates jittery across the country. There is widespread resentment among Medical M.Sc. post-graduates, whose concern is that hundreds of them will either lose jobs or be demoted to the role of laboratory technicians if the new rules are implemented by all the states. However, the Union Health Ministry is firm on its stand,” IANS quotes a statement from the NMMTA.

Medical MSc degree is awarded in the subjects of Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, Pharmacology or Microbiology.

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  1. पहली बात MSc मेडिकल में करना आप लोगों का नियमानुसार ग़लत है
    आप सबने B.Sc की , B. की बेसिक डिग्री है अगर आप सबने M.Sc. मेडिकल विषय में की है तो M.Sc. medical की master degree हुई

    अगर आपके पास किसी विषय की बेसिस डिग्री नहीं तो उस विषय में मास्टर डिग्री नहीं कर सकते ।
    उदाहरण के लिए B.Sc biology ग्रैजूएट फ़िज़िक्स में M.Sc नहीं कर सकता , B.Sc biology ग्रैजूएट मैथमैटिक में M.Sc नहीं कर सकते, B.A. ग्रैजूएट फ़िज़िक्स /मैथेमैटिक्स/केमिस्ट्री में M.Sc नहीं कर सकता , फिर मेडिकल के subjects इतने आसान कब से होगए जिसमें आप बिना बेसिक डिग्री के मास्टर डिग्री कर सकते हो ।
    जिसे किसी विषय का बेसिक ज्ञान ना हो वो इंसान उस विषय में मास्टर डिग्री कैसे कर सकता । मेडिकल की बेसिक डिग्री MBBS है और आपके ज्ञान के लिए बता दूँ Mbbs करना इतना आसान नहीं है अगर आसान होता तो आप भी कर लेते ( आप सबने भी एक बार नहीं Mbbs के लिए कई बार प्रयास किया होगा लेकिन नहीं कर पाए )
    अब जब आप किसी तरह से जिसे लैटरल एंट्री भी कह सकते है , से मेडिकल कॉलेजो में फ़ैकल्टी गए हो तो आप MBBS, MS/MD के ज्ञान और अनुभव की बराबरी भी करना चाहते हो ।
    जो करो वो ठीक है पर आप जनता के स्वास्थ्य से खिलवाड़ नहीं कर सकते ना ही आप मेडिकल स्टूडेंट्स के भविष्य से ।
    आज MCI ने एक बड़ी ग़लती पकड़ी है और उचित क़दम उठाया है जो जनता के स्वास्थ्य और मेडिकल स्टूडेंट्स के भविष्य के हित में है तो शोर क्यों ।
    बिना MCI recognised डिग्री , बिना Ragistration ( जबकि मेडिको के लिए दोनो ज़रूरी है एक पद के लिए दोहरे मापदंड नहीं हो सकते ) आप मेडिकल कॉलेजो में teacher बने बैठे हो ये भी ग़लत है MCI को इस पर भी तुरंत कार्यवाही करनी चाहिए ।

  2. abe gawar dna sequencing ki hai tune kabhi ………….maine ki hai …..aur tajurba bhi hai ……tu nepal se mbbs hai


  4. user
    Dr Anant Marathe July 5, 2017, 5:37 pm

    Medical M Sc is run by Govt medical colleges for more than 4 decades. They have to study all medical subjects and they have graduate level education with first calss in scince with all biology and chemistry subjects. They are dealing with the laboratory work in rspective subjects right from collection of specimens to interpretation of rsults. They also have to dissertation during their masters. With doctoral level degree, which is highest eduactional calibre that is confered and respected all over the world and they get a degree mentioning doctor of phylosophy in medical subject. They spend almost 7-8 years in medical college after graduation and its an ordeal to acquire the doctoral level calibre. Theyhave contribuated for years in development of lab medicine in this paraclinical subjects and develop even before MD in these subjects began. In my opinion one should respect the the calibre of every degree holder wether MD or Msc Ph d. Draw a line in their ability to work and the experiance. MCI should take some pains to understand disqualifying people who have played a pivotal role in upbringing of the subject.

  5. It is very unfortunate that in India we deliberately try to downgrade the quality to health by such orders, We have so highly efficient people who are Msc and are serving patients day and night with the quality service. They are followed by the state health depts and regular inspections was carried out to check the quality controls !! moreover MCI does\’t even know what all the so called MCI registered is doing
    Technically Msc person is much more qualified and expert to sign the reports , then is MBBS counter part. which doesn\’t have much tech exposure to the techniques used in the Diagnostics setup

    Once Again it is the fight for superiority since all the MCI are MBBS and they can to make MBBS important with illogical laws like that MBBS person can do Ultrasound . bizard
    hopefully GOI will awake before it will be too late

  6. user
    Dr Boinapalli sudhakar April 3, 2017, 10:41 am

    In MCI committee total assessors and drafting the rules are done by medical doctors so that why they are bias towards their degree. mostly MD in non clinical subjects bothered about their jobs security and incompetent to present scenario. in my days of Ph.D i had done night duties and day duties and sign the lab reports. my HOD is MD, Ph.D. she never biased the degree.the quality of reports also improved. signing the medical lab reports requires analytical mind but not completely by examination of patient and giving the investigation values. so my suggestion is to be competent

  7. user
    Dr. Devendra Niranjan April 2, 2017, 2:14 am

    The two courses, i.e. MSc and MD in Medical Microbiology can not be compared. They are entirely different. Their perview of clinical specimen is different. We as medical graduates and MD see that more in clin8cal orientation.
    In teaching the required clinical correlation and orientation is not guided by non medical teachers. Only medical teachers should be allowed to teach future medical graduates.