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Pen Down Strike: Now Tanda medical college medicos demand abolition of Medical Bond Policy

Pen Down Strike: Now Tanda medical college medicos demand abolition of Medical Bond Policy

Dharamshala: Following the footsteps of their counterparts at the Shimla Medical college, the resident doctors of Dr Rajendra Prasad Government Medical College (RPGMC) at Tanda observed two hours of ‘pen-down strike’ against the state government in demand of the abolition of bank guarantee policy.

Medical dialogues had earlier reported that in order to prevent doctors from joining private hospitals, the Himachal Pradesh government had made it mandatory for the MBBS doctors, willing to pursue MD/MS courses had to submit a bank guarantee bond of Rs 10 lakh.

The state government slashed the bond amount by half to Rs 5 lakh. This announcement was made by the Chief Minister while addressing the state assembly during budget session. He said that state cabinet decided to reduce bank guarantee by half in the meeting.

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However, the government doctors demanded its full abolition of the medical bond policy for which they conducted several strikes.

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Amit Rana, President of the Resident Doctors’ Association, Tanda informed the agency that after wearing black ribbons for one week on the lines of Medical College, Shimla, against this bank guarantee, two hours’ pen-down strike took place in RPGMC.

“We are demanding that the government should completely abolish the bank guarantee and release our pending stipend of last three months. If our demands are not met with, the resident doctors of the entire state shall go on strike in the near future,” he further added.

Medical dialogues team recently reported that doctors associated with Resident Doctors Association went on two hours pen-down strike outside the Indira Gandhi Medical College (IGMC) and Hospital in Shimla to protest against the bank guarantee policy.

The resident doctors of state medical colleges have been protesting against the bank guarantee policy since long. The state government had resorted to this stringent policy in order to prevent brain drain from the state. The doctors also demanded increase in their stipend from Rs 35,000 to Rs 50,000.

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  1. user
    Dr Sankalp Negi May 27, 2019, 12:30 pm

    Dr Sankalp Negi
    Government of Himachal Pradesh is playing biggest joke on it\’s citizens as this government will Never be able to provide good Medical facility to it\’s citizens. The reason being –
    1) Doctors are treated like pigs in the states. I mean are you serious giving stipend/salary of 36k in this era to a qualified and skilled personal like Doctors working 24×7 and one of the most demanding profession .
    No doctor with the sane mind would want to work with this kind of treatment.

    2) Imposing bond/bank guarantee of 10 lakh rupees to a person coming from middle class background (which is the case with majority of doctors).
    This is our punishment for clearing the entrance exam and working our ass of for so many years in the medical school. Great treatment again hats off Himachal Pradesh govt.

    3) It\’s not justified where the rest of the country are giving way more stipend with less or same work load. Then why the foolish government is not paying attention .
    4) This is what happens when you give the ministry of health to unqualified personal who I am sure have spent entire life of his buttering their superior\’s ass and has never indulged himself in understanding the intricacies of the sector and will never understand the requirement and the need of the state Medical service and it\’s working staff. Hence I don\’t see any improvement in health Services of Himachal Pradesh in the near future.

    5) where the rest of the country believe in pay commission for all it\’s employee the Himachal Pradesh govt don\’t want to do the extra effort of even thinking about it. Himachal Pradesh govt is clueless about the the concept of pay increase over the time as there is something called \”inflation\”.

    I hope RDA of Shimla and Tanda don\’t settle for any less than what they deserve and keep protesting against the clueless government and it\’s clueless ministers.
    All the best guys👍🏼

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