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New Delhi: Pay Minimum Rs 20,000 salary to Nurses, Private hospitals told

New Delhi: Pay Minimum Rs 20,000 salary to Nurses, Private hospitals told

New Delhi : Private hospitals will have to pay a minimum salary of Rs 20,000 to nurses, a new government notification has directed.

The order was issued by the Director General Health Services, Govt of NCT of Delhi in compliance with the recommendations that were put forward by the GOI committee as well as another Delhi Govt Committee.

Medical Dialogues team had earlier reported that nurses, under the umbrella of the Trained Nurses Association of India had approached the Supreme Court demanding proper working conditions as well as salary at par with the government nurses.

With reference to directions of hon’ble Supreme Court of India in the matter, an expert committee was constituted by the Ministry of Health and and Family welfare, GOI that submitted a report along with recommendations on  salary and  working conditions of nurses in private nursing homes/ hospitals.

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Committee examined all information collected from various states, AIGNF and TNAI and felt that adequate salary and basic facilities are not provided to nurses employed in private hospitals/nursing homes. “Their pay and working conditions is really pathetic and some steps are required to be taken to uplift the standard of working conditions in respect of nurses,” the committee noted

After deliberations and discussions, the committee has made the following recommendations.

  1. Salary
  • Is case of  more than  200 bedded hospitals, salary given to private nurses should be at par with the salary of state government nurses given in the concerned state/UT for their similar corresponding grade
  • In case of more than 100 bedded hospitals, salary given to private nurses should not be more than 10% less in comparison of the salary of state government nurses given in the concerned state/UT of the similar corresponding grade
  • In case of 50-100 bedded hospitals, salary given to private nurses should not be more than 25% less in comparison of the salary of the state government Nurses given in the concerned state/UT for similar corresponding grade
  • Salary given to private nurses should not be less than Rs 20,000/- pm in any case even for <50 bedded hospital.

    2. Working conditions:

  • Working conditions viz leaves, working hours, medical facilities, transportation, accommodation, etc given to nurses should be at par with the benefits granted to state Government nurses working in the concerned state/UT.

3. Steps should be taken by all states/UTS for formulating legislation/ guidelines to be adapted for implementation of the above recommendations in case of nurses working in private hospital/ institutions.

It is reported that these recommendations were forwarded to all the states to formulate a legislation/ guidelines. Thereafter, another writ petition was filed in the hon’ble Delhi High court seeking directions regarding compliance of the  Apex court judgement.

Another committee was constituted by an order issued by DGHS (supervising authority of nursing homes). Govt of NCT of Delhi, dated 04/07/2017 to look into the issues related to implementation of the recommendation of the expert committee and submit its Report.

Seeking compliance of the, the DGHS, Govt of NCT has now issued order seeking full compliance of the order, within three months . In particular, the order stated

In view of the Above, all hospitals/ nursing homes are hereby directed to comply with the recommendations of the expert committee constituted  in the compliance of the Hon’ble Apex court judgement .

.. And submit the compliance report to the undersigned within three months from the issue of this order. Failure of compliance of the above mentioned order shall be viewed seriously and strict action including cancellation of the registration in R/O of defaulter private Hospital/nursing home shall be initiated by the undersigned.

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  1. Systematic attack on small nursing homes… Firstly restricting tye upper price limits to meagre which will be very difficult if high standards have to be maintained, then minimum salary issues, then lots of heavy rules and regulations…

    Does it look like its a systematic way to close down the neighbourhood freindly nursing homes and indirectly support big corporate hospitals….

    Ultimately ppl wont realise it but the profit makers will be big corporate hospitals who will pay meagre to doctors and pocket all money…

    Also instead of correcting their failures bcoz health is a govt responsibility, its passing onus to pvt hospitals…

    Its neccesary to curb the malpractices, to have a bit of price regulations, but then strangulating it is not a right answer.

    Take good decisions like stent price capping, price capping in other things…

    God knows what else will come up…

  2. user
    Dr.Potluri Gangadhara rao July 9, 2018, 5:27 pm

    Good God
    Multipronged attacks on qualified private practitioners entangling the private clinical establishments compelling them ti closure of many in the near future.
    CAN THE GOVERNMENT. HANDLE the healthcare on its own.Creating a vacume in the health sector to be occupied by unqualified practitioners in the primary healthcare and skyrocketing prices of corporate for secondary and tertiary healthcare.VERY VERY UNFORTUNATE DEVELOPMENT in healthcare system in INDIA

  3. Recently saw the advt. of Punjab Govt to hire medical officers @ consolidated salary of 18000pm. It seems the govt is deliberately denigrating medical profession….

  4. Rs. 18000/- ???
    Too much ..Many hospitals are offering 12000/- and if they don\’t find an MBBS they will manage with BAMS/BHMS…!!!

  5. Let govt hospitals get accreditation of NABH and above and then let them pay this minimum wages to their nurses, then this rule can be implemented across the country.
    Govt hospital\’s might never be able to implement accreditation hence this rule will go away as other.

  6. Private sector passing through crucial phase specially small neighbourhood hospitals. The cost of establishment and maintenance has significantly increased in last decade. The Govt in no manner providing any support to such establishments who are struggling to keep their setups updated with endless directions from endless authorities to comply with endless weird decisions. They want to finish this sector by asking you to spend and spend and do charity when at receiving end…No other profession ( yeah schools also these days ) or business houses are directed with ceiling on their charges specially, law, IT sector , real estate etc . When already minimum wages Act is applicable to all business and professions , why this special discrimination. Why dont the govt poke their nose in their Govt Hospitals and hospitals whom they have given land at rate of peanuts…