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National Coalition of Ethical Doctors demand Mass resignation at MCI

In an unprecedented move, a group of doctors have launched a national coalition to press for removal of the entire leadership of the Medical Council of India, alleging massive corruption and even demanded scrapping of the Indian Medical Council Act.

The move comes close on the heels of a Parliamentary panel report calling for revamping the MCI and the Supreme Court appointing a three-member Oversight Committee headed by ex-CJI R M Lodha to oversee functioning of the body, which regulates medical practice in the country, with regard to an entrance test.

The launch of the coalition preceded release of a book, ‘Dissenting Diagnosis’, which contains first person accounts of doctors about how patients are exploited in hospitals and laboratories in India authored by Dr Arun Gadre and Dr Abhay Shukla. The book was also launched on the occasion.The alliance was announced by Dr Abhay Shukla of Jan Swasthya Abhiyan (People’s Health Movement) at a press conference here which was also attended by representatives of a number of doctors’ bodies including Indian Doctors for Ethical Practice (IDEP) and SATHI. They alleged “massive corruption” in MCI.

The doctors termed as “worrying” the “silence” of the Health Ministry on the findings of the House panel. The coalition may draft a model Act if the government does not take any step in this regard, Shukla said.

Adopting a resolution demanding scrapping of the Indian Medical Council Act, the doctors said its provisions were lenient and that it should be replaced with a new law to check corruption in medical education and promote ethics in the medical profession.Commenting on the collusion between MCI and private medical colleges, Dr GS Grewal of Punjab Medical Council alleged it was common knowledge that some of the MCI members prefer “gold instead of cash” and overlook the concept of “ghost faculty”.

“The formation of the alliance is unprecedented. We have reached a stage where corruption in MCI and the medical world at large is bound to lead towards some major upheaval. The current MCI leadership looks like the proverbial three monkeys. It should immediately resign on moral grounds,” Shukla said.He said they had approached Health Minister J P Nadda to be a part of the National Consultation on Reform and Restructure of MCI. “We will again approach him and also the Prime Minister with these demands.”

Dr Jasodhara Dasgupta of Medico Friend Circle, another partner of the alliance, said the time was ripe for the government to take strong action against MCI which she said has failed to equip doctors to handle even primary health care issues.Dr Samiran Nundy, a senior surgeon, suggested that Britain’s General Medical Council could be a good model to follow in restructuring MCI    and that the body should have nominated members from the civil society. “Right now the regulatory system is being hijacked. They have absolutely no regard for medical ethics. That is why the reform should involve multiple stakeholders as any such initiative requires wider civil society participation,” Shukla said.


The network of “ethical” doctors received support of a group of MPs who asked them to prepare a on the alleged “massive corruption” in the body.

The move has found support from Members of Parliament including KC Tygai, Husain Dalwai and AV Swamy who extended their support in exposing alleged corruption in the medical body.

“We want you to prepare a white paper on the prevailing corruption in the Medical Council of India with all your questions and present it to the President. MCI has become an institution of exploitation and torture and it should be exposed,” Tyagi said.

He expressed hope that the matter will be taken up in the monsoon session of Parliament. “We assure you of our support in this fight in whatever ways we can. I hope when the matter comes up this monsoon session, we are able to demand MCI’s restructuring and bringing of a new law,” he said.

Dalwai, MP from Maharashtra, suggested launching one medical college in every district to meet the shortfall of doctors and surgeons in the country.

“Like we have one hospital at district level, there should also be one medical college in each and every district so that the increasing demand of doctors can be met. Poor people are suffering the most as they cannot go to big hospitals even as it is mandatory,” Dalwai said.

Source: PTI
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  1. If the Medical doctors are in short number then better give 6 months internship to dental surgeons and send them to work in rural areas. Some of the dental surgeons are serving at a salary of Rs.7500PM because they are too much in number and many dental colleges are closing.

  2. There is no shortage of doctors- for one post 4000 applications are received. Problem is inappropriate people are becoming doctors who will never go villages as there is shortage of support staff, no infrastructure, including water, electricity, transport etc, NO SECURITY and SAFETY and poor salary according to their investment/expenses of 1.5 Crore per MBBS are basic problems. Doctors are plenty and in city work for even 5-15 K

  3. it is desprate effort of IAS lobby to poke their nose in medical profession. from where this statement came that doctors are unable to give primary care. what is proof. they are talking like layman. if any doctor is culprit punish him. if u are not satisfied with quality of doctors then MAKE provision for exit exam. from where this civil society members term came

  4. if there is shortfall of doctors in country then why there is no recruitment in last 2 years in any state to fill posts on regular basis. by opening one medical college in every distt these beurocrates want to destroy medical profession like they have done to engineering and management.

  5. very true, real fact. I agree there is no shortage, otherwise why even ask for applications/advertisement. It is to create black money by black brains of black sheep through black hand

  6. There is absolutely no shortage of doctors in urban areas,its only in rural areas.The doctors in urban area are too many hence they are employed as bandhua labour on fixed amount.

  7. Urban or rural, medical faculties have to be employed on regular basis and there shouldn’t be unnecessary transfers, especially during inspection. State governments have a bigger and bold role to play here.