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Only 230 generic drugs available at AIIMS medical store

Only 230 generic drugs available at AIIMS medical store

NEW DELHI: The Prime Minister’s push to generic medicines has received overwhelming support from the medical fraternity, but in the store of premier medical institute AIIMS only 230 such drugs are available.

In a letter to the director of the institute, the Resident Doctors Association (RDA) of AIIMS said 53 most- prescribed drugs by the hospital’s doctors are not available in the store and despite repeated reminders, no efforts have been made to procure these.

The RDA recently had also held a meeting with the in-charge of the Free Generic Medicines store over this issue.

A list of generic medicines available has been prepared, which should be circulated in each department, the RDA said, adding each department should improve the list of generic drugs and update it accordingly.

“We realised that only one-sixth of patients are availing this service (getting generic medicines free of charge) so we have to make efforts to promote generic medicines,” RDA president Dr Vijay Gurjar said in the letter.

The resident doctors’ body also recommended opening of more outlets on the institute premises to make generic drugs available free of charge to patients, many of whom are not being able to avail this service due to overcrowding.

“Most importantly, the quality of these medicines should be ensured so that we (doctors) can prescribe those without fear. Please look into this matter urgently so that we can deliver the benefits of government schemes to the very last patient in the queue,” the RDA said in the letter.

The Medical Council of India, the apex medical regulator in the country, has warned doctors of action if they fail to adhere to its guideline on prescribing drugs in generic names.

The directive came after Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke of putting in place a legal framework to ensure that doctors prescribe low-cost generic medicines to patients.

Source: PTI
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  1. user
    Dr Ramesh Vardhan April 29, 2017, 8:48 am

    Just by SAYING 230 generic drugs is meaning less. Not even mentioned What is the Total number of Drugs used routinely in AIIMS . Rare things rarely happen and AIIMS for that matter no hospital in the world can cater all the Medicines . As and when required it can be procured with in a Hour or two. Coming to generic it is same molecule with a Brand name. Like Amitabh will remain Amitabh but in different movie\’s He will be given different names most common being Vijay. Just because Vijay was projected bigger than life in some of the movies , it doesn\’t mean that Amitabh is lesser than Vijay. Branded can be worse than the generic vice versa. It is the job of DRUG controller to get into these matters . Neither the Minister. HEALTH and Family WELFARE or the professors in the Department of Pharmacology of AIIMS can do anything . If there is some problem with the MEDICINE / DRUG , one can Report it to the ADR- Adverse Drug Reaction authorities so that they can get into their Job where the things have gone wrong. I am sure HARDLY any one complains / Reported to the ADR-, not even 1% of the Doctors in our country. Better not comment on potency, more than potency it is the Contaminants in the molecules/ Drugs which are dangerous. How many Pratitioners in India are prescribing drugs based on Body weight? . Hardly any body . Better to get into basics before we become Judgemental . Let there be a debate on such issues at different levels . Till date hardly any medical college discuss any such issues related to ADR , antibiotics misuse , over dependency on Investigations etc. Every state in India is not Himachal Pradesh ( HP ) . There are State\’s like Karnataka being most CORRUPT in the country. On several occasions the T V CHANNELS have shown live ,the Faculty Members running away to their private practice soon after biometrics , prior to the introduction of biometrics most of Doctors used to sign in the MUSTER/ attendance Register once a month or as per their wish about which I personally complained to the so called authorities , TILL date no action is initiated. The people without declaration of probationary with less experience are appointed as the Head of Institution/ Hospital. In India 3 things work best 1) Money / Bribe 2 ) CASTE 3)Influence . With 2 , one can get any damn post , with all three you can do any damn thing. That\’s why I say Religion is like HIV , caste is like AIDS. In a 300 bedded district hospital they are admitting 100 students and now planning to increase it to even 150.It is not just against the norms it is antisocial,antinational act.The students coming out of such colleges know nothing be it generic or branded.

  2. Let adminstration ensure that the generic drugs are potent by testing in lab.Should not try to continue less potent drug.This will adversely affect the patient as well as doctor.Let members of general public be conscious.

  3. user
    Pitchumani Sivasankaran April 27, 2017, 11:51 am

    The Govt. must see to it that only generic drugs at equal prices are produced by all companies,sold at the same price at all outlets(be it hospitals/med.shops) throughout the country.Otherwise it\’s like manufacturing cars with high speed engines and asking us to drive @ 80 km. only.,

  4. Why our doctors fraternity should worry about the availability and quality of drugs. Let the things and complications happen with the current quality control system. Mr Modi will be responsible for all those things, he will definitely get his results what he said without thinking in other directions.