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NO Strike, Dharna, Demonstration against institution: AIIMS Rishikesh demands UNDERTAKING, Resident doctors agitated

NO Strike, Dharna, Demonstration against institution: AIIMS Rishikesh demands UNDERTAKING, Resident doctors agitated

Rishikesh: Slowly getting popular for its series of controversial dictums, another requirement by the AIIMS administration has now come in limelight. The latest controversy comes in terms of demand by the administration of All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences Rishikesh (AIIMS Rishikesh) from the new joiners to give an undertaking that they will ‘not participate’ in any protest. The undertaking has once again drawn a strong response from the institution’s resident doctors

AIIMS Rishikesh had recently given an order making mandatory for all its doctors and allied medical practitioners to wear a scrub suit in OPD, IPD, OT, Trauma and Emergency Wards of the hospital. Entry in these wards without the prescribed dress code (scrub suits) has been strictly prohibited. Moreover, violation of norms will bring disciplinary action. The order had drawn a sharp response from the medicos of the institute who were seen taking to social media platforms and calling the order oppressive.

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While this dress code policy is still seeing debates on social media, the institution has made the limelight once again with its undertaking asking the freshly joining resident doctors to fill an undertaking form before joining the institution that clearly mentioned that the medicos will “not participate in any Strike/Dharna/Demonstration/Mob Activity against institute or any activity that may adversely affect patient care”.

The undertaking also adds that violation will bring termination of services.

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The order gained flack from the resident doctors who found it to be an attack on the basic human right of protesting against the atrocities.

Agitated with the ”Scrubs  Mandatory” and “Compulsory Undertaking” for the medicos in the institution, a resident doctor informed  the TOI, “When we are already in talks with the institution’s administration against the scrub suit policy, how can they enforce such an undertaking?”

However, the administration claimed the undertaking to be ‘nothing new’; it mentioned that all government employees fill a similar form before taking up the job.

The Director of AIIMS Rishikesh, Dr Ravi Kant told the daily, “This is an old practice and all students have submitted it so far. If someone is saying that he/she hasn’t signed it during admissions, they must haven’t read the documents properly.”



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  1. Very right,but institute should also take responsibility that they will provide safe environment,proper infrastructure,no more than 8 hrs duty by resident,no exploitation by senior professors,only they have the right to demand such undertaking, otherwise it is the start of exploitation of residents,who are at receiving end always

  2. It is a fact that strike,lock outs,bands etc are detrimental to peace,harmony.growth & progress.Time is precious.All govt institutions are running out of tax payers money & all institutions are duty bound to give justice to tax payers.Now a days strike & lock outs have become very frequent not only in educational institutions but in every walks of society.Many times roads are blocked,trains are detained,offices are closed,public & private properties are damaged,shops are looted.No doubt,democracy gives a right to protest,but every action of any group or organisation must be just,fair & reasonable.It is difficult to frame rules for unruly mobs,but it is possible to make positive rules & regulations in educational institutions so that the precious time & energy of the students is genuinely utilised.At the same time administration should also be empathetic & prudent in its outlook.Protest & demonstration should be the last resort,it should not be whims & fancy.But govt educational institutions & govt offices are paid from public exchequer & it is the sacrosanct duty of every individual working or studying in publicly funded institutions to respect time,energy & money.

  3. Everybody in India r getting benefited from tax payer money directly or indirectly
    Not only government officials getting salary from tax payer money

  4. So, will there be an agitation for the right to agitate?