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MUSoc Celebrates its 25th year in INDIA

MUSoc Celebrates its 25th year in INDIA

MSUS, US ( Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Society) organised its 25th edition of MUSocConference at Taj Vivanta, Dwarka at New Delhi from 8th to 11 October 2015. This unique international conference marked 25 years of MUSoc, an conference that has been held in different parts of the world for the past 25 years and marks teaching of the technique of performing musculoskeletal ultrasound

Musculoskeletal ultrasound, or the ultrasound of bones and joints, while a popular technique used as an alternative to CT and MRI across the world, its still in the nascent stage of development in India. Explaining the importance of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound for the country, Musoc Organiser in India, Dr Nidhi Bhatnagar Said “  MSK USG technique is still very new to the country with only a handful of sonologists knowing how to perform this technique.  MUSOc coming to India, is quite a turning point in this situation. We have had more than 350 radiologists coming here from across the country to get a hands-on experience on how perform this technique.”

Talking about the response that was received at the conference, founding member of MUSoc, Michael A Dipietro, a renowned paediatric radiologist from the university of Michigan Said “ We are quite overwhelmed by the response that we have got from India both in terms of the number of participants  as well as the enthusiasm that they have shown towards learning this technique. I am sure this conference has given them a great opportunity as a starting point to learn and use this new technique.

The guest of honour at the conference was Dr BipinBatra, Director, National Board of Examinations. Talking about bringing MSK USG to the Indian curriculum he said, “ The development of MSK USG is a technical advancement that has taken place in the past 15 years. Having said that the applications of MSK USG have now grown so much that it can be transformed into a sub-speciality within the ambit of radiology. Its important to promote this technical advancement, and MUSoc has given a good starting point. We had world’s most renowned in the field of radiology both teaching and learning this technique. As National Board of Examinations, we are working closely with these international experts as well asMusculoskeletal ultrasound Academy to develop training guidelines, curriculum, accreditation toable to announce this as a formal program in the year 2016.”

 About Musoc

Musoc is an international conference held by Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Society, U.S once every year in a different country to teach the radiologists about the methodology of MSK USG (Musculoskeletal ultrasound) through the medium of conference, workshops and live demonstrations held on dummies. This year Musoc completed its 25 years with its conference held at delhi. Next year Musoc 2016 shall be held in IBidza Spain. You can get more details about musoc 2015 at

About Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

MSK USG is a the technique of using ultrasound on bones and joints to identify and diagnose a disease. A Viable and cheaper alternative to CT and MRI in many situations including emergencies, it is also helpful for diagnosis in many cases where CT and MRI are also not advisable. These include situations dealing with children, geriatric population, and where people are claustrophobic and hence where CT or MRI is not advisable. This technique is widely used in the west but due to lack of knowledge amoung the people and physicians and lack of knowledge of the technique amoung the radiologists is still not in mainstream radiology of the Indian sub-continent.

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