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Neurologists stress on Golden Hour Management in stroke

Neurologists stress on Golden Hour Management in stroke

The 65th Annual Conference of Neurological Society of India (NSI) culminated with an interesting and informative Panel Discussion on “Golden Hour”. The panel consisting of Mr. Harish Manian, ‎Chief Operating Officer, Continental Hospitals, Actress Radikaa Sarathkumar, Dr. K. Sridhar, Director, Neurosciences and Spine Disorders at Global Hospitals, Dr. K. Bhanu, Neurologist, Dr. Mehta Hospital and Dr. V. P. Singh, Secretary, Neurological Society of India, discussed the importance of time when it comes to treating patients suffering from Brain Injury. The conversation proved to be educative to the common man on elucidating points to have in mind when an emergency arises regarding stroke or a head injury, which would eventually lead to brain damage. General public and school students also witnessed the discussion.

Dr. K. Sridhar explained that usually when a person suffers a heart attack they mostly get quite distinctive symptoms life profuse sweating and immense pain in the chest. When it comes to stroke though, the symptoms are sometimes mistaken for temporary pain and ignored.

According to Dr. Bhanu, people usually get a shooting pain in their arm or suddenly feel it go numb, they tend to think that it is just a temporary pain and it will pass. She says “Even it is just a short doctor visit and not a stroke, it is good. But in case it is, there is a good chance there can be a full recovery due to medical help.”

Mr. Harish Manian pointed out that “Since 80 percent healthcare are private healthcare, corporate hospitals get caught up in the payment for the treatment. They value money more than the life of the patient.” To bring change in the society, his hospital and many other hospitals concentrates on stabilising the patient first and then talk about the money.

“The most important thing is spreading awareness among people”, adds Dr. V.P. Singh. Even if there is a slight doubt that the person is having stroke, the first thing to do is seek medical help.

The neurologists said that if a patient is rushed into the hospital immediately after the stroke, in that ‘golden hour’ then they can ensure that the patient can get back to their normal self soon.

Some key points shared:

* First the breathing and BP of the patient to be checked and maintained.

* Rush to the nearby Hospital without taking any chance

* Shift the patient to Specialised Critical Care ASAP

* Must remember FAST: Facial drooping, Arm weakness, Speech difficulties and Time. If a person suffers from the first three symptoms, it can be stroke and time should not be wasted any further; patient to be hurried immediately to Hospital.

* For each minute delayed after stroke/head injury caused by accidents, millions of neurons (brain cells) die, deprived of oxygen. This may eventually lead to brain death.

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