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NMC Bill in present form is anti-poor: IMA to Parliamentary panel

NMC Bill in present form is anti-poor: IMA to Parliamentary panel

New Delhi: The Indian Medical Association presented its views before a parliamentary panel over the National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill and alleged that the proposed legislation will be beneficial to the rich and will hurt the poor.

The bill, which seeks to replace the Medical Council of India (MCI) — the apex medical education regulator — with a new body, to ensure transparency, was introduced in the Lok Sabha in December last year.

It was later referred to a parliamentary panel, following protests by doctors across the country.

Appearing before the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health which is examining the bill, IMA representatives strongly opposed the proposed legislation in its present form and reiterated that it would cripple the medical profession.

It claimed that the bill is anti-poor and pro-rich, as it proposes that the government can fix fee for only 40 percent of the seats in private medical colleges.

The bill proposes constitution of four autonomous boards entrusted with conducting undergraduate and postgraduate education, assessment and rating of medical institutions and registration of practitioners under the National Medical Commission.

The commission will have a government-nominated chairman and members, and the board members will be selected by a search committee under the Cabinet Secretary, it says.

The medical fraternity is opposing the clause fearing the body would effectively be run by the government.

The bill also proposes allowing practitioners of alternative medicines, such as homeopathy and Ayurveda, practice allopathy after completing a “bridge course”.

Medical Dialogues team had earlier reported that medical professionals across the country have now got a golden opportunity to present their viewpoints on the bill as the Standing Committee of the Parliament to whom the bill had been referred, has now invited comments from the public.

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Source: PTI
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  1. Look who is talking…

  2. चोर चोर मौसेरे भाई ?? IMA and pro poor, what a joke. These IMA guys are really comedians, and nobody really looks at them as a fair honest organisation.They have lost their credibility.

  3. First of all the point is how to remove corruption from health care system. Now in India, the corruption is deeply rooted in all organisation/systems. Now if MCI & IMA keeps charge of medical system, corruption is not ruled out, Even NMC takes charge then also it is unsure corruption is avoided. It is better to have MCI and IMA continue ,with directed stringent policies from Govt ,laid on them.
    Govt must make sure to produce enough Allopathic doctors to meet rural demands. If allopathy doctors are insufficient in numbers, second choice must be given to dentists to look after rural care. Dentists have studied similar subjects of medical doctors for almost first three years of UG medical programme. Also dentistry is part of allopathy medical practices. Even dentists study allopathic medicines in their pharmacology subject.
    It is better that dentists to be allowed with bridge course with one or two years of extra studies. In this way dentists can look oral health as well as general health of rural health system.
    As the homeopath and Ayurveda are different form of studies and not matching allopathic system, hence need not to be merged, Let these Ayurveda and homeopath systems deliver their richness of medicines to the public who are interested in it.
    Combining Ayurveda and homeopath with allopathy will lose shine of traditional treatment.
    Finally, each practices has its own charm. Because of doctors public should not suffer.

  4. I don’t know abt I M A but I know m c l is currpt and I know agents who manage issues related medical colleges and m c I . But how n m c is going to eradicate corruption. Various medical college admission related irregularities are being managed by non doctors by corruption. We need corruption free m c I , hence it can restructured with more transferency . If n m c is accepted we wil have two types of m b b s . 1.m b b s (bridge course )2.m b b s (exit course) where pple wil go for treatment???.It is going to destroy the whole concept of medical education and it wil be influenced by babas, swamijis,Sri Sri s , astrologers, numerologist, and it wil be like allowing astrologers to launch ? satellites from isro . There wil be Ayush fellows meddling the m b b s syllabus in the name integration?? Future medical education is in danger, by obscurantism.

  5. IMA do not have any right to speak on our behalf, our behalf. Our country has more than 10 lakh doctors. It has the most corrupt , most unethical doctors . We want to transform India with new institutions like NMC bill. Except some provisions , by and large we support the NMC bill.

    And when it comes to IMA saying that it is pro poor , it makes me laugh.Would not go in details, we know what life IMA officials live.On public forum would not mention where they party and what they do in their parties.These tainted doctors from IMA and MCI( their cousins) should be put under intelligence, their activities noted and put on public domain. Whole India will know how they care , how much they are pro poor.

    IMA just do not represent the medical fraternity of this country and have no right to say ANYTHING on our behalf. Just SHUT UP IMA.

  6. IMA and MCI doctors are fearing that Modi government will take away their hegemony.Both of these useless organisations should be banned , closed.