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Panchkula: NABH accreditation of Hospital in jeopardy on account of medical negligence

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Panchkula: NABH accreditation of Hospital in jeopardy on account of medical negligence

Medical Negligence cases, apart from their criminal, civil as well as professional liabilities seems to have another major implication for accredited hospitals . This one comes in regards of the NABH accreditation of accredited hospitals

Recently,a five member committee of doctors under the Haryana DGHS has found Alchemist Hospital, Panchkula, was negligent in providing proper care to patients and it failed to adhere to the prescribed standards laid by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH)

The inquiry was initiated  after Neeraj Chaudhary, a lawyer by profession, lodged a complaint with the authorities accusing the hospital guilty of medical negligence as well as violating the guidelines of NABH accreditation, that resulted in his mother’s death.

The case pertains to Neeraj’s mother,  Purshotma Chaudhary (76) who was admitted to the Medical ICU of the said hospital with complaints of breathing and weakness, on December 10th, 2015. The complainant alleged that soon after she got admitted, her condition began to deteriorate  and that she allegedly suffered hospital acquired infections, including Klebseilla Pneumonia. Moreover, during the stay at the hospital, the patient developed bed sores, about which the family was not informed until it reached stage 4. With lack of proper intervention, the bed sores culminated into septicemia finally leading to her death on 24th January, 2016. The family paid a total bill of Rs 22 lakhs during the course of the treatment reports Indian Express.

The committee finding the hospital negligent said ,

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“Staff nurses noticed non-intact skin on December 15, 2015, at 10 am and dressing is also mentioned but there is no record of information given to relatives on the same date. As per record, doctor in the ICU observed bed sores on December 19 but there is no mention that relatives were informed on that day. As per record, Dr Vikas Bhadoo mentioned pressure sore on December 22 and also consulted Dr Bakshi (plastic surgeon). Consultation of Dr Bakshi was done later where he mentioned bed sore is in Stage 3. He advised two hourly change of position which was not followed strictly as per record. As per record, patient’s attendant was informed on December 23 about the bed sore,” 

It further concluded that: “The hospital was negligent in providing proper care to the patients and failed to adhere to the prescribed standards laid by NABH.”

Dr Vinay Verma, CEO, Alchemist Hospital, told Indian Express: “The NABH team had already inspected the hospital two months ago and had found no deficiencies. The hospital had NABH accreditation till 2017, which means we follow their stringent standards. How can a third party conclude that we do not follow the standards?”

However, complainant Chaudhary said: “I will write a complaint to NABH for withdrawal of their accreditation and also file a complaint with the president, Medical Council of Haryana, to initiate appropriate disciplinary action against the erring doctors.”

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  1. First of all who said it is negligence?
    The information has to be validated.
    In geriatric patients with multiple comorbidities and bedridden for more than six weeks is common anywhere in the world. Patients immunity and many other risk factors have to be taken into major consideration. If this is negligence then with what ailment she was brought to hospital. The basic illness and patients response to the treatment given will give us more information. My question is whether bedsore is 100 percent preventable ??. If everything has to be recorded doctors will become record clerks only, they may not be able save lives of people . After listening to the detailed matters discussed any family member can deny the fact that they listened. The litigant and courts have to approach this case with more empathy and without finding fault attitude. The world has to first of all understand how challenging it is for the health care professionals to take care of geriatric patients with serious illnesses. IS THERE ANY LAW / CRITERIA IN INDIA THAT WHO CAN DEVELOP OR WHO SHOULD NIT DEVELOP BEDSORES IN THE HOSPITAL??

  2. user
    Veteran Air Commodore Dr HSR Arora September 14, 2016, 9:07 pm

    Every patient should have right to fill the questionnaire designed by the NABH default permission be their. Feed back should go to Hosp Management, NABH protocol Gap analysts , the defaulted hospitals be warned & penalized monetarily . Such penalties be decided by NABH with consultation with Law Ministry. Some Corporate Hosp only follow NABH norms during accreditation process after even Quality officer is not seen & the process disappear.

  3. I think we should ban all the private hospitals and get our patient admitted in government hospitals for proper care

  4. I can feel your the grief of family. I recently lost my dad in CMC due to the same kind of substandard care & after 10 days my mother left us. Who to blame ?? Is anyone out there to guide us to bring this to media to make public aware of the poor standards of care in CMC too.

  5. Even accreditation of the hospital from the Joint Commission International, the highest body in the world in this field is just an eyewash for the public of this country. All these accreditation have got only ornamental values. I realised it with my own experience after loosing my brother to the apathy of doctors in a clinical establishment accredited with JCI.
    With empathy to the family members of the life lost.

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