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Cabinet Approval: National Medical Commission to Replace MCI, NEXT to become reality

Cabinet Approval: National Medical Commission to Replace MCI, NEXT to become reality

New Delhi: The country is soon going to get a new apex medical regulator as the Cabinet today gave its nod to the bill calling for the replacement of the Medical Council of India with a new regulator, National Medical Commission

It is reported that the Cabinet with its meeting held today has given its approval to the National Medical Commission bill, 2017 which calls for the replacement of the Medical Council of India. The move comes in followup of the health ministry sending the bill after finalization in the month of October 2017 after incorporating certain changes including the number of elected members versus nominated members in the said Commission as well as appointment of the government as a second appellate authority in case disputes arise.

As per protocol, the bill will now be tabled in the Parliament to get it cleared at both the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha. Alternatively, in certain cases, a bill is also brought in by the ordinance route. It remains to be seen what will happen next

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Medical Dialogues team had earlier reported that the draft bill had been put forward on 2016 after recommendations were made by a Niti Aayog Committee to bring overhaul in the medical education sector by replacing the Medical Council of India with a more transparent body of National Medical Commission.

As the name suggests, the bill calls for the scrapping of  MCI  and creation of a NATIONAL MEDICAL COMMISSION to be the apex policy-making body for regulating medical education in the country, which through the functioning of its four constituents boards will regulate the medical sector.  Besides this, a new Institutional Architecture for Regulation had been suggested in the bill with a Medical Advisory Council (MAC) having representation from the States and Union Territories (UTs) to articulate the national agenda for medical education.

The bill had faced objections from many in the medical community, as it proposed NEXT  ie National Exit Test for MBBS students passing out of government as well as private colleges to address concerns over the standard of medical education in the country. However, no changes were made in the bill in this regard

More details to follow….

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  1. This kind of bill is a death sentence for the existing demarcation between hard working MBBS doctors and the not so meritorious AYUSH doctors who wanted to become allopaths. Government should invite top medical brains and have a brain storming session before approving this. The consent by the parliament is unfortunate. Private colleges will thrive. People who send their kids abroad for medical education since they could not get thru NEET in India will be happy. The system instead of becoming better is gong from worse to worst.
    God Help this country

  2. user
    Professor Paras Nath January 1, 2018, 9:52 am

    MCI is one of the most corrupt organization. The Government has made a very good decision. Currently lot of Doctors have become very much corrupt. They have lost their ethical values and majority of them are only after money. Government must open more medical colleges and aloow allow MBBS graduates who have completed their degrees from foreign countries like Russia, China, Phillippines, Ukraine and also many others. Many of these countries are developed countries and Doctors are doing very well. Our country is facing lot of health related problems and the MBBS doctors are looting the patients. I am aware that these doctors dispose the patients within 3-5 minutes and prescribe lot of medicine of their desired company who bribe them. They have settings with diagnostic centres and recommend so many tests only for the commission. Many times even the tests are not done and false reports are given. We need lot of doctors and we have to enforce ethical values among the doctors so that patients get good service. I appreciate the government move to recognize foreign MBBS degree holders to practice in India.


    \’\’\’\”We can not put our lives at risk in the hands of Quacks produced from the Rubbish Indian Private medical colleges \”
    \”Very Good Decision by the Central Government… to replace India\’\’\’\’\’\’\’\’s most most most corrupted regulatory body… MCI…. NEXT (an MBBS exit exam) must be implemented compulsory from the next year to control the production of Quacks doctors from the rubbish Indian private medical colleges which do not have any medical teaching, laboratory, Infrastructures or hospital facilities to give to the medical graduates …..As the Quacks doctors products from this rubbish money minting private medical colleges even do not know how to measure the B. P….. In all Indian private medical colleges the dull and unmeritorious students get an admission every year just on the basis of their parents money…do not even know how to give an intravenous injection……The MODI Government must stop all these nuesence by introducing NEXT… as early as possible….NEXT is an effective tool for the evaluation of the medical graduates as well as the colleges…..Dr. Suraj Patel… \”\’\’\’

  4. Exit exam is only for m b b s doctors , where as bunkam AYUSH fellows can practice modren medicine openly with restrictions ,what a shame .It is a shame that pple like baba Rama dev and pple like him most ignorant fellows of modren medicine conspiring to finish modren medicine fully supported by r s s forces .I M A wake up for future generations and future medical education in India . Iam worried .

  5. If changing the name can change the system many good things would have happened.
    All are thinking MCI is corrupt which is not,its the people who may be corrupt so why scrap MCI.
    If government is corrupt do we abolish the government NO we change the people handling the government same way change the people who are corrupt.
    Improve upon the policies , bring transparency that is the need of hour.
    if there is no yearly inspections ,no rules to regulate admission of PGs and increase in seats its like playing into the hands of private establishments .