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Parliamentarians oppose NEET for this year

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After welcoming the Supreme Court’s decision to hold NEET exam as a sole entry point to medical education in the country, the government now seems to be changing its stance in the wake of strong disapprovals in the parliament. The stand that the government has made is that while it would welcome the idea of NEET examination as a whole, but it would not want the exam to be implemented from this year.

The issue of NEET has been reported to have created quite an uproar in the Parliament. “Defer this exam by a year,” Tribune quotes Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge saying after Trinamool Congress leader Kakoli Ghosh pointed out that students in West Bengal have been preparing for three years for the test and have suddenly been told to take a central exam whose syllabus is 30 pc different from state syllabus. Bengal state medical exams were scheduled on May 17 but can’t be held due to Supreme Court orders.BJD member Tathagat Satpaty also asked the Centre to argue its case clearly in court as lakhs of students remained confused. K P Ramalingam (DMK) said it is a very important issue which will “destroy” career of students studying in regional languages and state boards across the country

Similar oppositions are reported to have come from many members of the parliament across different party lines.

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Responding to the uproar that took place during the zero hour of the Lok Sabha, Minister of Parliamentary affairs replied, “The government has nothing to do with the decision to hold NEET from this year. This is a Supreme Court directive. But it is true that we cannot expect students to switch to a new system. We are for common entrance exam but not from this year. We’ll again approach the court for this through Attorney General and plead before it to defer it by a year.”

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The centre is also reported to be raising the issue of holding NEET in 7 vernacular languages with the court. Shiromani Akali Dal’s Prem Singh Chandumajra reportedly asked the Centre to include Punjabi in the seven vernacular languages in which Centre is asking the Supreme Court to allow conduct of the otherwise bilingual test.


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33 comment(s) on Parliamentarians oppose NEET for this year

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  1. user
    Prof.Dr.Mini Kariappa May 17, 2016, 10:20 am

    A whole lot of corruption is going on in the name of entrance examinations.So much so that we sometimes find students disinterested in classes.This not wanting NEET is to continue this state of affairs.Please let all students write NEET and select only the good ones.Otherwise it is a waste on the resources of the state.Besides,you will not be able to trust any doctor in future.

  2. user
    Dr. Sanjay Chaudhari May 17, 2016, 9:24 am

    If you have courage to start a good thing in spite of great resistance it should continue. It will give a chance for intelligent students rather than wealthy one to get admission in reputed professional courses.

  3. user
    Dr Vinod Gupta May 16, 2016, 10:00 am

    It should be now onwards,if we have respect for intellectuality and justiciary, only people with Western interest are fighting tooth and nail to stop it ,otherwise what is the problem, if our politician would have really interested for common man and have respect for intelligence ,they would have discussed it earlier and even would have introduced many years back,but when they themselves are stakeholders in private medical colleges ,how they will allow and tolerate the NEET to happen not only for this but in future also,so that is why they are leaving no stone unturned to stop it.

  4. NEET should start effective 2016 and there should be no turning back from here. Corrupt politicians and owners are waiting for just a small opening to again create confusion and exploit the situation to their advantage. Any change in stance, and we will again go back to the old state. Its a defining and historical time in the evolution of medical education in our country and we should, from here on, look only forward, not backwards.

  5. We talk of India, we drink in the name of India, we dream for India. Still when ever there is question of one-India concept on any issue, we are no more Indians. The problem lies right from the politicians at the top to the common people at the bottom. The people getting few bucks elect them. Most of them sit in the parliaments without allowing the parliament to function which is law making. They are beyond laws. They form different committees for ensuring thst the process of amassing wealth continues, because no decision is taken early nor thete is any adverse reports unless thete is political compulsion or election time. All of them are hand and glove with the rotten system. Even being in the house for five years or so, they get huge pension. Now they are adking for more MPLAD money apart from increasing the monthly emoluments just by signing in the registry. Many of them have medical colleges, technical colleges, schools, universities apart from real estate business. So why they should want NEET? How money will come from the prospective students from filthy rich families. I heard that even a rich sub-urb boy also studies Medicine forking 1.5 to 2 crore. Unless and until a democracy based on ‘ national issues are non- tradable and unchallengable’ is followed in India the looting will continue. Jago Bharat Jago.

  6. The concept of one India and one rule is an ideal thing. But the problem is implementation part. Who is coming in the way of one India One Rule,…. We the Great Indians.
    A typical Indian is “one who can flout law- seena thok ke- when It suits him and righteous and indignant when others are at fault ready to point fingers at others”
    People throw garbage on roadside, so what? Mind your business….and complain Govt is not keepingthe city clean and we are getting sick!
    We will drive down the wrong way knowing fully well it will block road and are at the top of our voice to complain about the traffic.
    When it is election time we vote on the basis of caste and community, a politician with corruption, murders, dacoity , riots charges is voted by one and all; quite enthusiastically, people get elected from jails, ….and then we
    BLAME politician for all the ills of this country, typical Indian behavior;
    Yes politicians are corrupt; politicians run colleges for money;
    But just getting up one fine day and asking for a single entrance is against justice and larger interest of the country. As it is the gap between haves and have not is increasing, health resources vary between regions;- States,districts, rural areas and Urban areas.
    Students performing well in one exam need not be more intelligent than others.
    First there should be efforts to improve the standard of primary education and secondary school education uniformly.
    Otherwise those with resources will go to good coaching classes, garner the seats and our town and villages will drop out of the race EXCEPT maybe the children of politicians and corrupt officials,

    Dear sir