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New Delhi: Doctors on mass leave, private practitioners to join in

New Delhi: Doctors on mass leave, private practitioners to join in

Different Geographies, same plight 

New Delhi:  15000 resident doctors across 40 government Hospitals in Delhi, called a mass leave today from 9am-4pm, showing solidarity with their 4000 counterparts in Maharashtra, who are demanding adequate protection at workplace so that doctors can work with out fear.

While emergencies were working, OPDs of these 40 hospitals apart from AIIMS, New Delhi remained shut as doctors gathered outside in the respective compounds of the hospitals, protesting to show that the issue of violence has become the one of utmost importance in a medico’s life.

Touching a Raw Nerve

The move of the protest across the states has marked the growing solidarity between medical profession, while also showing how one particular issue has been plaguing the medical practitioners alike, even though they are spread far away by geography.  Estimates given by the Indian Medical Association showed that 75% of medical practitioners in the country had witnessed some form of violence during their course of practice.

Speaking to Medical Dialogues team, Dr Durga Shankar Meena, Vice President, FORDA, said, ” We show full solidarity with the resident doctors protest in Maharashtra. Moreover,  I would like to add, that its not about doctors in Maharashtra or Delhi, the issue of violence has become an epidemic across all government hospitals in the country. No matter which state or city or hospital we take, the instances of violence are only increasing. Government has failed to provide adequate infrastructure to meet the growing demand of the population and its the resident doctors who face the angry wrath of the patients, as if its our fault. The least that government can do is provide adequate protection to its doctors, otherwise no doctor would join government services in the future.”

Genuine Demands, No Action

This is not the first time that government doctors have demanded protection. This is also not the first time that they have taken extreme measures to make their point. Across the various strikes over the past few years, government has always come out in acknowledgement of the issue, promising future action and increased protection.  However, the issue ( and action) soon dies down, till another violent attack which restarts the circle.

Solution- Uniform Law, Uniform Implementation

There are many laws in place dealing with the issue of violence against medical personnel as well as protection of hospital property and personnel, however, there are state specific acts and indeed, lack in implementation as is evident with the rising instances of doctors being beaten up. Currently around 18 states across the country already have such laws in place. A central government formed committee had suggested that there be a central act, applicable pan India that is in line with the various state laws to ensure addressal of the issue at a growing level.

“Till date, despite innumerable instances of violence, no conviction has taken place of the culprits. We have been repeatedly demanding a central law on the issue of violence against doctors. We have also been demanding that violent acts against doctors be made a non-bailable offence and punishment be enhanced under the said law. We hope that the government will address this issue at the earliest both in letter as well as in spirit.” said Dr Pankaj Solanki, President FORDA

Private Practitioners to JOIN in

The mass leave of the doctors will not just be limited to government hospitals, as Delhi Medical Association in support of the protest of Maharashtra Doctors has announced that all its members, including doctors working at private hospitals, nursing homes and even having their clinics would refrain from going to work. Announcing the its members would not do any OPD tomorrow ( emergency, IPD still on), Delhi Medical Association President Dr Rakesh Gupta said, ” The incidence of assault on doctors is rising day by day. These instances are occurring both in government as well as Private institutions. In the grab of expressing dissatisfaction regarding the medical services, patients and or relatives resort to taking law into their own hands and indulge in assault, rampage and vandalism. We strongly support the resident doctors who have been victims of such assaults in the past and as a announce that no OPD will be done by our members tomorrow”

40,000 doctors in Maharashtra and 15000 doctors in Delhi are on Mass leave opposing the rising instances of violence against doctors and demanding increased protection from the government 

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  1. user
    Dr Ramesh Vardhan March 24, 2017, 1:50 pm

    TRUTH IS BITTER . WHEN IT COMES TO CLEANING UP PROGRAMS LIKE SWATCH BHARTH ABHIYAN. CONTROL OF POLLUTION OF GANGA, GOVERNMENT implements strict rules. When it comes to implications of rules to stop assault against the Doctors , different states have different rules , that too on the Papers. When it comes to safety and Security of CITIZENS of our country ,Even the beggar , destitute and criminal and racists , antisocials, Antinational are given the protection. When it comes to giving protection to life savings DOCTORS , specially those dealing with Dying emergencies that too in a ill equipped , over crowded , over burdened, under Staffed casualty with variety of cases starting from poisoning, Burns, Respiratory , Renal, cardiac , Brain injuries , Broken Bones, Bleeding wounds, At times Liver and splenic rupture and FRACTURES of the long bones, pelvis , Rib cage, and with Shattered Face and Skull Bones with signs of life , even the Macho Khans, Kapoors, and Mahabali, and Babhubali are more likely to shit bricks at very scene. It is not like Getting baby by some fishy endeavour / easily got money nor GIVING orders sitting in a comfortable SEAT at highest position in a court banging the wooden hammer on the table shouting like a school teacher. When it comes to simple Judgement it takes YEARS, MOST OFTEN after the Death . Our Judiciary is so bad , even a tiny country like Portugal doesn\’t trust our Judges decisions. Portugal was reluctant to extradict Abu Salim who was involved 1991 Bombay serial Blast , which killed ruthlessly thousands of innocent civilians . After hard discussion from our GOVERNMENT some how he was sent to India, by the time the Judgement is Delivered Abu Salim become Aab nahire Salim, budda Hoko,une jail meche margaya. Look at Kasab\’s case and AMOUNT of money spent on his Biriani bills? ? ? . In case Amma the Judgement was given after her death. MILLIONS cases are pending and the File Flooded with Dust, tiny ? silver fish relishing the paper files. And the poor peon coughing heavily each time he carries those Dusty files, only to hear the case is Adjourned. Tarik, pe Tarik, Tarik pe Tarik………till someone Dies and Beyond. It SEEMS in some instances someone occupied the position of a Judge even without attending a single class by passing Law degree as external / evening college student. And some other have even retired without having given any Judgement. When it comes to working pattern for them it\’s 5 day week , with General holidays , summer vacations, strikes and Bunds starting from Banana seller to Bachelors of law, commerce and Arts students , then by the Sangh\’s, Sena, and samastha, so on so forth. Let me say something before my closing note \’\”. \” JUSTICE DELAYED JUSTICE DENIED \” which is done millions of times in our country , with loss of billions to the common Man turning him into a Beggar. There is a saying in Kannada \” The one who has won the case is lost , the one who loses is DEAD.

  2. The public produces children,makes arrangement even for the dowry but does not think it necessary to go for health insurance like in civilised countries..the public feels that somebody should pay for their health…they are a frustrated lot….the government gives last priority to health,so the public does not get good care and this increases their frustration….so just like they burn buses in insanity,they damage property and vandalise in hospitals…Let everybody be very clear…people should prepare to pay for their health…nowadays even for passing urine in toilets is a paid service..
    Affordability is less as half the population is loitering on the streets…
    Doctors pass through all exams in competition as they have higher IQ,are more hardworking and are most honest in majority as with their abilities they can earn enough….the least intelligent take up government jobs or law…pity their fate that they have to resort to corruption for their survivial
    In future,better to buy a gun and license and shoot at anybody who resorts to voilence with an intent to cause grevious injury…Right for Self defence is provided by law…
    Charge the cost as security tax to the consumer……Doctors should protect themselves and should not depend on government or judiciary….(God help them for their sins of corruption)

  3. if you want to gain something stop emergency.only then every one will feel pinch of it.

  4. The initial motivation for this strike is
    The strike done on amendments in PCPNDT Act which is like 1857 revolt.

    But the amendments in PCPNDT Act remains stand still when will the amendments occur its 2yrs since various short strikes
    Now I think govt is pressing the doctors to strike at pan India level.

  5. None care when we have to pay in crores to get a PG seat and later people talk about service and for serving needy you get beaten up. Is this fair ?