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PC-PNDT Crimes: Sarita Vihar Gynaecologist arrested in Delhi for sex determination

PC-PNDT Crimes: Sarita Vihar Gynaecologist arrested in Delhi for sex determination

New Delhi: Adding to the list of violations under the PC-PNDT Act, authorities in the capital have now arrested a gynecologist and a general physician, who were caught conducting sex determination on a decoy patient during a sting operation.

In a joint sting operation conducted by the Delhi and Haryana officials, a decoy patient from Faridabad was sent to Walia Maternal and Health Center in Sarita Vihar. This came after one Dr from Faridabad informed the officials about tout that was taking patients for the purpose of sex determination to some clinic in Sarita Vihar.

Authorities then setup a sting operation with a decoy customer, sending her to the tout. The tout took the decoy patient to the said Walia Medical and Health Centre in Sarita Vihar. At the centre, Ultrasound on the patient was performed by the gynecologist at the center, Dr Neelam Walia, where the patient was informed about the sex of the fetus. The authorities then reached the spot and caught (*correction) the gynecologist along with her husband, Dr KS Walia, a general practitioner. Rs 14,000 in marked currency notes were also recovered from them.

The two ultrasound machines, registered with the centre have also been sealed.

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  1. This is a fake raid case and medical dialogues team has not written the true facts. A rival doctor of the same locality got this fake raid done on these doctors Was a very well planned conspiracy against the Doctors.

  2. As MP shree paresh raval ji determination should be allowed in special cases..for example an poor couple with already.. 2 girl children..n now expecting one boy if we also consider population should be allowed to poor or any couple having 1 girl child age more than 3 to 5 years n they now expecting another child in form of a boy child..just suggestion

  3. Arrest the patient and her family also. !

  4. Without knowing the facts, who are u to demand for the families arrest!!!!

  5. user
    Dr Avtar Krishan July 16, 2016, 9:28 pm

    Do you know the details of the incidence ? How can you be so sure about her crime that you want their family also to be arrested?

  6. Why is the other party who came for sex determination not punished . Why it is always the doctors name that media and all others want to spoil. If the doctors have actually done any crime and if there are proofs they should be punished but other party must be punished as well .

  7. According to law both parties ie the person who informed about sex and the person who requested for SD should be punished. But infact only one party ie sonologist is punished.