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New Delhi: 10,000 Resident Doctors take to Streets to Protest against National Medical Commission Bill

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New Delhi: 10,000 Resident Doctors take to Streets to Protest against National Medical Commission Bill

New Delhi: 10,000 Resident doctors from various government hospitals in Delhi, were seen marching across the capital to take out protest march against the National Medical Commission Bill

Resident doctors from across Delhi hospitals including  Delhi-AIIMS, Safdarjung Hospital, Lady Harding Medical College as well as outside Delhi hospitals such as  PGI Chandigarh and Aligarh Muslim University along with several other organisations today took out a protest march against the National Medical Commission Bill.The march was held from AIIMS to the Parliament House and over 10,000 doctors staged a protest opposing various provisions of the Bill that seeks to replace the Medical Council of India (MCI) with a new body.

Doctors were seen gathering in high numbers to take part in the march and show their resentment to many provisions of the bill including those that call for National Licentiate Exam and bridge course. Doctors, in particular, are opposing Bill’s proposal of allowing practitioners of alternative medicines, such as homoeopathy and ayurveda, practise allopathy after completing a “bridge course”.

FORDA, and AIIMS Resident Doctors Association (RDA) termed the bill as “anti-poor”, “anti-people” and “unacceptable” to doctors and medical students in its present form.The Bill also proposes a common entrance exam and licentiate (exit) exam which all medical graduates will have to clear to get practising licences.The doctors have written to both the Health Ministry and the parliamentary committee to “remove” these clauses.

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The Bill was referred to the Parliamentary Select Committee, following protests by doctors from across the country. Doctors claimed that the proposed legislation would “cripple” the functioning of medical professionals by making them completely answerable to the bureaucracy and non-medical administrators.

Heavy police personnel surrounded as the doctors pursued their march. They were stopped at INA Metro Station, where the police detained many doctors.


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  1. All these imbroglio happened only because govt had not done its home work properly.The action of the govt was perceived by allopathic streams as a trespass in their domain, an imposition.Govt should have been democratic in its approach.Why MCI agreed for bridge course for BDS graduates & why not for AYUSH ?If the same proposal would have come from MCI & IMA things would have been different.Some basic points where govt action got embroiled are follows :
    (a) The decision of the govt is more political & bureaucratic than professional.
    (b) The EXIT exam is most unwanted.This type of action will even create a sense of insecurity in the mind of students
    (c) The constitution of the new Medical commission is not rational & lacks logic.The highest policy making body must be professionally managed & can\’t be ruled by bureaucrats or politicians.This sort of action will deteriorate governance of health care system.It is vague to cite instances of corruption,which govt organisation is free from corruption?Rather the organisation ruled by politicians or bureaucrats are most corrupt.

    It is a fact that country needs huge number of doctors.It is also a fact that most of the doctors do not want to go to rural areas.Even if govt opens new medical colleges,it will take a very long time to get doctors where as now it is an is quite natural that allopathic doctors will find the induction of AYUSH doctors as a threatening to their self interest.Practice of allopathy by AYUSH doctors is certainly dangerous as side effect of allopathic medicine is fatal.Even many experts from AYUSH family do not want the proposal favourable.It may even damage AYUSH to some extent.Hence following few points may be useful : –

    (a) Govt should not take it a prestige issue.It should refer the matter to health care professionals of all streams.
    (b) Concept of EXIT should be formulated in a different manner.The final decision in this regard should be left to medical experts.
    (c) The constitution of the new commission should be professional one with transparency.
    (d) AYUSH doctors should be given courses on allopathy but their area must be clearly demarcated.Like wise allopathy doctors should be given courses on different streams.In this regard final decision should come from medical fraternity.
    (e) Students should get only one chance for MBBS entrance.Coached students do well in the exam where as really meritorious & poor students remain behind.There are students who waste even four to five years just in preparation.Youth in the age of 20 to 28 remain most energetic both physically & mentally & if some one loses this time,it is a national wastage.
    (f) Govt spends huge amount in medical education.All medical education should be self finance with Bank loan provisions.hence govt will get doctors as per its requirement.

    Parliament & govt are all powerful & can take any decision.But at the same time govt must realise that the things which can be done in an amicable & smooth manner,why to go for a confrontation?Why should there be any ill feeling or confrontation among doctors of different medical fraternity? If the intention of the govt is noble,it will get wholehearted support & blessings of all. At the same time doctors of one stream should not give filthy comments on other streams.It is a govt decision & not individual decision.Difference of opinions will be there,criticism will be there.Confrontation is a good as it gives rise to different ideas & innovation.But one must be prudent,rationale & civil in his approach.

  2. politicians can stoop to any level – we cant imagine- bridge to whom ? not to MBBS but bridge to death !
    please let us all unite and voice our opinion-

  3. Resident doctors have very right to protast against bridge course and attempting to tamper with MBBS syllabus in the name so called integrated medical course. Ayush fellows always spoke against modren medicine , now they want bridge course to practice modren medicine. SHAME . What is validation of their the so called system. Their mindset is bunkam and their system is bunkam .Let them mind their systems or else let them go home and SLEEP .

  4. For all those homeopaths/ayurved who are supporting bridge course…….It shows how much respect you have for your own profession…Don\’t you trust your own medicines can cure diseases…..Instead of demanding a shortcut to get into another profession there is still a way to get into mbbs….Plz give neet exam and qualify and practise with dignity……..Or better prove yourself in your own field…..

  5. Don\’t dream high….. Do the best u can do…..atleast save your dignity

  6. They can\’t prove themselves otherwise they would have been medicine….. Why not the Govt update their courses rather making a mixture of courses which is going to serve no one

  7. Whenever comes change, some protests are opt to be there. But I think government should be bold and implement this bill as it is people friendly.Would increase availability of qualified medical professionals to the rural via Ayush, increase availability of specialists via DNB equivalence and increase the number of undergraduate and postgraduate seats.

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