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Odisha: Doctor caught red handed for accepting bribe from kin of patient

Odisha: Doctor caught red handed for accepting bribe from kin of patient

Burla: An Associate Professor of the Surgery department at Veer Surendra Sai Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (VIMSAR), Dr Saroj Kumar Sethi, was caught red-handed accepting bribes from relatives of a patient admitted to VIMSAR  and as a result has been arrested for the same.

The complaint was made by the brother in law of the patient who accused the doctor of allegedly  demanding a sum of Rs 10,000 for the discharge of the patient. On November 20, 2016 the patient , Govinda Duan was admitted to the hospital for a hydrocele operation, was operated upon on the 25th November, 2016 and was to be discharged post recovery.

Based on the complaint, a trap was laid that caught the doctor red handed in the act. The accused has been arrested and handed over to the court.

This is not the first time, an Odisha doctor at a government hospital has been caught taking bribe for discharging a patient. Last month, an Assistant Professor of the Paediatric surgery department at MKCG Medical College was arrested by the Vigilance officers for allegedly accepting a bribe of Rs 10,000.

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  1. He should be handed over to the public let the public handle him. I am sure they will beat him to death. Such a person is bringing ill name to our doctor\’s fraternity. I would garland him with chapals & beat him black & blue if I were given a chance. I would spit on his face. He is a shameless, nonsense & idiot person. He must be criminally prosecuted & stringent action should be taken against him. Such a bloody greedy nonsense should be dismissed from service immediately

  2. Why is that idiot not satisfied with his legitimate pay? If it was with the consent of his wife, she also deserves a punishment. I\’m sorry his children are put to a hardship but they also need to be taught the good values of life.