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New Delhi: AIIMS gives 2018 date for brain tumour surgery, HC send notice

New Delhi: AIIMS gives 2018 date for brain tumour surgery, HC send notice

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court today observed that AIIMS can utilise the beds reserved for poor people in private hospitals by referring patients to them so that people do not have to wait for long to be treated.

The court was referring to those private hospitals which were given land on throwaway prices with the condition to keep 10 per cent in-patient and 25 per cent out-patient facility for economically weaker section (EWS).

AIIMS can utilise the beds reserved for EWS in private hospitals on government land. It can refer patients to them,” Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva said while hearing a plea for speedy and free treatment of a woman suffering from brain tumour whose surgery was fixed in August 2018 by the medical institute.

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The court issued notice to the Centre, the Delhi government and All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) seeking their reply on the plea of the 45-year-old woman who has alleged that the institute said her surgery can be scheduled in December 2016 if she opts for a private ward which would cost around Rs 1.25 lakh.

Justice Sachdeva also observed that there was a need for long-term guidelines to address the issue so that other patients, like the petitioner, would also benefit.

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In the petition filed through advocate Ashok Aggarwal, the woman has said that she has been diagnosed with meningioma, a kind of tumour that forms on the membranes covering brain and spinal cord.

“The tumour, if above the size of 2.5 cm, may cause severe morbidity and may be fatal. The primary treatment of malignant meningioma is the removal of the tumour by brain surgery or by administration of radiotherapy,” her plea has said.

The petition has also said, “The tumour in the case of petitioner is about 5.5(TR) X 4.9 (AP) X 405 (CC) cm and same is malignant as evident from the MRI report. It has caused severe morbidity to the petitioner.

“The condition of the patient is deteriorating day by day showing worsened symptoms of continuous headache, vertigo, inability to stand and walk, often falling unconscious, severe weakness and pain in the whole body. She is unable to drink and eat and is suffering from fever regularly.”

She has contended that she was “sure to die within a few months and would not survive till the said date of August 19, 2018 given (by AIIMS) for the brain surgery unless some miracle happens”.


Source: PTI
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  1. Popular explosion has to be checked.
    Upto how long, government can expand services.
    Think for 2050.

  2. This is unacceptable. Heads should be rolling.

  3. It\’s unfortunate that government health sector in India is either overcrowded or ill equipped to handle complicated cases. Waiting period of 2 years for a tumor is unacceptable by any standard. Same yard stick should apply for the judiciary also. Poor and marginalized will never get a early hearing and many of them might have bankrupted or died before the delivery of so called justice. Whereas rich and powerful get hearing, bail and suspension of sentence with in minutes.
    To help common man judiciary should open few courts 24×7 just like government hospitals , so that they can fast track the cases which needs urgent attention

  4. A considered opinion is taken and a date when the beds are likely to fall vacant is estimated, depending on the patients condition. How can a premier institute refer the case to a hospital with lower competencies, and cause the patient significant costs for having a treatment that is practically free with them?

  5. Gov\’t gives land to corporates at throw away prices and then forget to implement their promise of treating poor patients

  6. user
    Dr. N.C.Gandhi. August 14, 2016, 5:25 pm

    Status of all the Govt. Medical college hospitals/hospitals of whole country should be monitored by a system so that this type of emergency may be referred to another hospital having same facility (medical) and having seat available there; may be in other state , so that this type of harassment is not repeated .Pt . may be referred there.Most experienced and expert doctors may watch and guide it by video conferencing .

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