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No Stop on Violence: Gynecologist beaten with rods after patient dies in CCU

No Stop on Violence: Gynecologist beaten with rods after patient dies in CCU

Following the death of a delivery patient, a mob attached the ICU of the hospital, and assaulted the staff including the gynaecologists with rods. 

Darjeeling: Violence against medical professionals is apparently reaching new disgusting heights, as is evident with the recent case of assault on a female gynaecologist who was beaten with rods by a mob after the death of a delivery patient in the ICU

The case of violence against the lady doctor came to light after pictures of her bleeding scalp went viral on social media.

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The incident took place at the Darjeeling district hospital Darjeeling Sadar Hospital on Saturday night when a pregnant woman with a history of cardiac illness was brought by her family. The patient collapsed in the doctor’s ward after which she was immediately rushed to the Coronary Care Unit (CCU) where the doctor conducted a ventouse delivery but the baby delivered was dead. The patient was intubated immediately after the delivery, but nothing worked and she also succumbed after a few minutes.

The news of patient’s death reached the family of the deceased, the angry mob rushed to the hospital and started attacking the staff and vandalising the ICU. The worst casualty of the mob attack became the female Obstetrics and gynaecology consultant doctor who suffered on her scalp.

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Despite severe opposition of the medical fraternity, instances of doctor bashing are only on the rise The Medical dialogues reported that few days back doctors at Safdarjung Hospital at Delhi went on strike after a doctor colleague was severely manhandled by a Delhi Police head constable’s son who had come for treatment. The resident doctor on duty got mercilessly beaten by the patient and his relatives and has sustained severe injuries including nasal bone fracture

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  1. user
    Dr Neeta Gajiwala June 25, 2019, 7:02 pm

    Violance against doctors must be stopped otherwise not a single doctor will be ready to deal with high risk patients

  2. Was a case amounting to murder filed and all perpetrators arrested non-bailable

  3. Doctors should just refer high risk cases to tertiary Institutions.We should stop being empathetic & think of our own safety first.

  4. user
    India Dr E.K.Ramachandran January 23, 2019, 4:01 pm

    Doctors receiving worst mob attach recent days mainly because IMA is inactive in this crucial side of professional risk and the politicians and government and bureaucracy are keeping silence and sometimes promoting such attach to keep hospitals and doctors always under their mercy and to extract money for their ends.
    we private sector and doctors in general are against any sort of hard movement against such attach.
    Teach the public and media that the ultimate damage is for the public that all doctors starts defensive practice. That gynac doctor should not have shown sincerity to save that patient risking her own life. that is the lesson we all should gain. Or else doctor community should have cadre based leadership.

  5. user
    DrBM CHANDRA KUMAR June 17, 2019, 5:59 pm

    Sir As you said there is no cooperation between Medical professionals, Hence a Web site should made that patient\’s and GOONDAS photos should be displayed so that none of the doctors should treat

  6. Unfortunately, there is no unity in our profession, partly because everyone is busy and competitiveness among doctors working in the same locality or hospital even, to take concrete steps. Mistake is also on our part. And at top level administrators cannot bring the desired changes as they have their own personal agendas.