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NO Bridge Course for the time being: Rajya Sabha Committee Decision

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New Delhi: The Long wait is over. The Rajya Sabha committee, which had been forwarded the National Medical Commission Bill by the Parliament for examination and recommending the changes, has just given out its recommendations. On the issue of the contentious bridge course, the committee has put forward its view that the bridge course should not be made a mandatory provision in the present Bill.

Medical Dialogues team had earlier reported that Clause 49 of the NMC Bill provides for joint sittings of the Commission, Central Councils of Homoeopathy and Indian Medicine to enhance interface between their respective systems of medicine. Such meeting shall be held at least once a year. The joint sitting may decide on approving educational modules to develop bridges across the various systems of medicine and promote medical pluralism.

The clause for bridge course was immediately rejected by sections of the Indian Medical Fraternity, with IMA clearly stating that the clause is unacceptable to it and modern medical professionals of India. Doctors across the country have even taken to streets organising various strikes to oppose the same clause.

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With the bill being forwarded to a parliamentary panel for taking the viewpoints of the stakeholders and make appropriate changes to the bill, the panel has now put forward its suggestions stating that

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The Committee is of the view that the bridge course should not be made a mandatory provision in the present Bill.

Having said that, the committee also took into account the viewpoint given by the government, highlighting the shortage of the healthcare professionals and meeting the NHP goals by facilitating trained AYUSH practitioners to expand their skill sets through a Bridge Course and provide preventive allopathic care at primary health centres. The government also cited examples of Maharashtra, Assam, UK, Haryana, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh etc. which have already amended their Acts and permitted AYUSH professionals to practice modern systems and prescribe all modern medicines.

With health being a state subject and taking the above argument in mind, the committee has now left the decision in the hands of various state governments to decide and implement measures to enhance the capacity of the existing healthcare professionals including AYUSH practitioners, B.Sc (Nursing), BDS, B.Pharma etc to address their State specific primary healthcare issues in rural areas

…..the Committee appreciates the need to build the capacity of the existing human resources in the healthcare sector, to address the shortage of healthcare professionals so as to achieve the objectives of the National Health Policy, 2017. The Committee feels that every State has its own specific healthcare issues and challenges. The Committee, therefore, recommends that the State Governments may implement measures to enhance the capacity of the existing healthcare professionals including AYUSH practitioners, B.Sc (Nursing), BDS, B.Pharma etc to address their State specific primary healthcare issues in the rural areas. The Committee also recommends that adequate budgetary resources may also be provided to meet the said objective…..

With the above observations the committee also strongly observed that medical practice without requisite qualifications will not be tolerated

The Committee recommends that the healthcare professionals who are practicing without the requisite qualifications anywhere in the country may attract penal provisions.

Ordering that  consequential changes may be made in all the Clauses of the Bill, wherever applicable, the committee called for the adoption of the clause, Subject to above recommendations

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  1. But Dentists study Modern Medicine and do study their effects on the entire body when given/injected and also during an Emergency know how to revive a patient using modern Medicine. Without studying Modern Medicine & their Pharmaco-kinetics BAMS or BHMS people cannot prescribe that drug as u know. Probably u know Dentists who are with less knowledge, but I know Dentists who have more knowledge about Pharmacy, Anatomy to Pathology to Surgery ….more than even many of the 1000s Medical graduates !!!! So, Dental surgeon with a year or two study make better Doctors than BAMS/BHMS(Because they have to start from the scratch from Aspirin) !!!
    But with 3 years Bridge course I don\’t think more than 2-3% will come forward for MBBS , as a 3 year MDS has better scope than just an MBBS …
    Over all anybody with a Knowledge in Medical Science should be able to join MBBS, if they introduce an entrance Exam to clear the exam like UG-NEET(modified version)..whether it is BAMS, BHMS,BUMS or Pharmacy or Dentistry…….I am sure Dentists will score the highest !!! Good luck to My friend …..

  2. Sir, MY friend from General Pool with a score 89.33 got into Dentistry in a Govt Dental college(because his parents were poor ), whereas my another friend who scored 89.33 only got Govt MBBS seat in a Private Medical college and since his father was able to afford fee in Private college he finished his MBBS. … Now, my Dentists friend is monetarily doing much better than the MBBS friend ..But still My Dentist
    friend\’s passion for MBBS has not susided or fulfilled …What is his mistake and if there is any opportunity for him to complete MBBS in a shot time say 2 yearswhy not ??? I am sure he will be a better Medical Doctor than any of the 1000s MBBS graduates practicing (almost some of them on the verge of quackery !!!)…Now , tell me Sir, will it not be justified in allowing a Dental surgeon to join MBBS and once complete he can serve both as a general Medicine practitioner and as a Dental surgeon ??? Don\’t worry not even 2% of BDS graduates will join if they keep 3 years Bridge course as an MDS has always has better scope than a mere MBBS…..

  3. Dentists from govt colleges are competent……. But govt seats are very few in nos…. Dentists passed out from private colleges are not competent…… Many private colleges BDS seats are unfilled….. A BDS from private colleges feel them as cheated from private dental colleges…

  4. There is no provision for dentists to practice Allopathy. The discussion is whether to allow BHMS/BAMS.
    Dentist do not go through the entire spectrum of medicine unlike BAMS/BHMS

  5. Dentists practise only in allopathy.Dentists are allowed to prescribe each & every allopathic medicine pertaining to their line of treatment.Bridge course is a different thing,but dentists are well trained in allopathic medicines,surgery & anesthesia.Few decades back MBBS doctors had to travel to London to learn dentistry.Though dentists restrict their treatment to oral aspect,they can very well diagnose & treat other minor ailments if they are asked to do so.

  6. An MD doctor is more capable of treating people than an MBBS then why not only MD Doctors be given permission to do so? Why not an exit test which will allow better of the Doctors to be in practice ? Why allowing Doctors with low exit exam score to treat people as they lack knowledge compared to a high rank achiever in exit exam ?

  7. please start bridge course for sharp shooter in tihar jail to CRPF IN naxal area

  8. why the hell AYUSH doctors who are trained in their respective fields wants practice allopathy.tomorrow you will say lets give a short bridge course and make carpenter into an orthopaedic surgeon or an plumber into an urologist

  9. Mr JP,we must be prudent in our approach.There are many reasons to restrict AYUSH from practising allopathy.But your logic is most irrational,irrelevant, improper & above all out of context.There should not be any comment from any one that creates an ill feeling,distrust & hatred.Sound & healthy debate fosters vision & prosperity,but immature versions is dangerous.Bridge course proposal was a govt decision & it was not from any medical field.After all what is the ultimate goal of any system of medicine ? Happiness – is not it ?So let\’s strive for peace,love & universal brotherhood.